The Ultimate Guide For DIY Painted Furniture

Looking for a way to give older furniture a makeover? This ultimate list of painted furniture ideas is sure to give you some inspiration.


1. Weathered Style Makeover

Weathered Style Makeover

Snazzy Little Things provides a 3-step tutorial on how to make your own weathered style furniture. This is awesome and you will be able to weather so many pieces of furniture. Try it.


2. DIY Suitcase Style Dresser

DIY Suitcase Style Dresser

Girl in the Garage shares how she made a stunning dresser look like stacked suitcases. It’s gorgeous and fun! See full tutorial here.


3. Distressed Pink Entertainment Center

Distressed Pink Entertainment Center

Ana White shows how she created a painted pink entertainment center. She distressed it and it was finished in only 5 steps! See how she did it.


4. Denim Style Dresser

Denim Style Dresser

Sweet Pickins updated a dresser with a painted denim look. It is so awesome! Try this cool look out yourself.


5. Beautiful Painted Cabinet Makeover

Beautiful Painted Cabinet Makeover

Anastasia Vintage shows how she took a plain old cabinet and gave in an updated look. You can’t go wrong with gray, especially if it is weathered. Give it a try.


6. DIY Painted Chair Makeover

DIY Painted Chair Makeover

Giani Granite shares how they took an old and ugly fabric chair and gave it a huge face-lift. They painted it and it looks brand new! See full tutorial here.


7. Chalk Paint Dresser

Chalk Paint Dresser

In My Own Style updated a beautiful dresser with chalk paint. I love how smooth and gorgeous the finish is. Check it out.


8. DIY Painted Bed

DIY Painted Bed

The Lily Pad Cottage was inspired to update the paint on her son’s bed when she caught him in the act of chewing on it! She knew this would be a good time to give it a makeover. It turned out great!


9. Ombre Dresser Makeover

Ombre Dresser Makeover

Kristin at Project Nursery shares how she changed an old dresser into this beautiful work of art. The ombre style is so pretty and can transform any room. Try it.


10. Mod Podge Side Table

Mod Podge Side Table

Love Charles Vintage shows how they took a old side table and added some paint and images to create a beautiful new piece. These easy makeover with mod podge completely transformed it. See how.  


11. Cool Chair Makeover

Cool Chair Makeover

Fox Hollow Cottage gives a detailed tutorial on how they took a drab chair and made it fabulous! All you need is some paint, time and a few other supplies. Give it a try.


12. DIY Painted Coffee Table

DIY Painted Coffee Table

Shanty 2 Chic shows how they made a DIY coffee table and painted it with chalk paint for their master bedroom. I love the look of the chalk paint and the style of the coffee table. How they did it.


13. Distressed Nautical Style Dresser

Distressed Nautical Style Dresser

The Happy Housie wanted a dresser for her son so he wasn’t throwing his dirty clothes on the floor. They went with a distressed look and a nautical theme. It turned out awesome!


14. DIY Decoupage Coffee Table

DIY Decoupage Coffee Table

Mr. Kate found an old coffee table on the side of the road and wanted to spruce it up. It is so stylish and fun! See how it was made.  


15. Farmhouse Style Table

Farmhouse Style Table

Christy at Our Southern Home shares how she wanted to make a 2-toned farmhouse style coffee table. She nailed it with this beauty! Give it a try yourself.


16. Painted Chair Makeover

Painted Chair Makeover

Reinvented chose to do a makeover on one of her older chairs. This was so easy and was only one step. Check out how she did it.


17. DIY Dresser Makeover

DIY Dresser Makeover

The Lily Pad Cottage shares how she updated a dresser for a her neighbor. Now it has a cute cottage feel and her neighbor loves it. Make your own.

18. DIY Beautiful Painted Shelf

DIY Beautiful Painted Shelf

The Craft Queen had a shelf that was ready to be thrown out when she decided to turn it into a beautiful piece of furniture. This fast and easy process turned out awesome. How she did it.


19. Dry Brush Painted Table

Dry Brush Painted Table

Design Sponge shares their technique on how to make stylish dry brush style paint on furniture. It looks so fantastic. Try this technique.

20. Stylish DIY Painted Dresser


Craving Some Creativity got a great deal on an old dresser and decided to spice it up. After painting it, it turned out fantastic. See how they completed this project. 

21. DIY Gorgeous Blue Antique Dresser

DIY Gorgeous Blue Antique Dresser

Knot Too Shabby out did themselves with this amazing antique piece of furniture. I love the color and style of this dresser. Make your own. 

22. DIY Painted End Table

DIY Painted End Table

Practically Functional shows how they transformed this Ikea side table into a painted work of art. This end table turned out so awesome. Give it a shot. 

23. Painted And Jeweled Dresser Makeover

Painted And Jeweled Dresser Makeover

How to Nest For Less updated this dresser with fresh paint and some jewels. The best part is that you can customize paint color to fit your needs. Paint your own dresser. 

24. Chalk Paint Dresser Makeover

Chalk Paint Dresser Makeover

Nicole at The Inspired Hive shares how they gave a plain dresser an awesome makeover. The purple and gray look so cool together. See how she did it. 

25. Stylish Dresser Remodel

Stylish Dresser Remodel

Live Love DIY was given a dresser and they wanted to give it a big upgrade. They did such an awesome job. It’s stylish a timeless piece now. Full tutorial here. 

Never throw out an old piece of furniture because it is ugly. Give it new life with some paint! I hope you have been inspired to try a new DIY project soon.


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