25 Influential DIY Experts Reveal Their Favorite Project

There are so many excellent DIY bloggers out there.

Many of them have posted dozens and even hundreds of tutorials and ideas over the years about ways to fix up your home, repurpose furniture, and even fun crafts and projects you can do with your kids

We thought it would be fun to ask some of the most creative DIY'ers this question:

"What's your favorite DIY project of all time?"

Here's what they said (in no particular order): 

1. Instagram Wall Art

Instagram wall art - DIY project

Rachel Smith at The Crafted Life is a big fan of Instagram. When she discovered how easy and cheap it was to turn her favorite photos from Instagram into wall art, she decided to share it on her blog. Click here to see this tutorial.

2. DIY Platter Shelves

platter rack

Tracie at Cleverly Inspired said that these platter racks she built have always been one of her favorites because they are an easy repurpose and they are super functional. Click here to see the project. 

3. Frame Your Bathroom Mirror

how to frame your bathroom mirror

Stephanie from Somewhat Simple discovered that she could turn a plain, unframed mirror into a much more finished looking project, even when those little plastic clips were in the way! Here's how she did it.

​4. Rustic Office Shelves

Rustic Shelves DIY Project

Stacy Risenmay said "I built a lot of our furniture before I had a blog so I would have to go with my office shelves. Not because of the difficulty level, but because after all these years I still love them. The secret drawers are so handy for paperwork and even though I have redecorated my office, they still look good with the new decor."​

I think we can all agree that these shelves look amazing. Here's how to make them and here's what Stacy's office looks like today.

5. Bedroom Dresser Overhaul

painted dresser

Katie Gaines had a hard time picking a favorite project (one person told me picking their favorite project is like picking a favorite kid). However, she narrowed it down to her $30 paint makeover she did in her bedroom, which included the dresser shown above. Click here to see all the pictures.

6. ​Spill Proof Dog Bowl

spill proof dog bowl

Barb of Rural Mom said "As an eco-minded gal, I love projects that include recycling or upcycling common objects in a unique way. My favorite recent project was turning a used car tire into a much-needed solution as a spill-proof dog bowl for our Great Pyrenees." Click here to see the tutorial. 

7. DIY Compost Bin

DIY compost bin

Jess at Practically Functional said this project is by far her favorite - a composting bin that helps her keep a thriving garden year after year. Click here to see how to build it.

8. Shiplap Closet Door Refinish​

Jess from Bright Green Door said that doing this French Closet Door refinish was her top project, and if you see the before pictures you'll quickly realize why. It's pretty amazing - click here to check it out. 

9. Crate & Barrel Inspired Bench

Modern DIY Bench

Amy from DIY Candy was inspired by a $999 modern bench from Crate & Barrel and decided to make one that looks almost identical for about $60. Interested? Click here to see how it's done.

10. Refreshed Kitchen Cabinet Project​

Repainted kitchen cabinets

Diane at In My Own Style recently repainted here outdated kitchen cabinets, and will soon reveal the final photos on her blog. This is another before/after you need to see to believe, so if you're looking for tips on refinishing your own cabinets, click here. 

11. Shabby Cabinet Restoration​

Cabinet restoration

Claire put ​a lot of time into this beautiful cabinet restoration project. Click here to see exactly how she did it. 

12. Smart Tile Backsplash​

Easy backsplash tiles

Dawn at Cheap is the New Classy discovered that peel and stick tiles can look amazing as a kitchen backsplash. Click here to see the overhaul. 

13. Bathroom Wall Mount Sink​

DIY Vanity

Jamie at That's My Letter said "I’m especially proud because the sink was a curbside find and I worked it into our master bathroom renovation and then in order to make the sink completely functional I had to build the vanity portion. Well worth all the effort and it’s a daily reminder of that diy spirit that we all cherish." Click here to see how she did it. 

14. DIY Concrete Table​

Concrete table

​The talented folks over at LiaGriffith.com shared this concrete tabletop as their favorite (and most popular) DIY project. See the full step by step tutorial here.

15. ​Man Cave Home Office

man cave home office

Kristi and Kelli over at LollyJane.com said this man cave home office is a personal favorite because it's the first one they did 98% on their own. "From floor install to hanging shelves and creating a sliding barn door, it was a fun makeover!"​ Click here to see how they did it. 

16. Shutter Cabinet​

Shutter cabinet

Joan at Scavenger Chic has a thing for repurposing old shutters... in this case she took an old shutter and turned it into a cupboard/cabinet door. See how you can do the same here.

17. Repurposed Kids Play Hutch​

kids play hutch

Dinah from DIY Inspired told us that her favorite project was a kids play kitchen that she created for her daughters. "It is a compilation of garage sale, dumpster, and thrift store finds that I put together to make a set. I made two hutches and refurbished a table and chairs." Click here to see what this hutch looked like before she started. 

18. DIY Outdoor Bench

DIY outdoor table

Nancy at Artsy Chicks Rule used wood from an old deck they tore down and built this amazing outdoor table. Click here to see the tutorial

19. ​Kitchen Light Fixture

Kitchen Salad bowl light

Sarah at Ugly Duckling House gave me 2 options to pick from for her favorite project - the time she rented a backhoe and filled in a sinkhole in her backyard and this DIY kitchen light. "It's my favorite just because of the materials I used to make it (a wooden bun foot? a salad bowl?). I loved the result!"​ Click here to see the project.

20. ​Fun Storage Containers

Storage Containers

Rachel at Handmade Charlotte said these little crafty DIY storage boxes (with moving faces) can be picked up from your local Michaels, Hobby Lobby, etc. and assembled at home. Click here to see more DIY projects from Handmade Charlotte.​

21. ​Floor Rug From Scratch


Brittni at Paper & Stitch made a large scale DIY rug from scratch, and while she admits this is far from a quick DIY, it's definitely worth it in the end. See how to make your own here.​

22. ​No Sew Dog Bed

New Sew Dog Bed

Alicia, the DIY Dog Mom shared this no sew, faux fur dog bed project that your pets are sure to love. Click here to check out the project. 

23. ​DIY Kitchen Rebuild

how I rebuilt my kitchen

Brittany at prettyhandygirl.com had a clear favorite - her complete kitchen rebuild that she tackled herself. If you want to see it all the way down to the studs and back, click here.

24. Dresser Turned Vanity​

dresser turned into vanity

​Jami at An Oregon Cottage finishes our list with a pretty amazing repurpose job. She took an old dresser from Salvation Army and turned into this rather striking vanity. Click here to see more.

25. Faux Stack Fireplace Cover​

Faux fireplace cover

Emily at LiaGriffith.com picked this faux fireplace wood stack because "It hides an unsightly black hole through most of the year and is easily removed when it's time to cozy up in front of a roaring fire. It was so simple to make by sawing lengths of birch wood into discs then glueing those to a board that was cut to fit the space. Simple!" Click here to see the tutorial.

Wrap Up​

I don't know about you, but I'm feeling inspired! Click here to see more DIY project ideas.

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