Electric vs. Pneumatic Impact Wrench: The Best Choice For Your Needs

If you’ve recently been bitten by the power tool bug and find yourself doing a lot of online shopping and general perusing, you’ve no doubt noticed that air powered (pneumatic) tools are substantially less expensive than their cordless electric counterparts. Why is this? Are electric tools really that much better? Are pneumatic tools any good … Read more

Impact Drivers vs. Impact Wrenches – Get The Right Tool For Your Job

Impact wrench vs. impact driver

Before the popularity of the impact driver, DIY’ers basically had two options when it came to power-wrenching (or driving): the torque wrench, and the standard electric drill. The drill was the go-to option for general purpose driving, drilling, and fastening, while the powerful wrench was typically used in automotive repair/restoration (removing lug nuts, frame/chassis bolts, … Read more