Best Epoxy Wood Filler

What is the Best Epoxy Wood Filler to Use?

Wood filler is one of the quintessential tools in any woodworker’s toolkit. These affordable and easy-to-use putties help you easily repair or touch up wood and other materials like a pro. You can even stain wood fillers with pigments or add paint and veneer to make it look more subtle and natural.  You don’t need

Greenworks and Kobalt

Greenworks vs Kobalt Brand Comparison | The Saw Guy

If you’re buying your first set of tools or looking to switch to cordless electric power tools from gas or corded models, you’ve no doubt encountered tools from both Greenworks and Kobalt. You’re probably wondering which of these relatively new tool companies you should go with. Today, we pit Greenworks vs Kobalt in a head-to-head

Makita vs. festool

Makita vs. Festool – Which Tool Brand Makes A Better Miter Saw?

If you’re the type of person who really likes to get their hands dirty doing DIY jobs themselves, then a miter saw is a great tool for you to have, but choosing the ideal one is difficult. That’s why we’ve narrowed things down for you. If you’ve got it down to Makita vs. Festool, then

Hilti vs. Makita

Hilti vs. Makita Brand Comparison | The Saw Guy

Whether you are a kitchen fitter, a furniture installer, or need to do a little plumbing, you need power tools that won’t let you down. A good Hammer Drill and Driver Kit is an essential set of tools for any serious tool buyer. Hilti vs. Makita is a Hammer Drill and Driver Kit showdown you

Hitachi vs. Bosch

Hitachi vs. Bosch Brand Comparison | The Saw Guy

Okay, so where can you really go wrong with a combo tool kit? If you don’t get something with the right quality, perhaps, but with Hitachi and Bosch, you won’t need to worry about that. Hitachi vs. Bosch Combo Kits is a fair comparison between two brands doing things the right way.  Known for producing

delta table saw

Dewalt vs. Delta Brand Comparison | The Saw Guy

Dewalt and Delta are both very popular companies that produce power tools mostly used in woodworking. There are so many brands out there that produce these tools, and it can be overwhelming to find which one is best for you. Today, we’re going to focus on the two popular brands, DeWalt and Delta. Keep reading

Husqvarna vs Ariens

Husqvarna vs Ariens Snowblower: Battle of the Heavyweights

If you live in an area with harsh winters, owning a snow blower is virtually a necessity. While many people get by just fine with cheap snow blowers or even just a snow shovel, those who deal with the harshest winters know that snow removal is a job best left to the heavyweights. Both Husqvarna

Ridgid vs. DeWalt

Ridgid vs. DeWalt Brand Comparison | The Saw Guy

If you need a serious power tool to loosen up bolts, then look no further. The heavy-duty but lightweight impact driver makes removing screws and bolts a breeze and is one of the best tools you can have in your arsenal. In this article, we will explore Ridgid vs. DeWalt and which brand makes the

Makita vs. Bosch

Makita vs. Bosch Brand Comparison | The Saw Guy

If you need to get your power tool collection jump-started, you want to make sure you have tools that you can count on whenever you need them. The easiest and most likely cheapest way to accomplish this is by purchasing a combo kit. Bosch vs Makita Combo Kits is some of the best in the

hitachi vs. dewalt

Hitachi vs. DeWalt Brand Comparison | The Saw Guy

The DeWalt name is one of the most recognizable in power tools – whether you’re a fan of them or you hate them, you’ve at least heard of them. Hitachi is another big name, but some people will be more familiar with the brand for their TV’s and electronics than for their power tools. This

Husqvarna vs John Deere

Husqvarna vs. John Deere Brand Comparison | The Saw Guy

If you’ve got a large lawn, chances are you don’t want to be pushing a mower across it. At a certain point, the land gets too large to be able to mow comfortably without a riding mower. That’s where our Husqvarna vs John Deere zero turn mower article comes in. Does Husqvarna really stand a

gearwrench vs craftsman

Gearwrench vs. Craftsman – Which Ratchet Set is the Best?

In the market for a new set of ratchets and can’t decide which brand to buy? You’ve come to the right place. We can’t guarantee to make your mind up for you, but we’ll certainly do our best to give you our personal opinions and experience with the two brands Gearwrench vs. Craftsman, in hopes