Computer Desk Plans

15 Free DIY Computer Desk Plans You Can Build Today

Are you looking to build your own computer desk from scratch? These free DIY desk plans will give you everything you need to successfully build a computer desk for your office or any other space in your home?  Building a DIY computer desk is a beginner to intermediate woodworking project depending on the plan you

Most Profitable Woodworking Projects to Build & Sell

14 Most Profitable Woodworking Projects to Build & Sell in 2021

Are you looking to start your own business from handmade projects? Woodworking projects are an awesome way to earn some extra money. People love to decorate their homes with handmade products, you’ll find that they’re also often given as gifts! Since they’re handmade each piece has its own individuality and people love that! Below you will

DIY Pallet Sign Ideas

22 Artistic & Creative DIY Pallet Sign Ideas

Pallet signs can be used as an eye-catching and affordable piece of rustic decor, and even something a little more functional (as you’ll soon see).  Today we breakdown 22 of the best pallet sign ideas from some of our favorite DIY’ers around the web. When possible, we’ve also linked to a tutorial on their site

51 homemade gifts for your girlfriend

51 Thoughtful, Homemade Gifts for Your Girlfriend

Hey, we’ve all been there. It’s your girlfriend’s birthday or perhaps some ridiculous anniversary that nobody else celebrates, and you don’t have a gift. Not only that, you don’t really have any money to spend on a gift. That can be a problem. Thankfully, we’ve compiled a list of homemade gifts for your girlfriend that

DIY Gifts For Friends

DIY Gifts for Friends They Won’t Forget

If you’re anything like me, you’re always running out of gift ideas for your friends. I’ve included some crafty, cheap, creative DIY gifts for friends that are sure to spark your creativity. Now you can give a one-of-a-kind gift to the friend who has everything.  #1 Matchbook Camera Magical Day Dream has this splendid idea


Small Bathroom Décor Ideas

Is your tiny bathroom a stylistic nightmare? With these smart small DIY bathroom decor ideas and creativity, it needn’t be. You can easily update your decor! How Can I Make a Small Bathroom Look Bigger? The general rule to make any small room look bigger is using lighter tones on the walls and sticking to

ideas for barn door designs

Best DIY Farm and Barn Door Ideas

Would you like to improve the functional and aesthetic appeal of your home? Consider replacing your traditional doors with barn doors. The typical door needs about nine feet of space for unrestricted opening and passage. A sliding barn door requires far less space, so if your home is small, switching over to barn doors is


Pocket Doors

Pocket doors are interior doors, typically found in the home, that save lots of space, particularly in smaller rooms. Instead of swinging out, pocket doors slide discretely into an opening in the wall across a track (typically in the ceiling). The pocket door is popular because they free up more room since the door is

egress window ideas

Egress Window

The egress window is a specific type of window that is built for an important safety purpose ahead of style or aesthetic. An egress window is built in particular areas of a building so that they can be used as an escape in case of fire or another kind of emergency. Egress windows are critical

Small Bathroom Ideas

Small Bathroom Ideas

Your bathroom is a place where you perform sacred daily routines. It’s essential that your bathroom is a comfortable and welcoming environment for you and any guests in your home. Sometimes a small bathroom can feel like a curse. But a small bathroom is what you make of it. There are tons of cool ways

How to build a deck

How to Build a Deck

Building a new deck for your home is a stylish and satisfying way to freshen up your lawn and make outdoor activities more fun and accessible. It doesn’t take a skilled professional contractor to build a simple deck, but decks come in all shapes and sizes and a DIY deck building project is a big