What is Torque: Conversion Chart and Calculator Included

In this resource guide I will be discussing what torque is, and what does the torque rating really mean?, and what torque settings are in power tools and how to use them. In this resource guide I also created a conversion chart and linked to an online torque conversion chart to help you convert measurements. 

Metric vs. Imperial

Metric vs. Imperial – Conversion Charts Included

In Metric vs. Imperial resource guide, I will not be discussing which system of measurement is “better”. What I really want to talk about is what makes them different as well as what the advantages and disadvantages of each system of measurement are.  Like almost all of us in the United States, I grew up

US Screw Sizes

US Screw Sizes – Conversion Charts Included

One of the most popular things in every household and workshop is screws. They come in different shapes and sizes! The main thing where people get confused, understandable so, is understanding the difference between metric screw sizes and imperial screw sizes. But before we get into all of that I would like to quickly go

8 12×16 Shed Plans You Can Build Today

It’s always good to have a lot of storage, you’ll never hear anyone complain about having too much storage space. Usually, most homeowners find that they don’t have enough space to store their stuff. Does this sound like something you’re experiencing? If so, then you need a shed! With these shed plans, you’ll be able

Different Types of Axes and How to Use Them

Axes are a tool that humans have relied on for centuries. Today, the axe is most commonly used in the yard or outdoor activities, such as camping, however, the type of axe you need will depend on what you need it for. Whatever the case is, axes are important tools that have two main components,

30 Outdoor Yard Games for Kids and Adults

Outdoor Yard Games are a great way to get outside and enjoy some fresh air. In this list, you will find ideas that everyone will love and be able to complete. Here are 30 Outdoor Yard Games for Kids and Adults! Before we begin discussing Outdoor Yard Games for Kids and Adults, are you looking