Build A Vegetable Garden That’s Not Awful

Build a raised garden
In today’s post, we’re going to show you how you can make vegetables a manly thing.

That’s right.

Manly vegetables.

The thing is, the best vegetable gardens actually need some power tools, like the best circular saw at the beginning.


Because a raised garden bed will perform much better than a typical in-ground garden. Here are some of the many reasons why building your own raised garden makes sense:

Raised Garden Bed

Be honest; have you planted a vegetable garden that failed miserably?

If so, you’re not alone.

The solution could be as simple as building your own raised garden beds. The benefits of raised garden beds are many, as shown in the infographic above. (See full infographic on Visually)

If you are looking to build a raised garden on a low budget, check out our guide to building a garden from free pallets.

Here are just a few benefits of raised beds which could just save your garden next year:

  • Soil is more loose and less compact, meaning drainage and water flow are better
  • A variety of plants and vegetables can thrive in raised beds.
  • Reaching weeds and harvesting is so much easier because they are higher, and generally easier to reach.
  • Easily mix soil appropriately with topsoil and organic materials
  • The bed itself can be built out of all kinds of things, from concrete to wood. Whatever works for you!

If you need more resources and information on raised beds, check these out:

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Finally, if you are tomato fan then you’ll love this. Watch how to grow the maximum amount of tomatoes from your limited garden space:

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