Husqvarna vs John Deere

Husqvarna vs. John Deere Brand Comparison | The Saw Guy

If you’ve got a large lawn, chances are you don’t want to be pushing a mower across it. At a certain point, the land gets too large to be able to mow comfortably without a riding mower. That’s where our Husqvarna vs John Deere zero turn mower article comes in. Does Husqvarna really stand a

Cub Cadet vs. Husqvarna

Cub Cadet vs. Husqvarna Brand Comparison | The Saw Guy

There is not very much that is more “American” than a tractor. Tractor mowers, also known as riding mowers, riding lawn mowers, and garden tractors, have become an iconic symbol of the American way of life. Cub Cadet vs. Husqvarna is a solid head to head comparison of two iconic brands. Which is best for

Greenworks vs Ryobi

Greenworks vs Ryobi Brand Comparison | The Saw Guy

Whether you’re in the market for your first set of tools or you’re looking to switch to battery-powered tools from gas or corded electric models, you’ve probably come across quite a few different brands in your initial search. Two brands that rise to the top are Greenworks and Ryobi, but who produces better tools? Today,

Hatchet vs Axe

Hatchet vs Axe: Is There a Difference?

Many believe that hatchets and axes are different names for the same tool. However, hatchets and axes are two very different tools. They’re used for various workloads and different things. Don’t get me wrong, they do have similarities, but they also have their differences. The primary differences between hatchets and axes are in their appearance

Echo vs Stihl Chainsaw Comparison

Echo vs Stihl Chainsaws: A Comprehensive Brand Comparison

In the world of chainsaws, two names stand out for their power, reliability, and cutting-edge technology: Echo and Stihl. Whether you’re a DIY enthusiast tackling backyard projects or a seasoned lumberjack facing the rugged demands of the forest, understanding the nuances of these two brands is essential. This comparison delves deep into what sets Echo

best lawnmowers

Types of Lawnmowers: How to Choose the Right Mower for You

The wrong mower can make cutting your lawn a tedious chore. Yes, you’ll get the job done, eventually–but you’ll waste a lot of your precious time. Choosing the right model for your needs is difficult, considering the many types of lawnmowers out there for you to choose from. In this post, we’ll look at the

best lawn mowers

The Top 10 Best Lawnmowers

What Is the Number 1 Lawn Mower? Mowing the lawn used to be a tedious task. Today, with the help of the top lawnmowers on our list, it’s become far more straightforward. Let’s look at these winning brands. Greenworks® Corded Lawn Mower While there were many contenders for the title, Greenworks powered its way to the

best 2 stage snow blower

Best Stage 2 Snow Blower: Buyers Guide

If snow is your concern and you live in a place where snowfall is regular and familiar, you should look into making an investment in a stage 2 snow blower. Turning your attention to snow blower reviews can help you make an informed decision on which two-stage snow blower is right for your situation. There

types of wood fences

Types of Wood Fences

The stereotypical all-American dream is to own a house with a white picket fence. However, if you’re looking to build a wood fence at your home, you could quickly find yourself overwhelmed. Not only must you choose from different wood, but you also must choose from different styles as well. Fortunately, we’re here to help.