how to cut wine bottles

How to Cut Wine Bottles

If your house is anything like mine, you do quite a bit of wine bottle recycling. Instead of just chucking those empties into the blue can and forgetting about them, you could take those still useful wine bottles and use them in all sorts of cool projects around the house. But how? Cutting glass is a

how to cut concrete pavers

How to Cut Concrete Pavers

Paving stones are a great way to beautify the exterior of your home and yard. But, paving stones are expensive by themselves, and professional installation can cost thousands, depending on the size of your project. It’s easy to see why this is a project you may rather tackle yourself. Thankfully, it’s not hard to learn how

how to cut vinyl siding

How to Cut Vinyl Siding

Vinyl siding is quickly becoming a popular alternative siding material, despite several potential negatives. Chief among its many benefits are its low cost, long lifespan, and lack of required maintenance. Another benefit that has many homeowners opting for vinyl siding is its ease of installation. Most people have the skill it takes to install vinyl siding on

How to cut out door hinges

How to Cut Out Door Hinges

One of the most important steps for installing a new door is cutting out the door hinges. Yet the thought of doing so can turn an otherwise easy project into one that’s intimidating and difficult. Fortunately, it’s easy to cut out door hinges with just a few simple tools and some basic knowledge. After you’re done reading this

how to cut a stair stringer

How to Cut a Stair Stringer

There’s a reason that the professionals charge so much to build stairs – it’s a difficult and time-consuming project. Although it can certainly be done willy-nilly, it’s essential to put proper preparation, planning, and double-checking into it if you want the finished product to look nice and last for a long time. Sure, every part of the

How to cut chain link fence

How to Cut Chain Link Fence

One of the first steps when it comes to installing a chain link fence is actually cutting the chain link fence to size. Though this might sound difficult and intimidating at first, it’s actually very easy. And it’s even more so because no actual cut needs to be involved. With the right tools and just a little

how to cut wire

How to Cut Wire

There are a lot of situations you might run into that require you to cut wire. Maybe you’re working on an electrical project that needs wires cut and stripped, or maybe you’re attempting to cut through heavier-gauge wire such as that found on wire shelving. Whatever the case, it can be slightly intimidating to cut wire for

how to cut laminate countertops

How to Cut Laminate Countertop

Laminate countertops are experiencing a boom in popularity as of late. This might surprise some people. For years laminate countertops have been vilified as a cheap looking, poor quality option. That’s all changed with the latest and greatest laminate countertops that not only look better than their predecessors, but last much longer as well – all at

how to cut corks

How to Cut Corks

There are a lot of fun DIY projects that utilize old wine corks. Not only do they create an interesting, unique, and functional finished product, but they’re also a great way to use up any old corks you have lying around. Yet sometimes a wine cork just won’t work in its standard condition. Instead, the specifics of

how to cut quarter round

How to Cut Quarter Round

Quarter round (thin, rounded molding) is used for a wide variety of trim projects. Not only is it an affordable way to create attractive trim, but it’s also relatively easy for home DIYers and beginners to cut to size. The catch is when it comes to corners. Because of its rounded shape, you must make accurate measurements

how to cut wire shelving

How to Cut Wire Shelving

Ventilated wire shelving is affordable, versatile, and available in a lot of options. Yet another benefit is its ease of installation. Most of the time, it’s easy to install in a closet, garage, or another area of the home in its store-bought condition. Sometimes, however, the standardized lengths that it comes in just don’t work

how to cut cast iron pipe

How to Cut Cast Iron Pipe

Ask The Saw GuyTalk with Tool Experts & Woodworkers in minutes 24/7Need Help?Talk with a tool expert in minutes Brian, Woodworker2,153 satisfied customersLicensed Contractor – 17 years Brian, Woodworker2,153 satisfied customers Message 3 Home Improvement Experts are Online Now Start Chat Cast iron pipe was long the go-to material for plumbing. So, there’s a good