15 Ingenious DIY Dog Beds That Are High On Style

People love their dogs...

There was a time when almost all dogs lived outside, basically all the time.

Now, that trend has shifted and according to Tom Berger, a dog boutique owner in Baltimore, about 80% of dogs live inside the house of their owner. ​

So when it came time to have a dog bed or a dog house, you used to not care as much since the house would be outside on your porch or in the backyard.

But if your dog lives and sleeps inside, then you probably want a dog bed that is going to fit the decor and look of your house.

After all, you don't want to have a place full of beautiful things and then have some ugly dog bed laying around to mess up the whole vibe!

The good news is, there are plenty of ways you make make a DIY dog bed that will actually be something to be proud of.

In this list of our favorite DIY dog bed ideas, you'll find some that are well made and attractive, and others that are sort of hidden in plain site, which is perfect for those who own a dog and don't have a very big house or apartment.

Enjoy the list!

Rolling Pallet Dog Bed

Pallet Dog Bed

This pallet dog bed is one of the 10 project tutorials in our course, Pallet University. It only takes a couple of hours to complete, and really is a beginner-friendly project that you could get done on a Saturday. 

Click here to learn more.​

Retro Suitcase Dog Bed​

Suitcase DIY dog bed

Source: Mox and Fodder

This is Zuzu, enjoying his cool retro suitcase dog bed that would fit perfectly in a variety of decor themes. Best of all, you can customize look by choosing a different pattern for the pillow if you'd like.

Check out Mox and Fodder for the full tutorial.​

DIY Dog Bed From a Tire​

DIY dog bed in a tire

Jessi at Practically Functional gets the credit for this brilliant idea. 

In her tutorial, she even says you can usually get a recycled tire for free from a place like Discount Tire. From there, it's pretty easy to paint and construct this dog bed. ​

Wooden Crate Dog Bed​

DIY Wooden Crate Dog Bed

Nicole at Meet The B's actually built this dog bed from an $8 wooden crate she picked up at Michael's. She used a classic gray stain and a couple other elements to get the amazing look you see above, but it's really an expensive but classy looking dog bed. 

Upside Down Side Table = 4 Post Dog Bed​

dog bed before

Can turn into...

Dog Bed after

Obviously KI Nassauer Style built this for a cat, but turning an old side table into a dog bed with a little painting and creativity is a real possibility. Read here to see how. 

No Sewing: DIY Dog Bed Pillow

DIY Dog Bed Pillow

You read that right - no sewing involved! 

Luigi & Me outlines the steps to his project quite nicely here.

Old School TV Console Turned Dog Bed

Dog Bed from console tv

You know those old console tvs? People would probably pay you to come take them off their hands in many cases, and with a little creativity you can repurpose them into many different things. 

In this case, Shanna of Restoration Redoux picked up a tv for $3 and turned into a pretty lavish dog bed. Obviously the paint colors and decor can be customized, but it's a great idea for a cheap DIY bed. ​

DIY Wine Barrel Dog Bed

Wine barrel dog bed

I love this one. Would look fantastic in a place with a more classic rustic decor. According to The Gilded Horn, who is the source of this project, you will need a few power tools like a jigsaw with both metal and wood blades to make this happen... but for many of us that is just a bonus!

DIY Dog Bed From A Sweater​

DIY sweatshirt dog bed

HandiMania.com has the tutorial for this, and what a fantastic idea! 

Taking an old sweater or sweatshirt that you don't wear anymore, or maybe even your dog's favorite sweatshirt, and turning it into a custom dog bed.

It's cheap and obviously can be customized based on the design of the shirt. ​

Modern Dog Pallet Bed

Modern Dog Pallet bed

Pallet projects don't always have to be rustic! Just ask Kate from Centsations, who came up with this modern twist for her dog by applying a fresh paint color and some more modern legs. 

This could be used indoors or outdoors, so check out the tutorial here.​

Awkward End Table Dog Bed

End Table into dog bed

Looking for something to do with an awkward old end table? Check out these ideas from Rusted Treasure that really become beautiful indoor dog beds. 

Repurposed Baby Crib Enclosed Dog Bed

baby crib dog bed

While it's somewhat labor intensive, the idea of upcycling an old baby crib and turning it into a dog bed/crate is a genius idea. 

Mindi provides the full tutorial here.

Kitchen Cabinet Dog Bed

kitchen cabinet dog bed

This photo doesn't have a tutorial to go along with it, but it was done by the guys at Renewal Remodeling on this project.

If you have some extra lower cabinet space, you could figure out a solution like this to build in a bed and feeding station for your furry friend. ​

Plywood End Table Dog Bed​

end table dog bed

This is a true inexpensive DIY project from the DIY Network.  It functions as both a stylish end table and dog bed all in one. 

Nightstand Dog Bed

Nightstand dog bed

Here's yet another eye-catching dog bed from Brian Patrick Flynn at DIY Network.  If you want your dog sleeping next to you without sharing a bed, check out this tutorial.

For more inspiration, check out our entire list of DIY projects.

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