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Whether you’re getting into a big project or just starting out, it’s difficult to decide what tool is the right fit for you. With the burgeoning Do-It-Yourself market constantly expanding, the options available seem to be unlimited. Luckily, if you’re in the market for a scroll saw, you’ve found the right article.

Below, I will break down what makes a Craftsman scroll saw the best choice for you. This is a trusted brand with reliable products and will fit nicely in your tool kit. I will also expand on the best ways to use your new scroll saw. 

Origin of the Scroll Saw

The idea for the scroll saw dates back to the 1500s — this is a tool that has proven its worth! Inventors and craftsmen further developed the concept in the 1800s, where the model came closer to what we see today.

There isn’t much documentation as to the original inventors of what was then called the Buhl saw, but patents in 1829 from Great Britain show that someone was developing a better blade. The eventual reciprocating blade differentiates it from the continuous loop of the band saw. 

As machine-crafted furniture became more common throughout the 19th century, furniture builders and craftsmen used the band saw for marquetry techniques to create elaborate designs without having to hand-carve the wood. Marquetry is a form of inlaid work varying colors of wood. 

American craftsmen also started to incorporate fretwork into their creations. Fretwork is another type of ornamental design in wood that requires a careful hand and an eye for detail. 

What Should I Use My Craftsman Scroll Saw For?

There are many different types of scroll saws available today — you can determine the size by the throat or distance from the blade to the other end of the saw. They can range from 12 inches to 30 inches. Unless your project is very large, I would recommend using a smaller saw.

Scroll saws have very thin blades, so they’re not suitable for most types of cuts. They can’t cut through very thick materials or make long cuts, but they’re good for decorative carvings on wood. You could also use them on plexiglass, metal, plastic, or even foam.

Therefore, you can use scroll saws for a lot of more intricate projects. They’re ideal for engraving, creating puzzles, and cutting designs contained within the piece of material and not around the edges. 

These saws are also great for curvy cuts and can be used to create word art, shapes, and delicate silhouettes. Use your new scroll saw to create a piece of art that you or your loved one will cherish forever! And, know that your tool is a quality piece when you choose the Craftsman brand.

Is Craftsman Better Than Other Brands?

What makes Craftsman the superior brand choice for tools? Though they aren’t the most powerful and may not meet the needs of a true professional, if you’re looking for quality on a budget, Craftsman is the answer. 

I would like to mention there are a couple of issues you can come across when using a scroll saw. The biggest problem is high vibration making the saw difficult to use. Though Craftsman is a budget saw, it also has features that only professional saws have, such as low vibration settings.

Scroll saws can also overheat. In this case, make sure a dull blade isn’t the issue. The best thing to do in case of overheating is to turn off the saw, unplug it, and let it cool down. 

If you’re still not sure that Craftsman is reliable, know that it’s the official tool of both NASCAR and the DIY Network. Craftsman has been a trusted brand since Sears launched it in the early 1900s, and the quality continues to hold up!


Where there are questions, there are answers. Given all that information, questions may still arise on the Craftsman scroll saw. Here are some of the most asked questions with explanations about this product.

What Are the Features? 

The Craftsman scroll saw is a corded electric saw that weighs around 41 pounds. It has a maximum speed of 1600 rpm and has 120 volts. It has a tabletop feature that makes it very easy to use!

This tabletop feature comes with a cast-iron work table, which conveniently absorbs almost all of the vibration from the saw. 

The saw goes to a maximum of 1600 rpm but can go as low as 400 rpm. This is a unique feature for a budget-friendly saw; you can usually only find speeds that slow in professional scroll saws.

How Much Do They Cost? 

Craftsman currently doesn’t have any scroll saws available on its website and has its 16-inch model listed as discontinued. That means you’ll have to purchase secondhand, which could come with a cheaper price tag. 

Other publications list the Craftsman scroll saw at $120 for the 16-inch model. Sears declared bankruptcy and is closed, and they are the brand that owned Craftsman. I’m not sure where you can find one now, but it may be more expensive since they are becoming a bit rare.

How Big Is It?

A Craftsman scroll, measured by the throat, is 16 inches. This is the distance from the blade to the other end of the saw. Sixteen inches to 18 inches are the most common sizes for scroll saws, as the larger sizes are mostly for commercial operations.

How Long Will It Last? 

Craftsman tools are backed by some of the strongest warranties in the power tool world. According to the Craftsman warranty webpage, all saws are guaranteed a three-year limited warranty, protecting the owner from defects in material or workmanship. They also come with a 90-day satisfaction guarantee. 

Since its inception, Craftsman’s brand name has been synonymous with durability and considered high-value for the lower price point. However, we should note that Craftsman no longer lists lifetime warranties on products as it did historically.

In Conclusion, the Craftsman Scroll Saw is a Great Option

Craftsman scroll saws are great for dabbling DIY-ers, woodworkers on a budget, and anyone who wants to get into woodworking without making huge investments in tools or gear. The affordable price and effective equipment make it a great first saw!

The only problem comes in finding a Craftsman-brand scroll saw. Since Sears went bankrupt, the fate of the Craftsman brand is a bit up in the air. There should be second-hand tools available on sites like Amazon and eBay, and you can always look for one in a garage sale. With its long-lasting quality, even a used Craftsman saw will serve you well. 

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