Hitachi vs DeWalt

Hitachi vs DeWalt Table Saw Showdown

A good table saw is an investment that can be worth its weight in gold provided you pick a good saw. But, with so many different manufacturers available, it can be challenging to decide which manufacturer makes the best tool for your needs. Today, we’re going to take a closer look at two major manufacturers

Kobalt vs Craftsman

Kobalt vs Craftsman: Which Private Label Brand is Best?

When it comes to mechanics tools, some of the most successful and well-loved tools are private-label brands manufactured for specific stores. Craftsman ushered in this trend many years ago, and since then, companies like Kobalt and Husky have entered the market. But, which of these private label brands offers the most bang for the buck?

Kobalt vs DeWalt

Kobalt vs DeWalt: Can the New Kid Challenge the Powerhouse?

Whether you’re shopping for your first set of tools or you’re an experienced professional replacing your equipment, getting the most value for your dollar is always a key concern. New brands like Kobalt have emerged, and their products offer high-end features at a value price point. But, how do Kobalt products stack up against a

radial arm saw vs table saw

Radial Arm Saw vs Table Saw: Which is More Useful for Your Shop?

If you’re looking to outfit your shop with a powerful saw that can handle many of your woodworking needs, you may be wondering if a radial arm saw or a table saw is the best investment for your shop. Today, we’ll cover everything you need to know about these two saws, and who they’re best

Porter Cable and Ryobi

Porter Cable vs Ryobi: Which Combo Kit Reigns Supreme?

Whether you’re in the market for your first set of power tools, or you’re looking to replace aging tools you’ve been using for years, you’ll quickly realize that there’s a seemingly endless array of tool manufacturers these days. Each company promises to deliver performance, power, and value. But, which brands put their money where their

Husqvarna vs Ariens

Husqvarna vs Ariens Snowblower: Battle of the Heavyweights

If you live in an area with harsh winters, owning a snow blower is virtually a necessity. While many people get by just fine with cheap snow blowers or even just a snow shovel, those who deal with the harshest winters know that snow removal is a job best left to the heavyweights. Both Husqvarna

Husky vs Kobalt

Husky vs Kobalt: Which Brand Offers the Most Bang for Your Buck?

Husky and Kobalt have quickly become two of the most successful manufacturers of hand tools on the market. Both companies offer a comparable array of tools, and each has plenty of fans that rely on their tools every day. But, with such similar products, it’s difficult to evaluate which one is better for your needs.

bosch vs dewalt table saw

Bosch vs Dewalt Table Saw: What’s the Tool for You?

If you’re in the market for a new table saw, Bosch and DeWalt are probably two of the first names that come to mind. These powerhouses have been around for quite some time and have each been responsible for some top-quality machines over the years. The all-new Bosch 4100 has finally arrived on the scene, and

brad nailer vs finish nailer

Brad Nailer vs Finish Nailer – Discover The Difference

You’ve probably wondered, “What’s the difference between a brad nailer vs finish nailer?”.  They basically look the same.  They are about the same size.  They both use similar nails.  So, what’s the difference? The answer to that question can easily get muddied with various explanations and opinions. However, there are a few easy examples that

Ryobi vs. Milwaukee

Ryobi vs. Milwaukee – How Does The Ryobi Super Combo Kit Stack Up?

OK, so you’re looking for some high-quality tools, right? So, what do you choose? Well, if you’ve narrowed your options down to Ryobi vs. Milwaukee then you’re in the right place because that’s exactly what we’ve done and now we’re going to help you get the right one.  Known for producing great power tools, such as

Milwaukee vs. Hitachi

Milwaukee vs. Hitachi – Whose Combo Kit Will Reign Supreme?

Milwaukee and Hitachi have both been around for a long time and they’re both going to offer you a decent amount of quality and features when it comes to tools. Take a look at both of them and you’re definitely going to see why each of them has made some of our lists.  Who will

Hilti vs. Makita

Hilti vs. Makita – The Hammer Drill and Driver Kit Showdown

Whether you are a kitchen fitter, a furniture installer, or need to do a little plumbing, you need power tools that won’t let you down. A good Hammer Drill and Driver Kit is an essential set of tools for any serious tool buyer. Hilti vs. Makita is a Hammer Drill and Driver Kit showdown you