Best Airless Paint Sprayer: Complete Buying Guide & Reviews

If you need to do body work or other painting done, you may be looking at all of your options, but not be sure what they are. An airless paint sprayer is actually one of several different options that can make life a whole lot easier than an actual air compressor style gun. Choosing the best airless paint sprayer, however, can involve a decent amount of effort.

Best Airless Paint Sprayers

Tacklife SGP15AC Advanced Electric Spray Gun

The Tacklife SGP15AC comes with the spray gun, canister, funnel, a cleaning needle and brush and the 3 spray nozzles. Even more importantly, it actually offers a lot of versatility when it comes down to it. You’re going to have three different spray patterns and three different sizes of nozzles, which means you can actually paint a number of different things.

Whether you’re painting your car, your appliances or even some wood products, it can give you a smooth coat with no streaks. It also has a 900 ml container that holds enough paint for up to 70 seconds, so you spend less time refilling and more time painting. The electric spray gun is actually portable because it’s so lightweight and it has a 5.9 ft.

line, so you don’t have to feel quite so tied to the power outlet. What’s even more important is that it can spray a distance of up to 30 CM, so you’re actually getting more each time you make a pass. On top of all of that, you’re also going to have an easier time adding your paint and cleaning out the entire system with the detachable canister, funnel, and more.

Things we like:

  • 20–30 CM spraying distance
  • 3 spray patterns + 3 nozzle sizes
  • All parts are removable for easy cleanup
  • Just add paint and it’s ready to go
  • Flow control knob is easy to work and understand
  • 24-month warranty

Things we don’t like:

  • Isn’t ideal for latex-based paints
  • Included instructions can be somewhat vague
  • May require some thinning down of paint in order to use

Graco Magnum 262800 X5 Airless Paint Sprayer

The Graco Magnum 262800 comes with the spray gun itself, a DuraFlex hose, pump armor, and a spray tip, so you’re ready to go with just a gallon of paint. What’s unique about this sprayer is that you can insert the hose directly into a 1- or 5-gallon paint container so you don’t have to spend time refilling canisters while you paint. When it comes time to clean it out you just attach it to a garden hose and run water through, so it’s even simple to put away after you’ve finished painting.

Because it uses a stainless steel piston pump, it can actually handle paint that hasn’t been thinned down, which can save you time and the pressure is fully adjustable, so you can spray it on larger or smaller projects. Additionally, it can accommodate thin stains or thick and heavy latex, so you don’t have to purchase separate units to get projects done. Another neat fact is that it actually has can be extended with up to 75 feet of hose (it comes with 25) so you can get more flexibility and a faster result when you get going.

Things we like:

  • Connects directly to paint can
  • Doesn’t require thinning of paint to spray
  • Supports up to 75 feet of hose
  • Reversible tip to clear clogs or blockages
  • Easy clean with a garden hose
  • Knob adjustments for pressure

Things we don’t like:

  • Can be difficult to clear non-water-based paints
  • Not ideal for last bit of paint in the can
  •  A small amount of overspray

HomeRight Finish Max C800766

The HomeRight Finish Max comes with the sprayer itself, a viscosity cup, an air blow nozzle, and a cleaning brush, which means it just needs paint and you’re ready to go. This sprayer has three different spray patterns as well as several nozzle size adjustments so you can paint anything you need and however you want. Because it’s simple to get started, use, and clean it’s actually ideal for beginners who have never had the chance to use one before.

The light weight of the unit makes it easier for anyone to continue painting for an extended period and the design of it allows you to use just about any kind of oil or water-based paints and stains, increasing versatility. What’s more, the canister holds 27 ounces at a time so you spend less downtime trying to fill it back up and continue on with your task. When it comes time to clean it you’ll have a brush already included to help with the process.

Things we like:

  • Can spray oil or water-based paints
  • Canister holds 27 ounces
  • Lightweight and ergonomic handle
  • Low amount of overspray
  • Spray options from 1” to 6” wide
  • 2-year warranty

Things we don’t like:

  • No screen to straining paint
  • Paint can clog the nozzle and needs to be cleaned out during use
  • Requires thinning of some paints to use

Graco Magnum 257025 Project Painter

The Graco Magnum 257025 comes with the spray gun, a DuraFlex hose, pump armor and a spray tip so you’re ready to go as soon as you unpack it (and hook it up to some paint of course). When it comes to setting up the paint, however, you’re actually off to a great start because you just put the hose in your 1- or 5-gallon paint bucket and that’s it, just spray for easier use. The pressure is adjustable with a simple knob so you can get the right paint flow without having to take a lot of time.

When you’re done, the painting you can hook up your water hose to the system and it will get rid of all the paint for you, which cuts down on the time you need to spend. If for whatever reason, the nozzle gets jammed, you can reverse the nozzle and get rid of blockages that easy. With this system, you can have up to 50 feet of hose total (it comes with 25 feet) to reach higher areas without needing a ladder or additional tools.

What we like:

  • Includes storage compartments
  • Can be cleaned with a garden hose attachment
  • Supports up to 50 feet of hose
  • Hook carries sprayer and paint together
  • Lightweight unit for easy transportation
  • Very low amount of overspray

What we don’t like:

  • Low horsepower motor
  • Not ideal with unthinned heavy paints
  •  Can produce some wasted paint

Wagner 0529010 FLEXiO

The Wagner 0529010 comes with the sprayer itself as well as two nozzles and cups that make it more flexible for different projects. It has a detail nozzle that helps with small projects so there’s less risk of overspray and it can use unthinned latex or oil-based paints, as well as stains and urethane, which increases versatility. There are also several different adjustment options for the spray style to get even coverage wherever you need it.

This unit is lightweight, which makes it easy to carry with you, and quiet, which means you don’t have to worry about your family or the neighbors hearing it. It has an X-Boost Turbine, which produces more power and allows for faster spray as well as heavier paints and products based on your air pressure preference. It’s a fun process to use this sprayer for any purpose because it’s so simple to take it out of the box, add your paint and get started.

Things we like:

  • Quick and easy process to spray
  • Works with all types of paints and stains
  • Several power settings
  • Angled spraying capabilities
  • Easy to clean with water-based paints
  • Split gun design allows quick nozzle change

Things we don’t like:

  • Can be heavy when fully loaded
  • Can overspray around the area
  • Requires a little practice to get used to

Features to Consider

You want to make sure you can consider all the most important factors before you pick out any specific sprayer and that means looking at more than just the airless options (even if you think you’re already set on one). Once you take a look at each of these things, you’ll be able to choose a sprayer that’s going to help you with the project you have now and any you might have in the future.

Airless vs. Air Sprayers

There are actually two different main categories for sprayers, which are airless and air sprayers. An airless sprayer connects to a power outlet and uses electricity to spray the paint. This is done with a piston that pressurizes the material and then uses a small nozzle. It uses high pressure as well as the tight aspect of the process to atomize the paint so it sprays on the way you want.

On the other hand, an air sprayer uses an air compressor to atomize the paint and then push it through a slightly larger nozzle. An airless sprayer is primarily designed for larger projects that are mostly flat, like walls or siding. This type of sprayer is generally considered a substitute for a paint roller. It has a transfer rate of about 50%, has more power (approximately 1,700 psi) and works better for high volume work.

In fact, it’s able to spray as much as 2 gallons of paint per minute, so you’ll be able to get the job done a whole lot faster and get back to other things. Furthermore, it handles additional coatings more easily than air sprayers, plus it works for coarse grind paints and more.

Of course, these are not quite as versatile, though they can be more portable. An air sprayer is primarily used for more fine finishes or in areas where more precision is needed, like cabinets or even handrails. In general, it’s considered a substitution for a paintbrush. It has a transfer rate of up to 90%, which means that it’s even more efficient, though it only gets 10 PSI at the nozzle.

You’ll get some fine aspects and a second control knob that will help to regulate the airflow, which helps you get even more control over what you’re doing, plus it gets you less overspray. When you’re done it’s going to look a little better because the paint is more uniform and the pieces are finer than with an airless sprayer.

Spray Distance

The distance that you’re able to stand away from the object you’re spraying and still get a good balance of paint is definitely going to be important. You don’t want to stand too far away but you also don’t want to be too close because you could get too much overspray.

In general, an airless gun shouldn’t be closer than 12–14 inches from the surface while air sprayer guns should be held at least 6–8 inches from the surface. Some sprayers will let you get further away than this, however, and those that are for large projects might let you be even a foot or more away.

Types of Paint

There are a number of different types of paint out there that include oil-based and water-based paints. With several different types of sprayers (both air and airless), you may even be able to use stains or urethanes. The more products you can use with the sprayer you have the fewer tools you’re actually going to need.

That means you can save a bit when it comes to money and you can get every job you want to be done more quickly. You just empty the canister, clean out the system and then you’ll be able to load a completely different type of paint and get started again.

Canister Size

The size of the container that you’re going to be able to fill is also going to be important for your overall project. You don’t want to spend a whole lot of time refilling the canister so you can continue on with your task. With some systems, you have an actual container that connects and holds several ounces of paint.

With others you may be able to connect a hose directly into the paint can and finish larger projects. Depending on the type of project you’re working on, you’ll be able to finish the project before you run out of paint even once.

Wrap Up

When it comes down to it you’ll want the best of the best, right? You want something that you can count on and that will help you get the job done quickly and easily. With any of these tools, you’re going to have that because they all have great aspects. If you’re really looking for the top choice, however, you’ll want to look at the Tacklife SGP15AC Advanced Electric Spray Gun again because it really checks all the boxes.

With this tool, not only will you get everything you need to get started right out of the box, you’ll also get a decent length power cord, a good spray distance, and a good price to balance it all out. One really nice aspect of this tool is that it’s actually priced really good as well, which means you’re not going to break the budget if you decide to pick one up for yourself.

For those who want a little less time spent filling up a canister, you can also take a look at Graco Magnum 262800 X5 Airless Paint Sprayer, which lets you put the hose directly into the paint bucket.

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