119 Raised Garden Bed Ideas

If you’re an avid gardener, chances are you’ve heard of raised gardens. Unlike garden planters, these gardens have open bottoms and a plethora of benefits both for you and the plants.

Whether you’re motivated by aesthetics or your green thumb, this guide should help inform and inspire you as you build (or buy) you own raised garden.

Why build a raised garden?

There are plenty of reasons you might need or want a raised garden. We’ve gone over a few of the most common reasons people build them.

Soil Conditions

If the soil in you area is sandy, hard, or clay-like, you might have trouble growing certain types of plants or any plants at all. In that case, having a raised garden allows you to create the perfect soil conditions for whatever you’re growing.

Plus, if you are trying to get into micro-farming or are interested in growing a variety of plants, you can have multiple sections or just multiple gardens with different soil conditions to optimize growth.

Kids, Pets, and Pests

Let’s face it, there are plenty of things that crawl on the ground that we don’t want in our gardens. Children and pets pulling up unripe veggies or bugs and weeds chomping and choking out plants before they’ve had time to grow is not ideal. Having a raised garden can help mitigate these issues.

Plant Health

Having a raised garden extends your growing season by allowing your soil to get warmer sooner and stay warm longer. That means you can grow more delicate varieties of plants, like seedlings and transplants.

Additionally, raised gardens help promote root health. Because you can achieve optimal soil conditions, plants will grow deeper and stronger roots as they search for water. Plus, there’s better drainage in raised gardens than most pots and some soil, so you won’t need to worry much about rotting roots.


If the above reasons haven’t convinced you, then perhaps this will. Having a raised garden is often better for the gardener too.

Not only does it make plant maintenance more manageable (for the reasons listed above) it also gives your back a break. First, you will not have to bend over as far, and second if your garden is built well, you’ll be able to sit on the edge as you do your weeding.

How to Build a Basic Raised Garden

One great thing about this project is that it can pretty easily adapt to any budget. Below, we’ll give you the breakdown for how to build a simple raised garden. However, the materials and method can easily be altered to suit your individual tastes.

Here’s what you’ll need for a basic raised garden:

  • Durable, high-quality hardwood of choice
    • Try oak, cedar, or redwood.
    • The length depends on how big you want the garden to be.
    • We recommend getting wood that’s 2″ thick and 8-12″ wide.
  • Shovel
  • Drill and Screws (3 1/2 inch deck screws should work fine)
  • Newspaper
  • Soil and Compost

The first thing you’ll need to do is prep. Clear and level the area where you want to build your garden and stop by your local hardware store to have your wood cut to size. You should have two pairs of boards with equal lengths.

Next, mark where you want to put your screws, making sure to account for the soil you’ll be adding when deciding how many to use. Pre-drill the holes; then, fasten the boards together at the corners.

Now that your frame is assembled, line the bottom of the box with a few layers of newspaper. This will suffocate any pesky grass or weeds left behind before breaking down and feeding into the soil.

Once you’ve finished layering up the bottom, it’s time for the soil. Try to make a dark, rich mixture of about 50-60% topsoil and 40-50% compost.

That’s it! You’re ready to plant.


Now that you know the basics, you can experiment with different materials, heights, shapes, etc. As long as your garden is open to the ground, you’re good to go. Try using cinder blocks, thicker or thinner wood, or even corner posts. You can also try adding a bench to the side or other fun decorations.

Below, we have 119 ideas to help you clarify your own vision and get started on this exciting project!

sleek medium wood gardens
round garden duo
working in raised garden
multiple raised gardens
rows of gardens tarps
wrapped corner garden with bench
butterfly garden decorations
low and high raised gardens
large high raised gardens
short greenery raised garden
polished wood garden box
blue plants raised gardens
small multicolored garden
polished garden with ivy
sectional low garden
long raised garden
mini farm long frame raised
low rectangular garden
weathered wood garden frame
four square raised gardens
dark soil low garden
plank path multiple gardens
railed raised garden
blue wood raised garden
sleek black wood framed gardens
tropical plant garden with sprinklers
rounded log garden
large deck area gardens
trough style garden
double layer frame and pots
wood and metal garden
farm style garden rows
blue arched sprinklers
purple flowers low gardens
shaded ivy gardens
low knotted wood thick
light light wood garden box
triangular prism over gargen
low single plank raised garden
square garden leafy plants
irregularly shaped gardens
brick frame for raised garden
stacked log garden frame
modern yellow bench maroon frame
irregular linked wood frame
simple plank and metal
low two plank garden
high linked wood garden
duo two plank gardens
two plank ivy garden
iron decorations
light wood corner corner post
weathered wood four plank
multi level garden
red wood raised garden
reverse side corner post
trough style with tropicals
labyrinth white frame
high white wood dark knots
farmhouse raised garden
immersive garden grey raised
negative space raised garden
wrapped corner raised garden
basket style garden railing
four sleek dark soil garden
red garden frame
simple wood raised garden
barbie pink raised garden
garden with accent potted plants
unstained trio gardens
long greenhouse gardens
varied wood frame
yellow raised gardens orange seating
multi level raised garden
grey and dark wood
light wood multiple gardens
empty long trough gardens
half wall raised deck garden
raised garden with feet
lipped raised garden
long garden dark corner post
black linked log garden
skirted raised garden
wood railing and stone frame
support beams in raised gardens
single plank long low garden
stepping stones around garden
concentric raised gardens
natural wood linked
miniature garden
tall raised garden with lip
unstained trio gardens
dark wood with stone ground
metal reinforments
blue corner posts and grating
blue corner posts
deck area of low gardens
corner cubes sectioned garden
three gardens and shovel
simple wood raised garden
triangle chevron raised gardens
watering can raised gardens
negative spacedeck garden
dirt and stone gardens
low single plank long garden
medium wood square wrapped gardens
light wood flower gardens
raised garden tree and ferns
high corner wood posts
clock style raised gardens
overflowing raised gardens
single massive square garden
stepped pyramid triangles garden
sqaure and rectangular gardens
building raised garden
separate boxed gardens
watering can and dark soil gardens
high wooden raised garden
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