The Best Impact Driver Bit Sets

When working on large projects you’ll want to bring along your trusty impact driver. It’s honestly a critical tool. Unfortunately, the same thing can be said about impact driver bits; if you don’t use the proper impact bits, you can damage your project and even your impact driver. With all of that being said, you

How To Use a Drill Bit Sharpener

How To Use A Drill Bit Sharpener

If your drill seems like it’s taking longer and longer to bore holes lately, it’s probably an issue with your drill bits. If you notice that you’re unable to drill even into wood without making smoke or squealing shrieks, then your bits are going dull. A new set of drill bits can be pricey, and

best drill bit size chart

Bite-Size Guide: Best Drill Bit Size Chart

Having the right drill bits on hand is critical, whether you’re a weekend warrior, or a professional carpenter or contractor. Considering the sheer volume of different bits on the market, this is easier said than done, and it gets even more complicated once you realize that not all measurements correspond to standard bit sizes. Today,

best left handed drill bit

Best Left Handed Drill Bit Sets

We’ve all been there before: You’re pushing through a project, making good progress and picking up steam when you strip a screw or snap a bolt. Few things can bring your work to a standstill quite like this can. If you don’t have the right tools to remove the broken fastener, you’re really up the

Product Roundup_ The Absolute Best Drill Bits for Steel

The Best Drill Bits for Steel – Comparisons & Reviews

 ​If you’ve never had the pleasure of doing so, drilling through steel can be an absolutely nightmarish chore – even with the best drill and best steel drill bits in the world. And if you don’t have the right bits? You can absolutely forget about it. Just this past week I went to install a new trailer