delta table saw

Dewalt vs. Delta Brand Comparison | The Saw Guy

Dewalt and Delta are both very popular companies that produce power tools mostly used in woodworking. There are so many brands out there that produce these tools, and it can be overwhelming to find which one is best for you. Today, we’re going to focus on the two popular brands, DeWalt and Delta. Keep reading

makita vs porter cable

Makita vs Porter Cable Brand Comparison | The Saw Guy

​The showdown between Makita vs Porter Cable is one we’ve anticipated for a while now.  In this in-depth article, you’ll learn all you need to know to make the  most informed buying decision.  Time to learn! Company Histories Makita Company History For decades now, Makita has been establishing itself as one of the true leaders

Bosch vs. Milwaukee

Bosch vs. Milwaukee Brand Comparison | The Saw Guy

Bosch and Milwaukee both make great, reliable power tools; if you’ve narrowed a decision on a new purchase down to these two brands, you’re off to a good start. However, narrowing a decision down to two brands doesn’t do you much good – you’ve gotta decide on one. We’re here to help with that. Nowadays, with marketing

DeWalt vs. Ryobi Power Tools

Ryobi vs DeWalt Brand Comparison | The Saw Guy

When looking for a set of new tools for around-the-house jobs, the first thing most any pragmatic homeowner or DIY’er will do is compare prices and check out the swath of customer reviews available for each brand online. And out of the half-dozen or so top name brands out there to choose from, the Ryobi

Makita vs. Ryobi

Makita vs. Ryobi Brand Comparison | The Saw Guy

When it comes to the inevitable comparison of Makita vs. Ryobi power tools, there’s really only one thing to consider. Is it worth saving the extra money in going with Ryobi, or will it be more beneficial in the long run to spend a few extra bucks and get the quality of Makita? In terms

Adjustable Height Sawhorses

Adjustable Height Sawhorses

When it comes to valuable items to have around the workshop, construction site, or DIY project, it’s tough to beat a good pair of adjustable height sawhorses. These handy A-frame-shaped supports are useful for just about any cutting task, as well as for painting or other detailed work. They also allow you to set up