How to Cut Foam Board

how to cut foam board

Cutting a foam board can be a risky affair if you lack the necessary tools and technical know-how. You need to be as careful as possible since the tools used here could cause some severe lacerations. Don’t ignore the importance of proper set-up either, as it also plays a massive role in determining whether you’ll … Read more

Joint Compound vs Spackle: Understanding the Differences and Applications

Stepping into the world of wall repair can seem overwhelming. The multitude of materials available, including joint compound and spackle, can really challenge anyone not intimately familiar with the lingo. But don’t fret, we’re here to unfold the mystery and simplify this journey for you. This guide will walk you through the essentials of both … Read more

Can You Cut Aluminum with a Table Saw?

can you cut aluminum with a table saw

The best table saw is designed with the purpose of cutting wood in mind, but that doesn’t mean it has to stop at only cutting wood. Along with all sorts of wood, it can cut various types of plexiglass, PVC piping, styrofoam, and cardboard. But what about more durable materials like metals? The question is: … Read more

Does Table Saw RPM Matter?

does table saw rpm matter

If you’re researching table saw reviews because you’re looking to add one to your workshop, then you already know that there is a lot to consider. Does table saw RPM matter? The RPM of a table saw is not often talked about when citing reasons to buy or not to buy a saw. That’s what … Read more

Can You Cut Tile With a Table Saw?

can you cut tile with a table saw

A powerful table saw can cut through hardwoods with seemingly little effort. It seems only logical that it would be able to cut through a variety of other difficult to cut materials. So, can you cut tile with a table saw?  It is not recommended to cut tile with a table saw but it is possible. … Read more

Table Saw Horsepower: How Much is Enough?

table saw horsepower how much is enough

When you’re thinking of buying a saw, the statistics that need to be considered can be completely overwhelming. Amps, volts, dimensions, blade size… It is not the easiest decision. One of the statistics most often used to make a decision is table saw horsepower.  For most applications, 1.75 horsepower is plenty of power, but you may … Read more

How to Cut Wood Slices with a Chainsaw

how to cut wood slices with a chainsaw

Right now, one of the trendiest home DIY projects is to use flat-cut logs and other wood slices for coasters, tabletops, supports, decorations, and so much more. When it comes to actually cutting these wooden discs, your mind probably doesn’t immediately jump to a chainsaw as your tool of choice. But a chainsaw actually makes it easy … Read more

How to Dull a Glossy Finish

how to dull a glossy finish

Any woodworker deals with the problem of how to dull a glossy finish at least once in their career. Perhaps you sprayed a finish that was glossier than expected, or maybe you purchased a piece of high gloss furniture at a garage sale that would look much better if it wasn’t so highly polished. While achieving … Read more