Hitachi vs DeWalt Table Saw Showdown

A good table saw is an investment that can be worth its weight in gold provided you pick a good saw. But, with so many different manufacturers available, it can be challenging to decide which manufacturer makes the best tool for your needs.

Today, we’re going to take a closer look at two major manufacturers in the category, Hitachi and DeWalt, to determine which brand is best for you in our Hitachi vs DeWalt Table Saw showdown.

You may be asking yourself why you need a table saw in the first place. Virtually any cut you can make using a table saw, you can also make that same cut using a different tool, such as a track saw, miter saw, or router.

But, when it comes to repeatable accuracy, it’s virtually impossible to beat a table saw. Table saws are indispensable for tasks like sizing sheet goods, cutting accurate dados, stiles, and rails.

If you handle lots of cabinetry or finish work, a table saw can end up being the most essential tool in your shop, and it will help you produce cleaner and more accurate work than you’d be able to manage with another saw that’s capable of making similar cuts. If you’re looking for the best cabinet table saw, check out this link.

Brand History

When it comes to table saws, both Hitachi and Dewalt are two names you’re going to hear thrown around quite often. Let’s take a closer look at how these reputable power tool brands got their start.

When it comes to power tools, Hitachi may be the largest company that’s in the business. Initially incorporated in 1910, the Hitachi company began as a manufacturer of induction motors for mining purposes. The company continued to expand, and today they produce everything from washing machines to aircraft engines and complex defense systems.

In 1948, Hitachi launched an electric tool business which has continued to grow since then. Today, they manufacture a full line of electric power tools.

DeWalt has been around for nearly as long as Hitachi, and was first incorporated in 1923 by Raymond DeWalt, the inventor of the radial arm saw. The company has been manufacturing electric power tools for over 90 years, and today they produce some of the most well-reputed power tools on the market.

Who Are These Tools Best For?

Whether you decide to go with Hitachi or DeWalt, both manufacturers produce similar products that are designed for the same type of consumer.

The table saws they manufacture are ideal for novice or experienced craftspeople as well as professionals. DeWalt tends to be the choice of more professional carpenters and woodworkers as they manufacture a full line of different table saws across different price points.

Meanwhile, Hitachi doesn’t manufacture quite as many table saws so that some professionals may feel limited by their product assortment.

Hitachi vs DeWalt Table Saw Showdown

Now that we’ve covered some of the facts about these two companies let’s take a closer look at two of their most popular table saws, the Hitachi C10RJ, and the DeWalt DW745S.

Hitachi C10RJ

The C10RJ is Hitachi’s only table saw offering, and they did a great job packing this saw with useful features that are sure to come in handy.

This saw features a direct drive 15-amp 4,500 RPM motor which can make quick work of any material you’re working with, with plenty of power to spare. The C10RJ has a bevel range of 0 to 45-degrees, and it handles cuts up to 3 ⅛” at 0 degrees and 2 ¼” at 45 degrees.

The large working table top of this saw measures 28 ¾” by 22,” and it offers outfeed support up to 28 ¾” x 2”. The table also features a telescoping extension of 35” to the right and 22” to the left.

The stand folds flat, and the saw is outfitted with heavy-duty wheels, so you can transport the saw easily. That said, this saw weighs in at a whopping 96 pounds, so the wheels are a necessity. It comes with a two-year warranty from Hitachi, which adds peace of mind in the event something goes wrong.

What We Like

  • Powerful
  • Affordable
  • Easy to move
  • Large table

What Could Be Better

  • Mediocre warranty
  • Very heavy


DeWalt DW745S

The DW745S is one of DeWalt’s most popular and affordable table saw options. This saw includes many of the cutting-edge features that are also available on DeWalt’s top-of-the-line professional saws.

This saw is slightly less powerful than the Hitachi above, and it features a 15-amp 3,850 RPM motor, which is still large enough to handle virtually anything you can throw at it. It also has a bevel range of 0 to 45 degrees. It can handle cuts up to 3 ⅛” at 0-degrees and 2 ¼” at 45-degrees, just like the Hitachi.

The table is smaller, and measures at 22” by 16” which is considerably smaller than the Hitachi above, it also doesn’t feature the telescoping extension that the Hitachi has.

The DW745S is especially portable, and weighs in at only 45 pounds, less than half the weight of the Hitachi saw. The stand folds flat, and the saw can be wheeled to wherever you need it with little effort.

This saw comes equipped with a 3-year warranty, which is a bit better than the two years offered by Hitachi.

What We Like

  • Affordable
  • Compact and easy to move
  • Strong warranty

What Could Be Better

  • Small capacity with no table extensions

Picking a Winner

When it comes to picking a winner in our Hitachi vs DeWalt table saw showdown, both saws perform well and have unique strengths and weaknesses.

The Hitachi saw provides a bit more power and a substantially larger working area than the DeWalt saw. Meanwhile, the DeWalt saw is far more portable, and includes a better warranty.

Keep in mind that while this is the only table saw Hitachi makes, DeWalt has several other models you may find are better suited to your needs.

If you’re looking for maximum capacity, power, and value, you may find that the Hitachi saw is a better fit for you. Meanwhile, if you’re looking for a portable saw that can handle anything you throw at it, the DeWalt may be more your speed (and you can save a bit of money in the process.) Who won this showdown? Let us know in the comments.

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