Husqvarna 460 Rancher Chainsaw Review

Sometimes we need a heavy-duty and versatile chainsaw that can tackle a variety of projects with ease and efficiency. There's nothing worse than spending hundreds of dollars on a saw, only to realize that it has limited application and utility.

I used to have a variety of different tools to handle the tasks that the Husqvarna Rancher can handle. Having a single tool, as opposed to lugging around multiple items, is incredibly convenient and makes projects easier to manage.

Quick Summary


Plenty of power for homeowners with land to care for. Very easy to start for a gas chainsaw, and won't vibrate like crazy - so can be used by people of all ages. It's a bit pricey, but the general consensus is that it's worth it.  

Things to Consider Before Buying a Chainsaw

With heavy duty chainsaws, there are a few things you want to take into consideration. Too often, people make choose a product for its price tag alone, only to be disappointed that it can't handle the jobs you need it to. Like most heavy-duty models, the Rancher saw is a gas-powered model that requires the standard oil and gas mixture for its fuel.

You want to make sure that the saw you choose has the power you need for the tasks at hand, so be sure to consider the horsepower and maximum power speed when choosing the saw that will work best for you.

You will also need to consider the cutting radius of the saw. Saws come in a variety of ranges in term of the width of cuts they can manage. A wider wide capability allows you to tackle the large projects such as felling mature trees.

Husqvarna Rancher Chainsaw

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Husqvarna is well known for making heavy-duty power tools that can handle even the toughest jobs. The Rancher chainsaw is a great option for those who have a variety of heavy-duty and extensive projects to tackle.

It is a bit more expensive than some of the competing gas-powered models, but it has a lot more power and offers a wider cutting radius than many other chainsaws in its class.

For people who have a variety of different jobs they plan to use their chainsaw for, this is a versatile saw. I appreciate that it has incredibly low vibration for a gas-powered model and it can manage even the toughest jobs.


  • 24” cutting width capability to handle large logs
  • 3.62 horsepower
  • Perfect beginner chainsaw


  • Hefty price tag
  • Louder than electric models

Features and Benefits

There are a number of features of the Rancher chainsaw that help to set it apart from other gas powered heavy duty models.

LowVib Technology

One of the biggest complaints about gas-powered chainsaws is that they tend to produce a lot of vibration during operation. Vibration not only helps reduce the accuracy and cleanness of the cuts you make, it can also wear you out.  The Rancher chainsaw has LowVib technology that is designed to minimize vibration, making it easier for you to wield without fatigue or error.

Adjustable Oil Pump

Anyone who is familiar with gas-powered chainsaws knows that they operate differently in different conditions and uses. The Rancher chainsaw has an adjustable oil pump; this allows you to moderate oil flow depending on the weather and the specific project you are trying to undertake.

Air Injection

Air filters are part and parcel to many power tools and they have an unfortunate tendency to get clogged. Clogged air filters require cleaning and it can reduce the output of the engine. It can be a hassle to constantly be taking the air filter apart and cleaning it, so Husqvarna included a centrifugal air cleaning system to its Rancher chainsaw. 

This helps to keep dust and debris from even reaching the air filter. This reduces the amount of clogging you will see and also means you don't have to clean it as often. A clear air filter means that the engine in the chainsaw functions optimally and helps to improve the life expectancy of the saw.

24" Cutting Ability

Husqvarna 20 Inch 460 Rancher Gas Chainsaw

With the Rancher chainsaw, you can tackle even large projects with the 24" width cutting ability. This makes it easy to fell even large trees or manage larger cutting projects.


This is a feature that helps reduce emissions levels often associated with heavy duty power tools. With the world's growing concern about emissions, environmental regulations continue to get stricter and stricter. This feature allows for a more fuel-efficient engine, thus reducing the amount of fuel you need to tackle various projects. 

It also reduces exhaust emissions, which reduces the amount of pollutants that it will put into the environment. This also cuts down on pesky fumes. In addition to emissions reductions, this engine offers a high level of torque over a wide range of RPMs. This provides enhanced versatility to the saw.

Powerful 3.62 HP Engine

This chainsaw has a powerful engine that gives it the power it needs to tackle almost anything you can throw at it.

Smart Start Technology

The Rancher chainsaw has a combined choke/stop control which makes it easier than ever to start a gas-powered chainsaw.

Ergonomic Design

You have to be able to successfully use the tool to get the most out of it. Husqvarna uses an ergonomic design to make the saw easier to hold and use.


XtremepowerUS 52cc Two-Stroke Chainsaw

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This is a powerful gas-powered chainsaw that has a lot of the features of the Rancher saw, but at a fraction of the price. While it does not have the power or cutting range that the Rancher offers, it does boasts a low-kickback bar for reduced vibration, a 22.5" cutting radius, and it is approved by the EPA as meeting federal emissions requirements.

Surpass 56.5cc Gas Chainsaw

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At an attractive price, this is another decent gas-powered, heavy-duty chainsaw that has many features comparable to the Rancher saw. It boasts special cooling features that help keep the engine cool and the saw operating at its optimal capacity. Approved by the EPA, this saw also boasts 3.3 HP, giving it a slight power advantage of the Husqvarna model.


Sometimes we need a versatile and powerful chainsaw that has the ability to cut through any number of different projects with ease. Too often, a lack of research leads us to buying something that only tackles some of the projects we need it to tackle, meaning we have to have more than one saw or tool for the jobs at hand.

With the Husqvarna Rancher chainsaw, you get low vibration, excellent power, easy maneuverability, and enhanced cutting ranges. This is a top-of-the-line saw that I recommend for anyone who wants one saw for all the projects you intend to use it for.

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