Best Makita Miter Saw: Our Top Picks

Makita makes several different models of miter saws including corded and battery operated models, but if you’re looking for a small, portable miter saw that has many of the features of a larger one, then you might want to consider the Makita Miter 10-inch saw.

One of the great things about Makita is that they offer a variety of saw stands, specialized parts, and accessories like crown molding stoppers and dust bags. By providing these accessories, the Makita miter saw might be the only miter saw you need.

Let’s compare the 10-inch models Makita sells.

Makita Miter Saw LS1014

This is not a saw for professionals. But if you want a beginner miter saw for household carpentry, consider the LS1014. It has the essential features you expect in a miter saw.

Things we liked

  • Shaft lock for easy blade change
  • Miter cuts 0- 45 degrees on left and 0-52 on the right
  • Bevel Cuts up to 45 degrees on left and 27.3 on right
  • 15-amp motor with 4,600 rpm

And my favorite

  • 27.3 pounds—perfect for the weekend DYI project. Why lug around a miter saw that weights twice as much for a small project?

Things we didn’t like:

  • It is a corded model, however. Depending on where you place it, this can be a problem. If you plan to install it permanently on a bench, then you don’t have to worry about the cord. Doing that means you lose the main advantage of this model—its 27.3 pounds.
best makita miter saw

Bottom line: A solid, inexpensive model for a beginner or a homeowner needing a miter saw for an occasional weekend job.

Makita Miter Saw LS 1018 10″ Dual Slide

It doesn’t take much to see that this model is a step up from the LS 1016. Still corded, so same disadvantage there. Weight is 43.7 pounds—nearly 15 additional pounds.

But you are carrying around these things that we liked

  • Miter cuts are now 0-47 on left and 0-60 degrees on right
  • Cuts up to 12 inches at 90 and 8 ½ at 45 degrees
  • Bevel cuts are now 45 degrees on both right and left
  • 13 amp motor, with 4,300 rpm
  • Sliding rails for better accuracy as well

Things we didn’t like

  • Lack of portability again
  • Rpm is not higher that the lower-priced model
best makita miter saw

Bottom Line: If you find yourself in your workshop several times a month, you definitely want to pick this model over the 1014. A common reaction to this saw is from people who have never been able to make perfectly square cuts until they used the LS 1018

Makita Miter Saw LS1019L 10″ Dual-Bevel

This miter saw is a major step up from previous models. Along with the usual features in the other two Makita miter saws, we liked

  • The cutting capacity of a 12 inch saw due to its
  • Increased cutting capacity of 5 ¼ inch because of the way the gearbox is engineered
  • Accuracy of cuts is increased because of the built-in laser

And our favorite

  • Single slide-guide operation lets you put this miter against the wall

Things we didn’t like

  • Weight. It is listed light on weight, but at 57.9 pounds, there’s nothing light about it
  • Price seems a little high for an upgrade that is still not portable
best makita miter saw

Bottom Line: If you need a miter saw to do custom work and you feel the extra price will be offset by the quality of work that you need, then this model is for you. Also, the ability to put the miter against the wall is a nice feature, especially if you plan to use it on a work bench that is not as deep as others. Here’s a good YouTube reviewer bragging about it.

Makita Miter Saw XSL06Z 10″ Cordless

Looking for 4,400 rpm without the cord? If you want a Makita-quality miter saw, and you want to cut the cord, look no further. This is a professional-grade saw with all the features of the LS1019L, including laser, increased cutting capacity, 12-inch cutting capacity, and more.

Things we liked

  • It had all the features of the LS1019L at a similar price point

Things we didn’t like

  • The cost of batteries. They will add a couple of hundred dollars to the price
  • The weight. Over 70 pounds. There’s a price for that portability, and it might be on your back
best makita miter saw

However, if you have already invested in other Makita products that have large capacity batteries, then this is not a deal-breaker.

Bottom Line: Like the high-end corded model, this product is an excellent choice for those who need an extremely accurate machine.

Makita Saw Tables

Boy, does Makita make accessories. You have one of three saw tables to choose from—WST06, WST05, and the WST01N.

At first glance, the WST01N seems like a basic model—lighter and no flexibility with height. However, if you are looking for a table that can hold 500 pounds, then this one would be the one to buy.

There aren’t any major differences between the WST06 and 05. Both can hold 220 pounds, have spring loaded mechanisms, and are similar in size. The main difference is in the number of height adjustments—the 05 model has 2 while the 06 has 5.

Even though the WST01N can hold more weight, it does not hold the miter saw as securely. And with the amount of money you invested in the tool, you want a stand that will hold it securely. Are you looking for a stand made by DeWalt? Check out, DeWalt Miter Saw Stand DWX726. If you want to find the best miter saw stand overall check out, The Best Miter Saw Stand

Why Makita tools?

Makita’s tools were originally designed for professional-grade work and sold as such. However, with an eye towards improving its market share, Makita began to design and sell tools aimed for the home handyman. Makita products are considered professional-grade tools for the non-professional.

The company has pioneered several innovations. In 1969, Makita created the 6500D, the first-ever rechargeable power tool—a portable drill. It was not entirely cordless—the component that held the rechargeable battery was attached to the drill. Still, it meant increased portability.

By 1978, Makita introduced a drill that was truly portable. Professionals no longer had to drag long cords behind them when they needed to drill.

If you want to see pictures of these drills follow this link. You can also find a YouTube video about the company’s history here. Makita drills even made it into outer space. Here’s a video showing astronauts “using” it on the Space Station.

Final Thoughts

I like the 10-inch models. The way Makita has designed them to be able to do the work of 12- inch models means the Makita will fit into places the larger machines won’t. Makita has a mind-numbing number of accessories to go with its tools.

Although Makita does not have the market share it once did due to the growth of manufacturers like DeWalt and Ryobi, that’s due more to price than quality. And when investing several hundred dollars in a tool, I would rather pay a little extra for that quality. Are you looking for brand-specific guides on miter saws? Check out, DWS709 vs DWS779: Head to Head with Two of DeWalt’s Best Miter Saws, and Best Bosch Miter Saw: See Our Top 3 Picks.

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