21 Brilliant but Simple Chalk Paint Furniture Ideas

People are putting chalk paint on just about everything!

I've got to admit, I like the flat finish it gives to a surface and the ability to write on it just means that you can really add some imagination to different pieces of furniture and even walls around your house.

Here is a list of 21 different chalk paint furniture ideas from some of the best DIY'ers out there.

If available, I've included a link to their site where you can find the original tutorial and/or see more pictures of their work. ​

#1 Coffee Table

Jessica has a plethora of chalk painted furniture ideas. Check them out here.

#2 Jewelry Box Makeover

jewelry box

Lily made over this cool-looking jewelry box and made it so beautiful with chalk paint. See her instructions here.

#3 Vintage High Chair Makeover

high chair makeover

Summer and Jen had a ball making over this high chair with chalk paint. What a cool color too. See how to make it here.

#4 Artful Apothecary Redo

Turn this....​

apothecary before

Into this...

after apothecary

​Amy Vowles took her mom's dvd case and turned it into this amazing apothecary piece. See how she used chalk paint to make this over. See tutorial.

#5 Couch Makeover


couch before


after couch

Tamara had no idea you could paint cloth furniture! What in the world? Paint and furniture...not a good idea, especially with kids in the house. However, this is the latest, greatest idea to make over your old, dingy furniture. We know it works because Tamara did it. Check out how she did it.

#6 Chalkboard Coffee Table

chalkboard coffee table

Jess' favorite part about her new table, is that when her friends come over, they can leave doodles and notes on her actual table. See how she turned this old table into fun! Instructions here.

#7 Folding Chair Command Center

folding chair command center

This is a cool idea because you won't lose the function of the chair, and the ideas for this are versatile. Anu painted the underside of this chair and has many suggestions for how to use this command center. Check out how she did it here.

#8 File Cabinet Makeover

file cabinet makeover

Haeley decided to take this old, worn-out file cabinet and reuse it for storing her craft items. She gives us full instructions here.

#9 Chalk Painted Bed

chalk painted bed

Kelly found a 1960's bed for $30 at a yard sale and decided to take a crack at using chalk paint to redo this bed after she caught her son chewing on his bed. Check out how she did it here.

#10 Cozy Gray Chair

cozy gray chair

Liz Marie had a sudden desire to paint something in her house gray. She remembered she had this old chair in her basement, so she wiped off the cob webs and went to work. See the instructions here.

#11 Chalk Paint Piano

chalk paint piano

Taking an old, ordinary piano and turning it into this masterpiece, Leigh Ann has decided to show us how to do it here. 

#12 Chalk Paint Night Stand/Side Table

night stand

Kelly's son needed a new look for his nigh stands because the old ones just didn't go with her decor in the new home. She decided to use chalk paint to make them over. See how she did it here.

#13 Table and Chairs

table and chairs

Carol loves to find a good buy, and this is one of them. She does a lot of furniture makeovers, but this one is super classy. See instructions here.

#14 Weathered Gray Cabinet

gray cabinet

Eric and Stacy took a day and had what they call "Furniture Refresh Day". Be sure to check out the before on this one. See tutorial here.

#15 Chalk Paint Thrift Store Chairs

thrift store chairs before/after

Ashley and Ami found these nasty chairs for $4 at a junk store. They took them and made them beautiful with chalk paint. See how they did it.

#16 Ombre Dresser

ombre dresser

Kristin wanted to make this cool dresser for her daughter's "big-girl" room. She really made this one well! See the instructions here.

#17 Coffee Table Bench

bench coffee table

Ashley Turner made this adorable bench and put it in the master bedroom. Cool idea! See instructions for building and painting it.

#18 Mid-Century Modern Chairs

mid century modern chairs

Annie Sloan is the "home of chalk paint". See how to turn these mid-century chairs into modern masterpieces. View tutorial.

#19 End Table

end table

Jennifer Davenport up-cycles furniture and refinishes furniture for others. She has satisfied many clients with her work, and this table was no different. Check out the tutorial here.

#20 Numbered Nautical Dresser

nautical dresser

Krista took an ordinary dresser and turned it into this cool thing! This would go great in a nautically-themed bedroom. See how she did it.

#21 Chalk Bedframe


Kadee Willow has some amazing bed designs on her site. Check out these here.

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