Casey Reeves – Expert Tool Editor

Casey has been an expert woodworker with a high proficiency for all kinds of tools. Some of his most incredible builds are his custom woodworking benches. Check out his site here: CReeves

Here one of his benches was featured on Build Something

Hey there and welcome to CReeves Makes. My name is Casey and my family and I have always had a passion for being creative in and around our home. I like to get out in the shop and try new things and build what I can for whoever has a need.  Whether its nice furniture for our home or shop organization and jigs, I try to challenge myself and develop new skills to get better with every task. 

I post most of my content on social media at Instagram and Facebook. I also produce build videos for YouTube and develop plans (that can befound here on my site!).  I plan to keep going strong in the shop and continuing to develop videos and projects as the time goes flying by! 

I enjoy the opportunity to share my experiences with you in this journey. I hope to learn a lot and make some new friends along the way as well! ALWAYS challenge yourself!