25 DIY Projects For Moms

Check out the 25 DIY projects for moms and get ready to be creative! Mothers have a hard enough job as it is, that’s why we’ve included fun projects for kids (happy kids-happy mom), functional projects (let’s make life easier), and fun projects for mom (moms get to have fun too).

Let’s get started…

Fun Projects For The Kids

1. Climbing Wall For Kids

I know what you’re thinking, “way too dangerous”. However, if you make sure to start small and build bigger as your kids grow, they will acquire better skills and keep your mind at ease.

Also, especially when they are learning, it’s not a bad idea to throw down a mat below the wall.

Fun at Home with Kids keeps the playroom interesting with this unique feature climbing wall.

diy projects for moms

Click here to check out climbing holds on Amazon.

2. Skateboard Swing

Little Bit Funky provides us with a different take on the old “tire swing”. I love the idea of kids learning balance and having fun at the same time.

I really wish I had one of these when I was a kid….or maybe even now.

diy projects for moms

3. DIY Snail Slide

This DIY snail slide from Design Loves Details is the perfect fixture for the toddlers playroom. The design is simple and fun, sure to keep a smile on the little tikes face.

Plus, the list of necessary tools is rather short.

diy projects for moms

Click here

4. Learning Tower

I am sure your kids are constantly interested in everything you’re doing…basically all the time. IKEA Hackers is a pretty cool idea, and they have come up with a safe learning tower so the little shorties can be a part of the action.

May as well enjoy it while it lasts right..?

diy projects for moms

diy projects for moms

5. Easy Frame Tent

A Beautiful Mess always comes up with great pieces that are not only functional and fun, but very chic and stylish.

With only a few pieces of wood, a piece of cloth (blanket or curtain), and a drill, you can create a fanciful little tent, sure to evoke the imagination.

diy projects for moms

6. DIY Tic-Tac-Toe

I remember playing tic-tac-toe with my daughter for the first time, and thinking how difficult it was to get her to understand what seemed like a simple concept.

After seeing this super easy DIY project from Chicken Scratch NY, I am positive she would have at least had a lot more fun.

And as we all know, kids seems to learn much easier when they are having fun.

diy projects for moms

7. Giant Backyard Ker-Plunk

All Parenting gives us a blast from the past with this jumbo sized ker-plunk game. What an easy project!

If you’re looking for hours of fun without spending hours of your time on a project, this is definitely it.

You can even purchase the pit balls from Amazon.

diy projects for moms

diy projects for moms

8. Fun Ruler Growth Chart

Every kid gets excited to see if they’ve grown. Yet, much like losing weight, it’s difficult to see progress without keeping track.

The fun ruler growth chart will do just that. I love the idea of taking pictures and hanging them next to the chart as well.

Check out Adventures in Decorating for the tutorial.

diy projects for moms

9. Chalkboard Paint In Kids Room

Style Files has figured out a way to let your kids write on the wall. I know it’s scary, but as long as they stay in the lines, your walls will be fine.

Watch this chalkboard paint tutorial.

Plus, they will get a kick out of it, and it just may curb their need to write on surfaces not meant for writing.

diy projects for moms

10. DIY Backyard Playhouse

If you’re really looking for a summer project, this backyard playhouse from Hand Made Home will certainly do the trick.

Your kids will be the envy of the neighborhood with a playhouse as cool as this.

The best part is, you don’t have to have a tree to build it!

diy projects for moms

Functional Projects

11. Chalkboard Chore List

I remember having chores growing up. Actually, I remember having chores this week.

Now, at least now you don’t have to hear the excuse, “I forgot”.

Visit Eighteen25 for the tutorial.

diy projects for moms

12. Fancy Pin Board

Go to Batchelors Way and learn how to make this fancy pin board.

diy projects for moms

13. Homemade Wire Hamper

Often, the hamper is kind of sore-sight among the decor in your house. The Picket Fence Projects has come up with a stylish and very functional hamper that won’t sting the eyes in whatever room it ends up in.

diy projects for moms

14. Tear Away Grocery List

One of the most frustrating things is to get to the grocery store and not remember what you need. Yet, it’s inevitable. You’ll come across a situation throughout the week where you have to remember to get something you need, yet your mind will go blank.

You can’t avoid it. At the Home {Sweet} Home blog, they have a sweet system to write those things down.

Just don’t forget to take the list.

diy projects for moms

15. DIY Drying Rack

Have a small laundry room? Centsational Girl has the solution for hanging and drying clothes fresh from the washer.

This compact laundry room drying rack is functional and stylish, ready to get your clothes dry without sacrificing your decor.

diy projects for moms

diy projects for moms

16. Rail & Basket Organizer

The Simply DIY 2 blog helps you keep things organized with their rail and basket organizer. This is an easy project, and offers tons of opportunities.

diy projects for moms

17. Chalkboard Menu

“What’s for dinner” is a question you probably hear often. That’s why the chalkboard menu from Whipper Berry is such a neat project.

Not only will it help you save time by planning out the weeks dinners, but it keeps you from constantly answering the same question over and over.

“What’s for dinner?”

diy projects for moms

18. DIY Gift Wrap Station

Are you like me? Do you never have wrapping paper on hand for those last-minute gifts?

2 Little Hooligans has come up with a cool and mobile gift wrapping station.

Now you just have to go out and stock it!

diy projects for moms

Fun Projects For Mom

19. Homemade Canvas Prints

We all know how much hiring a photographer for those family photos can be. However, you no longer have to pay the high prices for those cool canvas prints.

Let Not Just a House Wife show you how to save some money and do-it-yourself.

diy projects for mom

20. Painted Stick Heart

This might be a bit crafty, but I have a hard time passing up pieces that are so very simple and virtually free. Especially if it looks as cool and colorful as this painted heart stick does from Ellen’s Daily Heart blog.

This is the perfect project to share with your daughter!

diy projects for moms

21. Natural Homemade Soap

I love the idea of taking everyday items and learning how to create them yourself. Lovely Greens gives us that opportunity with some natural DIY soap.

The cool thing is, these are customizable by adding your own scents and colors.

Pretty cool huh?

diy projects for moms

22. DIY Baby Dream Room

One of the more precious memories a couple can have is when they get to decorate the baby room. So much anticipation and excitement is a great motivator.

Project Nursery has a cool video that might offer some inspiration.

23. Paint Chip Settings

Anyone with multiple kids understands the peril of “who gets to sit by who” at the dinner table. And most often, the fight is who gets to sit by mom.

This cool idea lets you have fun with assigned seating. It also works great for parties.

Check out Mom Projects for the full scoop.

diy projects for mom

24. Peppermint Whipped Body Butter

You can’t have a list of mom projects without one designed to help mom pamper herself. Let’s face it, not everything is about the kids.

Thank Your Body has a great recipe for whipped peppermint body butter sure to make you feel like you’re at the spa.

Yet, you’re at home, and your pocket-book will thank you.

diy projects for moms

25. Mason Jar Storage Project

Mason Jar Holder

What can you NOT put in these decorative jars? Hang it up in your kitchen, kids room for art supplies, maybe even the laundry room for some things you want to keep handy.

The project is super simple. Click here to visit Pallet University and learn how.​

If I had to choose one tool to help you create most of these projects, I believe the jigsaw will help you get the furthest. It can make all the crafty cuts and essentially perform many of the functions of the larger saws as well.

Check out our Best Jigsaw Guide and see for your self.

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