How to Give Pallet Wood a Distressed Paint Effect

Pallets are an incredible and versatile material to work with. They fit in with all kinds of DIYs. But, how do you turn them from scrappy run-down looking planks to flashy and fashionable works of art?

You paint them, of course.

This very easy tutorial from MrDIYDork will show you how to paint pallet wood to give it that cool distressed effect.

How to distress paint

What You’ll Need:

Step 1: Clean the pallets

The key to this distressed look is texture. So, you don’t need a lot of prep work here. You don’t need to apply a primer or to sand the pallets to keep their rough and natural grain. Just wipe them clean with a damp rag.

Step 2: Apply some paint

Cover the pallets with paint.

Brush them thoroughly to cover the tiny cracks and crevices. Lightly dab the brush into the woods’ surface to give them more texture.

(Note: if you want a lot of colors without blowing your budget, use craft paint that come in little tubes. They’re cheap but effective.)

Step 3: Sand the pallets

Once the paint dries, sand the pallets using your orbital sander. How you want the pallets to look is really up to you. Light sanding leaves more paint on and makes the pallets appear less distressed.

Step 4: Apply wood stain or color wash

Add more flare to your pallets by finishing up with a wood stain or a deck stain, a color wash or a couple of layers of either of the two.

And, you’re done! Breathe some color into pallet furniture with this amazing paint trick!

This project is from MrDiyDork. Check out the full video tutorial here.

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