The Best Miter Saw Stand For Any Miter Saw

A miter saw is one of the most useful tools you can have in your garage, and it’s critical that you have one on hand for many types of woodworking jobs, including molding and finish work. If you do work outside of your shop, a quality miter saw stand is something you’ll need to have at the ready.

But, with many different stands on the market, each with plenty of bells and whistles, it can be difficult to determine which stand is going to help you get your work done, and which is going to cause nothing but headaches.

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Today, we’re going to take a look at five of the best stands on the market, and give you some helpful tips for shopping for your stand in our best miter saw stand showdown.

Top Five Miter Saw Stands

DEWALT Miter Saw Stand With Wheels (DWX726), YellowDeWalt DWX726
  • $94.00
BORA Portamate PM-4000 - Heavy Duty Folding Miter Saw Stand with Quick Attach Tool...BORA PM-4000
  • from $23.99
Toughbuilt 124' Miter Saw Stand Universal Tool MountsToughbuilt TB-S550
  • $23.27
Bosch Portable Gravity-Rise Wheeled Miter Saw Stand T4BTOP RATEDBosch T4B
  • $94.00
WEN MSA750 750 Lb Capacity Miter Saw StandWEN MSA750
  • from $23.99

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These five stands are among the most popular and trusted models on the market, and each one would make a good addition to your workshop.

DeWalt DWX726

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The DWX726 from DeWalt is one of the most popular miter saw stands on the market, and when you consider all of the helpful features it has, it’s easy to see why.

The space-saving design folds down to a 60” by 17” footprint, making it easy to pack into your van, truck, or the corner of your workshop. When in use, the stand measures 98” long by 32.5” wide and offers adjustable infeed and outfeed support for up to 8’ of material support, which is more than enough support for even the biggest of jobs.

This stand also features three-position pneumatic assisted raising and lowering, so you’ll be able to adjust the height of your stand for specific jobs or the preferences of different users. Adjustable mounting rails ensure compatibility with any miter saw.

This stand weighs in at a manageable 67 pounds and can support up to 300 pounds between the saw and materials thanks to its durable tubular steel construction. Wide treaded tires make it easy to transport the table anywhere it needs to go, and when it’s time to close up shop, the entire stand can be folded away with one hand.

The DWX726 is backed by DeWalt’s three-year warranty that also includes one year of free service.

What We Like

  • Easy to use and set up
  • Very stable
  • Strong warranty

What Could Be Better

  • Weight capacity could be higher

BORA PM-4000

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The PM-4000 from BORA is a saw stand to take a closer look at if you’re looking for a quality miter saw stand that isn’t going to break the bank.

This folding stand is incredibly compact and folds down to 43 ½” by 20” when not in use. It weighs in at only 30 pounds without a saw, and thanks to its durable tubular steel construction, it can accommodate saws and materials up to 500 pounds.

When it’s time to set the stand-up, it’s as simple as folding out the legs, placing the support pins through the legs, and adding your saw. The quick-mount attachments make it easy to install your saw in a matter of seconds. This stand also offers plenty of material support, and the adjustable 13” support T’s can handle up to ten feet of material.

While this stand doesn’t include wheels, BORA has an available accessory kit that allows you to add wheels to the stand to make it even easier to maneuver throughout the job site.

This stand features a working height of 36”, which is ideal for most people, but it may feel a bit short for taller users.

What We Like

  • Affordable
  • Easy to set up
  • High capacity

What Could Be Better

  • Height isn’t adjustable

Toughbuilt TB-S550

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For a portable miter stand that’s considerably cheaper than the most popular models from DeWalt and Bosch, look no further than the TB-S550 from Toughbuilt.

This stand measures in at 61.5” long by 24.5” wide when it’s folded up, and 127.5” long by 27.5” wide when it’s set up. It weighs in a bit lighter than most comparable stands at about 55 pounds. The material supports provide support for up to 124” of material, and you can adjust the working weight between 34 and 38 inches.

As long as your miter saw has bolt holes in the base, you’ll be able to use it with the TB-S550. The quick-release tool mounts make it easy to add or remove your saw quickly and easily.

This saw stand is also easy to maneuver and features quick-release leg locks that allow you to collapse the stand and wheel it to the next job with very little effort. The wheels are large, and the tires are flat-proof, so you’ll be able to traverse any terrain without worrying about the tires going flat.

Should something go wrong with your stand, Toughbuilt stands behind it with an industry-leading limited lifetime warranty.

What We Like

  • Easy to use
  • Affordable
  • Industry-leading warranty

What Could Be Better

  • Not as well built as some leading models

Bosch T4B

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Perhaps the most popular portable miter saw stand of all, the T4B from Bosch is a top of the line model that offers plenty of handy performance features geared towards professional woodworkers.

The Bosch Gravity Rise system makes this stand one of the easiest to set up, break down, or adjust. Large 8” pneumatic wheels with heavy treads make it easy to move the T4B from job site to job site, even when dealing with uneven terrain.

While this stand features an incredible 18 feet of material support, it manages to maintain a relatively small footprint — the stand measures in at 48.5” tall by 51.5” long (103” fully extended) and 27.5” wide. It’s heavy, at nearly 90 pounds, but between the Gravity-Rise system and the large pneumatic wheels, it’s surprisingly easy to maneuver around the job site.

Rapid-release tool mounts are almost universally compatible with any miter saw, and they allow you to install or remove your saw quickly and easily.

One of the standout features of the T4B is its telescoping leveling leg, which provides you with a perfectly level work area, even on uneven terrain, which is an amazing feature to have, especially if you work outdoors with your saw.

While this stand only comes with a short one-year warranty, the stand itself features higher build quality than almost all competitors, and despite the short warranty, it’s still the preferred stand of many professional contractors and craftspeople.

What We Like

  • Gravity-Rise system makes this the easiest stand to set up and break down
  • Leveling leg for added stability
  • Tons of material support

What Could Be Better

  • Expensive
  • Mediocre warranty


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If you’re looking for an affordable, no-frills stand that’s still well built and durable, the MSA750 from WEN is one to take a closer look at.

This basic stand supports a whopping 750 pounds, and it supports material up to ten feet in length with its extendable support arms.

The heavy-duty powder coated frame breaks down quickly and easily, and since the support arms are also removable, this stand has a tiny footprint when it’s stored. When it’s time to set the stand up, just fold the legs out and lock them in place for a stable workspace.

With its large weight capacity and support for up to ten feet of material, this stand is ideal for professionals who are trying to avoid spending $300 on a top-of-the-line stand. Since it’s backed by a two-year warranty, you’ll also have peace of mind knowing you’re covered should something go wrong.

What We Like

  • Large capacity
  • Easy to set up
  • Small footprint when folded

What Could Be Better

  • Not as widely compatible as other tables

Owning the best miter saw stand is a key accessory for carpenters or any carpentry job. Miter saw stands offer a great level of stability and support, making it easier to work with a miter saw and manipulate the material without restriction. Some stands are portable and can fold down for easy transportation, allowing one to handle projects on the road. Other miter saw stand models can be heavy and they work best on large construction projects.

DEWALT Miter Saw Stand, Heavy Duty with Miter Saw Mounting Brackets

The Heavy Duty, DeWalt Miter Saw Stand has a right out of the box factory setup that has square and angle indents which are very accurate and very smooth operation. You can use it in places when you need that 45-degree angled cut to be just perfect. The DeWalt Miter Saw Stand has strong suction which is both powerful and easy to use with board holders that  extend out to each side. This is an all in one, sturdy, accurate, that is lightweight, long-lasting, and like all DeWalt tools, it’s contractor grade and most important, it’s American made.

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Ryobi Miter Saw Stand

With the Ryobi Miter Saw Stand, there is no compromise between portability and heavy duty. It’s fairly easy to fold up and move around but at the same time its heavy enough that it doesn’t move around when you are using the stand, which could prove to be dangerous! The miter saw stand has all the adjustments you might need. A stand that is lightweight, highly portable, easy to store, solid as a rock, stable, and is well designed for managing long pieces. The Ryobi Miter Saw Stand is well designed stand that is well made, and easy to set-up and take down.


This is from the Owners manual: “The Ryobi Saw Stand will accommodate many miter saws. However, it should never be used on any miter saw with a blade diameter larger than 12 in.”. So take care when using!

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Rigid Miter Saw Stand

The Rigid  Universal Mobile Miter Saw Stand with Mounting Braces is a miter saw stand that is compatible with most common miter saws and the utility vehicle sets up in seconds. There is a gravity rise miter stand that works excellently each and every time. The weight and portability of the miter saw stand are perfect and it rolls over large steps with ease. The Rigid Miter Saw Stand is a very well thought out design with the end user end mind.

The Rigid stand features an upright folding design for easy storage, set-up and break down. There is one pedal to step on and lift the rail, and opening isn’t difficult but does require both hands and a moderate push down to get the saw stand to lock open. As mentioned previously, there are large wheels are great for rolling over lawn. This is not a small miter saw stand but it is very sturdy and has nice features like the supports to hold longer pieces of wood in place. This is an excellent stand for homeowners.


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Miter Saw Stand Buying Guide

Whether you opt for one of the stands we just covered above, or you decide to go with a different stand altogether, there are some important features to look for and considerations to make before purchasing.

Types of Miter Saw Stands

Before we dive into the features you may want to look for in a stand, let’s first identify and discuss the different types of stands you’ll find on the market.

Traditional Stand

While traditional miter saw stands seem to be going the way of the dinosaur, they’re still the preferred stand for many old-school woodworkers who like their tried and true design.

A traditional miter saw stand is essentially just a workbench. Most models include two sawhorses with a heavy wooden plank for the work surface. These stands are exceptionally sturdy, and they’re usually large enough to provide additional storage for other tools.

However, they’re extremely heavy, and for this reason, they aren’t practical for anyone who will ever need to transport their miter saw to different job sites.

Rail Stand

One of the most popular types of stands, a rail miter saw stand features pull out legs that are attached to a horizontal rail. Each leg features a crossbar to improve the stability and load-bearing capability of the stand.

Most rail stands also have extensions on either side which provide a significantly larger work surface, which is bound to come in handy on larger projects.

While these stands may be a bit cumbersome to work with when you’re transporting them and setting them up, the fact that they’re lightweight, stable, and affordable making them a strong choice for your next miter saw stand, especially if you won’t be transporting your saw very often.

Table Top Stand

As the name entails, these stands feature a wide tabletop which you bolt your miter saw to. While they’re similar in design to a rail stand, the fact that the saw must be bolted down to the table makes them less portable than a rail stand.

Wheeled Folding Stands

One of the newest and most popular styles are the wheeled folding variety.

These stands feature a sturdy and durable table portion with folding legs on either end. On one side, large wheels similar to a dolly are attached to the saw stand.

One of the major selling points for these stands is they can be operated with one hand. All you need to do is release the catch on the saw stand, and with one hand you can fold the saw stand up, and wheel it to where it needs to be.

While these stands are among the most expensive, they’re also the easiest to use and most portable, which makes them ideal for professionals, and anyone else who needs their saw to go where they go.

Factors to Consider

Before you decide on your next stand, you’ll want to evaluate each stand you look at based on the factors below. Some of these may be critical for you, while others you may feel comfortable overlooking.

Based on how important these factors are to you, it will be easier for you to narrow the field and decide on the best miter saw stand for your needs.


This is a major factor, especially if you’re a professional, or if you’re known to many of your friends as “the guy with the tools.”

Even if you don’t work with wood for a living, or spend much of your free time helping your buddies with their projects, you may still want to be able to move your saw from place to place around your workshop or home.

If you plan on moving your saw around, even occasionally, you’ll want to select a saw stand that’s portable and easy to relocate.


Arguably the most important factor to consider is how stable the saw is. A saw table that isn’t particularly stable will result in a lack of precision on your cuts, and more importantly, it could create dangerous working conditions.

If your saw table shakes, wobbles, or buckles during use, chances are it’s not only dangerous, but it will result in poor quality work that you won’t be happy with. Before you move on to evaluating other factors that are important to you, make sure the table is stable.


This factor ties into stability a bit, but it’s worth considering on its own. Not all saw tables are going to be large or sturdy enough to handle every saw. You may find that the saw you own is too large or powerful to be compatible with a particular stand.

Always make sure that the saw table you’re choosing will accommodate your saw, as well as any material you’ll be working with.


Another key consideration is how durable the stand is. A miter saw stand is something you should only need to buy once or twice in your lifetime, so it’s important that the stand you’re selecting is built to stand the test of time.

Less durable stands that degrade over time will end up causing stability and safety issues in the future, so always try and go with the most durable and well-built stand possible.

Ease of Use

Finally, you’ll want to ensure that the stand you select is going to be easy to use. This is particularly important if you’re looking for a portable stand.

Try and find a stand with a one-handed release mechanism that’s easy to fold away for storage or travel. If possible watch a video of how to assemble the saw table before you buy it or visit a store that has a floor model you can tinker with to make sure it’s easy to work with.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can’t I Just Make My Own Stand?

A: You certainly could, but it’s something I usually caution against. It’s critical that every component of your stand is properly measured and cut. Otherwise, you’ll have stability issues that affect the integrity and safety of the saw.

Many times, people who embark on building a stand decide they’ll be better off with a stand from a store halfway through building their own table, which is a waste of time and money. In most cases, it’s better to go with the pros instead of building your own.

Q: Is A Miter Saw Stand Necessary

If you already have a workbench with plenty of extra space, you may be able to avoid buying a miter saw stand altogether. But, considering that many people need a stand that’s portable or one that can adjust up or down depending on the user, most people use a dedicated stand for their miter saw.

Q: Which Type Of Stand Is Best For Me?

Depending on the type of work you do, you may find one style is better suited for you than other styles. If you need to be able to move your saw to different places in your shop, or other job sites, you’ll probably want a wheeled table that’s easy to transport.

Or, if your saw will stay in one place permanently, you may find that a traditional saw stand or a rail stand is best for you.

Final Verdict

While each of the stands we covered above represents great choices, and one may fit your needs better than the rest, we can only crown one winner as the best miter saw stand.

That honor goes to the Bosch T4B portable miter saw stand. While it is on the pricier side for a miter saw stand, it offers the widest array of features, it’s the easiest to use, and the most portable stand of all the options we’ve covered.

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The T4B stand is ideal for serious DIYers, especially those who lend a helping hand with their tools now and again and need a saw stand that’s portable. Contractors and other woodworking professionals are sure to appreciate how easy this saw is to maneuver from job site to job site.

The addition of the leveling leg helps make this the most stable saw stand available, which scores additional points in our book.

If you’re not quite ready to commit to a more expensive stand like the T4B, we recommend taking a closer look at the Toughbuilt TB-S550 as it’s considerably cheaper, while still offering similar functionality and value.


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