Computer Desk Plans

15 Free DIY Computer Desk Plans You Can Build Today

Are you looking to build your own computer desk from scratch? These free DIY desk plans will give you everything you need to successfully build a computer desk for your office or any other space in your home?  Building a DIY computer desk is a beginner to intermediate woodworking project depending on the plan you

farmhouse table and dining set plans

Free Farmhouse Table Plans You’ll Love

Would you like a welcoming dining table that your family can gather around? Nothing quite beats the look of a farmhouse table for warmth and a cozy feel. You can allow the tabletop to show the grain of the wood for a traditional look or paint the entire surface to have a contemporary farmhouse table.

Best Router Table Plans

Best Router Table Plans

A router is a fantastic tool on its own even just used by hand. But did you know that with a cleverly designed table, you can use a router to do all sorts of creative work? You can mount a router to these neat tables to give you more access to working with the tool

Coffee Table Plans

The Top 10 Coffee Table Plans

In this post, we are going to focus on 10 coffee table plans to help you find the perfect coffee table. Doing so can be pretty overwhelming with all the types, and styles out there. There are modern coffee tables, rustic coffee tables, simple coffee tables, heavily detailed coffee tables, and so on. We have

Things You Can Build with 2X4's

21 Things You Can Build with 2X4’s

2X4’s can be found almost anywhere. They are dependable, sturdy and inexpensive. They are great for DIY’s and other projects because they can be cut down into smaller sizes or used as-is to things of all sizes. Here are 21 things you can build with 2X4’s. 1. Create Giant Jenga from 2X4’s Source Jenga is

Scrap Wood Projects

15 Easy Scrap Wood Projects

Does your scrap wood pile keep getting bigger? Do you not know what to do with it? Fortunately, there are tons of scrap wood projects out there are creative, fun, and useful. If you’re looking for wood projects you can do with your family take a look at quick wood projects you can do with

diy dining tables

25 Awe-Inspiring Dining Tables To Make Yourself

We all have to eat to survive! Why not enjoy your next meal at your new dining table that you made yourself. Check out these awesome ideas! 1. Make Your Own Farmhouse Dining Table Honeybear Lane shows you how easy it is to make your own farmhouse dining table. The best part is that it

diy end tables

27 Impressive DIY End Tables For Any Space

An easy way to update your decor is to add some beautiful end tables. There are so many options out there to choose from. The hardest part will be deciding which one you want to tackle first. 1. DIY Refurbished Table With Ceramic Tiles At Thrift Diving shows us how to take an older end table

DIY Coffee Table Ideas

16 DIY Coffee Table Ideas – With a Twist

When you think of a coffee table, you may have something traditional in mind, something that you had in your childhood home, and has matching end tables on either end of the family-room sofa. You won’t find anything like that here. These DIY coffee table ideas are sure to blow your mind and give you