The Best Kobalt Miter Saw in 2021

Best Kobalt Miter Saw

For several decades now, Kobalt has earned a reputation as a high-quality manufacturer of electric power tools, including miter saws. Kobalt’s miter saws offer users several benefits and are designed so that you’ll get the accuracy and precision that you’ll want and need when you use your saw along with your Kobalt miter saw stand. If you’re wondering about the best Kobalt miter saws available on the market today, we’ve created a short review to help you out. Keep reading to find the best Kobalt miter saw in 2020.

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Kobalt Miter Saw Review

To help you understand a bit more about what Kobalt has to offer, we’ve reviewed their three best miter saws below. By researching you, we’ve helped save you time and give you what you’ll need to know before you go out and purchase your saw.

Kobalt 12-in 15-Amp Dual Bevel Sliding Laser Compound Miter Saw

If you’re in the market for a top-of-the-line miter saw and you want something compelling, then we’d recommend the Kobalt 12-in 15-Amp Dual Bevel Sliding Laser Compound Miter Saw, as long as your budget isn’t something with which you are overly concerned. If you cut large pieces of wood often, then you’ll probably want a large 12-inch miter saw like this one.

This miter saw comes with a robust 15-amp motor that’s engineered for quality and durability. The engine provides you with a high speed of 4200 RPMs, giving you the power you’ll need to cut anything at any angle. This saw will allow you to miter easily from the left to the right and back again without issue. It features a lock to help you lock into the angles you want. Plus, the dual bevel movement goes from 0 to 47 degrees in either direction. 

Things we like:

  • Large 12-inch miter saw that can cut through anything
  • 15-amp motor with 4200 RPMs of power
  • Miter lock
  • Dual bevel movement from 0 to 47 degrees in both directions.

Things we don’t like:

  • This saw runs on the high end.

Kobalt 10-In 15-Amp Sliding Compound Laser Miter Saw

If you’re looking to save a little more money than what our above option offers and you want to compromise a bit, trading size to fit your finances, then the Kobalt 10-In 15-Amp Sliding Compound Laser Miter Saw might be the miter saw for you. With this saw, you’ll get an innovative compact rail design that helps cut back on the space you’ll need to use the saw.

This saw is excellent for molding and framing cuts that are less than about twenty-three pounds. So, this saw can still handle a lot of material and power through quite a bit; it’s just not as powerful or as significant as the previous choice. You’ll get nine positive spots, and you’ll be able to miter 50 degrees in both directions. Plus, this miter saw features a tool-less adjustable laser guide pointing system, which will help make your cuts as accurate as possible.

Thing we like:

  • Excellent for cutting pieces of up to twenty-three points
  • Adjustable laser guide pointing system
  • Nine positive stops
  • You can miter 50 degrees in both directions

Things we don’t like:

  • Not quite as powerful as some other options.

Kobalt Compact Sliding 7-1/4-in 10-Amp Single Bevel Sliding Laser Compound Miter Saw

If both of the above choices are too far out of your budget, don’t worry. We’ve got another option that can help you get most of your work done as long as you are willing to sacrifice some power and size. If so, then the Kobalt Compact Sliding 7-1/4-in 10-Amp Single Bevel Sliding Laser Compound Miter Saw might be the perfect product for you. This saw features an excellent compact rail design that helps make it easy for you to cut things even if you don’t have much to space. 

With this miter saw, you’ll get a large, die-cast aluminum base and table, which will help you get the cuts you want. The Bevel cuts up to 47 degrees to the left and right. Plus, this saw also has a dual slide rail system, making it very easy to get your cuts in both directions. Plus, you also get a mounted adjustable laser guide system with this miter saw to increase your precision. 

Things we like:

  • Bevel cuts up to 47 degrees to the left and right.
  • Dual slide rail system makes it easy to cut in both directions
  • Mounted adjustable laser guide system for better precision
  • Excellent compact rail design that is space-saving

Things we don’t like:

  • Not as powerful as some other options. 

Compound Miter Saw Vs. Table Saw

So, why would one purchase a compound miter saw instead of a basic table saw? Much of this has to do with what you’ll be cutting. Depending on the types of cuts you’ll be making, you want to make sure you have the correct tool for the right woodworking task. If you know you’ll be ripping boards lengthwise and also dealing with sheets of plywood often, then you’ll want to use a table saw.

However, if you are planning to make several perpendicular cross-cuts against the woods’ grain, or you need to make angled cuts often, then you will want to purchase a good compound miter saw instead. This type of tool is vital if you work as a professional carpenter or woodworker. These saws will help you frame lumber, complete finishing work, cut moldings, and even build cabinets.

High-quality miter saws can do things like pivot and create angles over 45 degrees with cuts. That usually makes it much easier to join your furniture after making the appropriate cuts.

Best Kobalt Miter Saw

The Kobalt Saw Brand

If you’re wondering about where you’ve heard the Kobalt name before, it’s because Kobalt is the manufacturer that makes the power tools that are used in NASCAR. With a reputation like that, Kobalt has been going strong for over twenty years. Their name is now synonymous with dependable and reliable tools that will give you the most for your money. Kobalt is the house brand for Lowe’s in North America, and they’ve been creating reliable power tools, mechanics’ tools, and tool storage products for decades. 

Best Kobalt Miter Saw


Now that we’ve covered the top three Kobalt miter saw options you’ll find on the market today; it’s time to make your decision. If budget isn’t an issue and you are in the market for something heavy-duty, then you might want to purchase the Kobalt 12-in 15-Amp Dual Bevel Sliding Laser Compound Miter Saw. However, if you want a slightly less expensive version that’s easier to afford but still packs a lot of power, then take a look at the Kobalt 10-In 15-Amp Sliding Compound Laser Miter Saw. 

For those of you that need something more affordable than either one of those options, if you are willing to trade on size and power, you can still get a great tool with the Kobalt Compact Sliding 7-1/4-in 10-Amp Single Bevel Sliding Laser Compound Miter Saw.

So, now it’s time to get out there and buy the Kobalt Miter saw parts, and Kobalt miter saw replacement parts, as well as your Kobalt Miter, saw today!

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