Best Mold Remover

Are you struggling with pesky and smelly mold in your home? You aren’t alone. Luckily, you don’t need professional help to solve the issue. Along with a bit of elbow grease, these could be the best mold remover products to get the job done.  5 Best Mold Remover Products The mold remover that works for

Joint Compound vs. Spackle

They’re both white. They’re both thick and pasty. They both go on walls. So what’s the difference between joint compound vs. spackle? The truth is, despite appearances, there are significant differences between these two.  These differences dictate how and when you might use joint compound vs. spackle. Using the right tool for the job can

Computer Desk Plans

15 Free DIY Computer Desk Plans You Can Build Today

Are you looking to build your own computer desk from scratch? These free DIY desk plans will give you everything you need to successfully build a computer desk for your office or any other space in your home?  Building a DIY computer desk is a beginner to intermediate woodworking project depending on the plan you

51 homemade gifts for your girlfriend

51 Thoughtful, Homemade Gifts for Your Girlfriend

Hey, we’ve all been there. It’s your girlfriend’s birthday or perhaps some ridiculous anniversary that nobody else celebrates, and you don’t have a gift. Not only that, you don’t really have any money to spend on a gift. That can be a problem. Thankfully, we’ve compiled a list of homemade gifts for your girlfriend that

DIY AC Repair

DIY Air Conditioning Repair

When your air conditioner stops cooling, something has probably gone wrong. The cause can be as trivial as a busted fuse or a broken compressor—but it could also be much worse. While some air conditioning repairs require the services of a professional, there are some you can do on your own. DIY AC repair is

how to find and fix a roof leak

How to Find and Fix a Roof Leak

Ignoring a leaky roof can cause severe damage to your home, but fixing it is not as simple as it sounds. The average homeowner’s first impulse is to inspect areas of their roof where mold is growing. While this approach is a good starting point, closer inspection may be required. The presence of mold is