Router vs Jigsaw

Router vs Jigsaw – What Are The Differences?

Routers and jigsaws are entirely different tools that perform different jobs. A router uses a spinning bit to cut slots, grooves, and finish edges. For example, tabletops often have their edges finished. A jigsaw uses a blade to cut through wood and can cut out different shapes. Keep reading Router vs Jigsaw to find everything you

Track Saw vs. Table Saw: Everything You Need to Know

Anyone who works with a saw in their home or business knows that it’s important to have good quality tools. You may have several different saws that you’ve used for different tasks and now you’re wondering what kind you should get when you need to replace what you have. Maybe you haven’t done a lot

Chop Saw

Chop Saw vs Miter Saw – Which One Should You Use?

Although chop saws and miter saws essentially share the same basic function, there are in fact significant differences between the two. For anyone thinking about purchasing one or the other, it would be wise to understand these key differences, in order to ensure that you get the most appropriate tool for your specific needs.Intro to

acrylic vs oil paint

What’s Right for Your Project? Acrylic vs. Oil Paint

When completing a DIY project, you’re likely going to have to paint your product at some point during the process. Often, people completing projects for the first time will apply a couple of coats of whatever paint they have laying around their house. They fail to recognize that the paint that they use could have

T-Rex Tape vs Gorilla Tape

T-Rex Tape vs Gorilla Tape

Anyone will benefit from keeping a roll of duct tape around the house. From DIY enthusiasts to homeowners to professional tradespeople, duct tape should be part of your essential tool kit. But don’t just buy any brand of duct tape. Certain brands are stronger, more reliable, and easier to use than others. T-Rex Tape and

Kobalt vs Ryobi

Kobalt vs Ryobi: What Brand Will Come Out On Top?

Kobalt and Ryobi are two well-known power tool manufacturers. Although each brand has their own individual pros and cons, both are loved for their commitment to quality, tireless innovation, and overall affordability. But which of these two brands is best? Of course, the answer to that varies depending on your personal needs. So, we’re going

Bostitch vs Porter-Cable

Battle of The Brands: Bostitch vs Porter-Cable

Bostitch and Porter-Cable are two popular power tool companies. Both brands are known for their commitment to durability, performance, and quality. Their power tools are among the most power, accurate, and reliable on the market. But which of the two brands is better? Today, we’re going to compare the two brands head to head, in

Liquid Wrench vs WD-40

Liquid Wrench vs WD-40

Almost anyone can benefit from adding a penetrating oil to their DIY tool kit. Unlike other oils used to lubricate engines or for fuel, the primary goal of penetrating oil is to loosen stuck nuts and bolts. These oils are very low viscosity which enables them to work their way inside stuck nuts and bolts

PB Blaster vs Liquid Wrench

PB Blaster vs Liquid Wrench

Penetrating oil is a must for any DIY tool kit. Although WD-40 is perhaps the most recognizable brand available, there are several other top-quality options to consider. Chief among these are PB Blaster and Liquid Wrench. But which is best? Our head-to-head comparison looks at both these top penetrating oil brands in detail to give

Porter-Cable vs Bosch

Showdown: Porter-Cable vs Bosch

Porter-Cable and Bosch are two power tool companies you hear a lot about. Both brands, and their extensive tool lines, are popular on professional job sites and for home DIY projects across North America. But which brand comes out on top as the best? Our head-to-head comparison strives to answer this pressing question by breaking

Porter-Cable vs Milwaukee

Porter-Cable vs Milwaukee

Porter-Cable vs Milwaukee is a hotly anticipated tool showdown. Both of these highly reputable power tool brands are notable their top-quality products, extensive product lines, and competitive prices. But which brand beats out the other? Our comprehensive head-to-head guide will break down everything you need to know about these two brands to help you make