milwaukee vs dewalt

Milwaukee vs. DeWalt – Which Tool Brand Is Better?

The Clear Winner Is…Alright, we’re here to settle – once and for all – the great and never-ending debate between Milwaukee and DeWalt tools. Which one is better, you’ve always wondered? By the end of this article, we’ll establish hands-down which of the two is the unassailable, indisputable Power Tool King. Just kidding. We can’t do

Husqvarna vs. ECHO

Husqvarna vs. ECHO Brand Comparison | The Saw Guy

Chainsaws are some of the most versatile tools that money can buy. And, if you’re in the market for a heavy-duty one, you might be comparing what several different companies have to offer. Here’s our showdown of the best midrange chainsaws in Husqvarna vs. Echo. In this piece, we’ll take a look at two of

Bosch vs. Milwaukee

Bosch vs. Milwaukee Brand Comparison | The Saw Guy

Bosch and Milwaukee both make great, reliable power tools; if you’ve narrowed a decision on a new purchase down to these two brands, you’re off to a good start. However, narrowing a decision down to two brands doesn’t do you much good – you’ve gotta decide on one. We’re here to help with that. Nowadays, with marketing

Kobalt vs Craftsman

Kobalt vs Craftsman Brand Comparison | The Saw Guy

When it comes to mechanics tools, some of the most successful and well-loved tools are private-label brands manufactured for specific stores. Craftsman ushered in this trend many years ago, and since then, companies like Kobalt and Husky have entered the market. But, which of these private label brands offers the most bang for the buck?

makita vs dewalt

Makita vs DeWalt Brand Comparison | The Saw Guy

It used to be when you needed a new power tool, you’d simply head down to the local hardware store and have a look around – probably chat with the clerk a bit about this or that, ask some questions, and then pick out what you wanted; what they had in stock was what was

Kobalt vs DeWalt

Kobalt vs DeWalt Brand Comparison | The Saw Guy

Whether you’re shopping for your first set of tools or you’re an experienced professional replacing your equipment, getting the most value for your dollar is always a key concern. New brands like Kobalt have emerged, and their products offer high-end features at a value price point. But, how do Kobalt products stack up against a

dewalt vs ridgid

DeWalt vs. Ridgid Brand Comparison | The Saw Guy

It can be awfully frustrating trying to decide on a tool brand when in the market for new tools. You can read article after article, sift through hundreds or even thousands of comments on dozens of DIY forums, and at the end of it all, still not come to a proper conclusion. Fortunately, we’ve been

ridgid vs milwaukee

Milwaukee vs Ridgid Brand Comparison | The Saw Guy

Ridgid has recently come out with their new line of Gen5X brushless cordless tools that are priced pretty darn similar to Milwaukee’s renowned M18 Fuel lineup. That’s a pretty bold move; if you’re going to price your tools similar to Milwaukee, they had darn well better be able to perform. Historically, Ridgid has always been

milwaukee vs makita

Milwaukee vs Makita Brand Comparison | The Saw Guy

Which is better – Milwaukee or Makita? Good question. In the world of power tools, they’re two of the heavyweights. Milwaukee, especially, in the past decade or so has really come to be regarded as the absolute best of the best; if you want to have an impressive tool collection, make your friends jealous, and

DeWalt vs. Ryobi Power Tools

Ryobi vs DeWalt Brand Comparison | The Saw Guy

When looking for a set of new tools for around-the-house jobs, the first thing most any pragmatic homeowner or DIY’er will do is compare prices and check out the swath of customer reviews available for each brand online. And out of the half-dozen or so top name brands out there to choose from, the Ryobi

Bosch vs. Dewalt

Bosch vs DeWalt Brand Comparison | The Saw Guy

DeWalt and Bosch are definitely two of the best names in the industry. Both have been around for many years and are highly trusted by DIYers, woodworkers, home-builders and other professionals. Choosing between them can be a difficult task. Hopefully, between taking a look at the two brands’ history and comparing tool kits each currently

Makita vs. Ryobi

Makita vs. Ryobi Brand Comparison | The Saw Guy

When it comes to the inevitable comparison of Makita vs. Ryobi power tools, there’s really only one thing to consider. Is it worth saving the extra money in going with Ryobi, or will it be more beneficial in the long run to spend a few extra bucks and get the quality of Makita? In terms