Hatchet vs Axe

Hatchet vs Axe: Is There a Difference?

Many believe that hatchets and axes are different names for the same tool. However, hatchets and axes are two very different tools. They’re used for various workloads and different things. Don’t get me wrong, they do have similarities, but they also have their differences. The primary differences between hatchets and axes are in their appearance

How to Choose a Belt Sander

Sanding, rough finish polishing, and grinding can be incredibly painstaking tasks and unfortunately, you usually have to do them in many woodworking projects. The good news is, there’s a power tool that does almost all of the work for you! It’s incredibly easy to use, as well. If you’re working with wood, steel, laminate, or

best woodworking tools

Best DIY Woodworking Tools

Picking the best tool for your DIY woodworking endeavor can be overwhelming—the market is full of woodworking tools for every project you could imagine. Instead, save time and money on your tools for woodwork with our list below—these are the only necessary woodworking tools that need to feature in your workshop. Woodwork Tools You Need

best spray paint for plastic

Best Spray Paint for Plastic?

It can be a lot trickier to spray paint plastic than most other surfaces. Many spray paints aren’t good at sticking to plastic and will chip, peel, or scrape away resulting in a much worse problem than you started out with. There are some specific spray paints that are best suited for these surfaces, and

The Top 8 Hardware Stores for Woodworkers and DIYers

The Top 8 Hardware Stores for Woodworkers and DIYers

It doesn’t matter if you’re a DIYer, an amateur, or a professional craftsman, hardware stores are the go-to place to find a variety of your needs for projects. Hardware stores sell hardware for home improvement purposes, some of the things you can find include building materials, power tools, plumbing supplies, electrical supplies, paint, lawn and

best woodworking tools

Woodworking Tools 101: The Beginner’s Guide

So, your inner Hank Hill or Tim the Tool Man is itching to build something new. That’s fantastic news, but where do you begin? How do you turn that bookshelf idea on Pinterest into reality? The answer is simple: Every carpenter needs the right woodworking power tools. Without the best woodworking tools, your project ideas

best woodworking tools

The 14 Best Woodworking Tools for Beginners

If you are looking to get involved with woodworking, you probably have a lot of questions about what types of tools you will need to get started. A skilled woodworker uses a lot of different tools. It is easy to feel overwhelmed at first, but you can find tool categories where tools are broken down