how to cut wood slices with a chainsaw

How to Cut Wood Slices with a Chainsaw

Right now, one of the trendiest home DIY projects is to use flat-cut logs and other wood slices for coasters, tabletops, supports, decorations, and so much more. When it comes to actually cutting these wooden discs, your mind probably doesn’t immediately jump to a chainsaw as your tool of choice. But a chainsaw actually makes it easy

how to cut railroad ties

How to Cut Railroad Ties

Railroad ties are one of the strongest, sturdiest, and longest lasting building materials you could work with. But, all of that strength and durability comes at a cost. If you’ve ever worked with them in the past, you already know how difficult they can be to work with. While using railroad ties for projects around

how long to let stain dry

How Long to Let Stain Dry Before Polyurethane

Are you wondering how long to let stain dry before polyurethane can be applied? It’s a question you’ll need to know the answer to because the quality of your finished project depends on it. If you apply poly before the stain is adequately dry, you’re going to end up with stain mixing into your poly,

how to clean saw blades

How to Clean Saw Blades

If you’re like me, you spend a large chunk of your time at work using various power saws to cut all sorts of materials from wood to metal to plastic, and anything in between. Saw blades are designed to stand up to the worst you can dish out (as they should, considering how expensive they

how to age wood

How to Age Wood

Over time, wood develops a gorgeous patina that looks beautiful for use in all sorts of projects. But, unless you have a cache of lumber aging in your backyard, it can be difficult to find properly weathered wood for the job. Fortunately, you can fake it with surprisingly authentic results. Today, we’ll teach you how to

How long does wood glue take to dry

How Long Does Wood Glue Take to Dry?

Have you ever wondered how long does wood glue take to dry? This question is a serious concern for every woodworker, and if you’re focused on creating beautiful projects that will stand the test of time, it’s a concern you’ll need to know how to address. Today, we’ll answer the question of how long does