Best Mold Remover

Are you struggling with pesky and smelly mold in your home? You aren’t alone. Luckily, you don’t need professional help to solve the issue. Along with a bit of elbow grease, these could be the best mold remover products to get the job done.  5 Best Mold Remover Products The mold remover that works for

How to Remove Gorilla Glue from Skin

Have you ever used Gorilla Glue? Chances are if you have, you were immediately impressed with how strong the glue is. Gorilla Glue is often used to make furniture because of its strength and the fact that it is made with polyurethane.  Here’s a fun fact: Did you know that the founder of The Gorilla

How to build and frame a deck

How to Build and Frame a Deck

Adding a deck to your house boosts beauty, comfort, and value. Hiring a contractor instead of DIY building an outdoor deck can be pricey, but you can reduce the burden by handling the project yourself. Here’s everything you need to know about how to build a deck: Parts of a Deck A well-designed and finished

how to sharpen a knife

How to Sharpen a Knife

What good is a knife with a dull edge that won’t cut? Knife care is as simple as keeping the blade sharp and fresh so that it slices cleanly and smoothly without slipping, skipping, or sliding. And knife sharpening is even pretty simple to do by hand. And yet, an overwhelming majority of knife owners

What is Ceramic Glue

What is Ceramic Glue?

Ceramic glue is a powerful adhesive that can repair cracked or broken ceramic dishes, fixtures, ornaments, mugs, antiques– you name it. Ceramic glues have a long shelf life and, when applied properly, can make your ceramics work and even look like new. Ceramics can be precious valuables or economic household solutions, but either way, nobody

Best Epoxy Wood Filler

What is the Best Epoxy Wood Filler to Use?

Wood filler is one of the quintessential tools in any woodworker’s toolkit. These affordable and easy-to-use putties help you easily repair or touch up wood and other materials like a pro. You can even stain wood fillers with pigments or add paint and veneer to make it look more subtle and natural.  You don’t need

Easiest Woodworking Projects for Beginners

52 Easiest Woodworking Projects For Beginners

When I first started woodworking, I had a sawzall, a palm sander, a miter saw (if I’m feeling fancy) and some random hand-tools someone gave me as a house-warming present. I literally couldn’t do complex woodworking if I wanted to. I am fortunate for those humble beginnings. It really forced me to learn the basics

How To Use A Table Saw

How To Use A Table Saw

If you’re ready to take your home projects up a notch, you may be thinking about investing in a table saw. A table saw can cut down large boards with ease and make angled cuts with precision. If you’re ready to put this tool in the lineup, you need to do your research on the

Six Essential Woodworking Supplies

The Six Essential Woodworking Supplies For Every Woodworker’s Tool Kit

If you’ve recently gotten into woodworking, whether as a hobby or in the hopes of turning it into a business venture down the line, you’re probably already aware of the plethora of tool options available. As a beginner, how do you decide which woodworking supplies are essential and which ones you can do without until

7 common woodworking mistakes

7 Common Woodworking Mistakes

When it comes to DIY woodworking, the entire process is a journey where you’re constantly learning. You’re going to make common mistakes along the way. Sometimes, you’re going to make huge mistakes. The important thing is that you learn from those mistakes as you grow your carpentry skills. Today, we’re going to cover some of

best wood for cutting board

What’s the Best Wood for Cutting Boards?

No kitchen is complete without a beautiful butcher block cutting board. Both functional and attractive, these cutting boards are at home in any kitchen, regardless of style. Here is an example of a premium Black Walnut board. Best of all, making your own is a fun and easy project to tackle when you have a

how to build a barn door

How to Build a Barn Door

Adding a rustic barn door is a great addition to any home. These doors are a great conversation piece, and the touch of Americana they provide adds warmth to any room. Chances are, you took a look at barn door kits, or reclaimed barn doors and recoiled in horror at their huge price tags. Thankfully,