Best Orbital Sanders For the Money

Best Orbital Sanders For the Money

​One of my favorite DIY projects to do is building custom furniture from pieces of scrap wood. From coffee tables to desks, the possibilities of your DIY efforts are seemingly endless. These projects are a great way to get compliments from your friends, too. Building furniture yourself allows for a lot of customization. It allows

Product Roundup_ The Absolute Best Drill Bits for Steel

The Best Drill Bits for Steel – Comparisons & Reviews

​If you’ve never had the pleasure of doing so, drilling through steel can be an absolutely nightmarish chore – even with the best drill and best steel drill bits in the world. And if you don’t have the right bits? You can absolutely forget about it. Just this past week I went to install a

The Top Four Wood ChipperShredders

The Best Wood Chipper/Shredders For The Money

​Keeping your yard looking neat usually means creating an awful lot of yard waste that’s not always easy to dispose of. Often there are restrictions on putting yard waste in with your regular trash, which means you’ll have to rent a separate yard waste container. This is usually a good solution, right up until the

Best Electric Chainsaws

Best Electric Chainsaws For The Money – Comparisons & Reviews

​When I mention the word “chainsaw” you probably conjure up an image of a rumbly 2-stroke engine with that familiar buzz as it revs up to full throttle. There’s no doubt that this familiar image of the gas chainsaw is deeply embedded in us and hard to uproot. You probably didn’t imagine the whine of

Best Palm Sanders

Best Palm Sanders For The Money – Comparisons & Reviews

​If you are involved in DIY in any serious capacity at some point you will need to sand something. Whether it’s refinishing an old porch swing or taking on something you found on Pinterest, at some point it’s gonna happen. Some people dread sanding and it’s easy to see why. It’s tedious, it’s time consuming,

Electric Log Splitters

Best Electric Log Splitter For Homeowners Reviewed

​There is something deeply primal about the act of splitting logs with a maul. The hefting of the handle high over your head and slamming it down to the satisfying crack of a log being blasted in two. It’s not only a great workout and stress relief, but there is a sense of having dominance

Best Dusk Mask Reviewed

Best Dust Mask For Woodworking – Complete Guide & Reviews

​ If you’re anything like me – you aren’t a big fan of wearing a dust mask. I’m a sweater, so wearing a mask always makes me sweat even worse by trapping in all my hot air and it just makes me super uncomfortable. So you may be wondering, do I even need a dust mask when

best planer

The Best Woodworking Planer For The Money – Comparisons & Reviews

In this article, we’ve hand-selected the best woodworking planer in both the portable and benchtop varieties. When we were picking out the best woodworking planers,  we focused on four key areas: Price Reputation Durability Overall performance In short, we are here to help you determine the best woodworking planer for the money. Depending on what

Best Worm Drive Saw

Best Worm Drive Saw For the Money – Comparisons & Reviews

While the standard or ‘sidewinder’ saw is what most people think of when they think of a circular saw, the worm drive saw is another handheld circular that’s a little larger and heavier, but delivers more power overall. The internal gearing and location of the motor on a worm drive saw (behind the blade as opposed

Best Backpack Blower

Best Backpack Blower for the Money – Comparisons & Reviews

There’s nothing more frustrating than having debris, leaves, or grass clippings litter your lawn or driveway. Removing these items with a rake can take hours. It will also take quite the toll on your back. Talk to a tool expert in minutes, 24/7 Talk to a tool expert in minutes, 24/7 First NameContinue 16,216,105 questions