Hitachi vs. Bosch – How do Hitachi Combo Kits Compare to Bosch?

Okay, so where can you really go wrong with a combo tool kit? If you don’t get something with the right quality, perhaps, but with Hitachi and Bosch you won’t need to worry about that. Hitachi vs. Bosch Combo Kits is a fair comparison between two brands doing things the right way. 

Known for producing great power tools, such as compound miter saws, hammer drills and cordless drills with lithium-ion batteries, orbital sanders, fixed-base routers and more, these two companies will go head to head in this combo tools review.

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Hitachi KC10DFL2 12-Volt Peak Cordless Lithium Ion Driver Drill and Impact Driver...TOP RATEDHitachi KC10DFL2 12-Volt Peak Cordless Lithium Ion Driver Drill and Impact Driver Combo Kit (Lifetime Tool Warranty)
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Bosch Power Tools Drill Set - CLPK232A-181 – 18-Volt Cordless Drill Driver/Impact...Bosch Power Tools Drill Set - CLPK232A-181 – Two Cordless Drills Tool Kit– Includes Compact Drill, Hex Impact Driver, Lithium Batteries, 18V Charger, Contractor Bag For Professional Use, HVAC
  • $343.30
Hitachi KC18DGL 18-Volt Cordless Lithium Ion Driver Drill and Impact Driver Combo Kit...Hitachi KC18DGL 18-Volt Cordless Lithium Ion Driver Drill and Impact Driver Combo Kit (Lifetime Tool Warranty) (Discontinued by the Manufacturer)
  • $199.00

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Hitachi vs. Bosch: Brief Company History

When we go way back, we’ll find that Bosch is actually one of the oldest options for reputable tool brands. Started way back in 1886 (yes, that’s the 1800s), it began in the electrical engineering sphere and has continued to expand ever since. Now, over 130 years later, the company is making just about anything and everything. They’ve ventured into a whole bunch of different tools and components for your house, your vehicle, and anywhere else that can make your life easier.

​A company that’s a little younger but still very old, is Hitachi, which was founded back in 1910. Starting with the five-horsepower induction motor, Hitachi has now expanded into a variety of different electronics, tools and a whole lot more. You’re going to get great quality, long-lasting products that will definitely make sure you can get the job done.

Hitachi Combo Kit

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The Hitachi kit comes with three different tools including a driver drill, an impact driver, and a flashlight. You’ll also get the bits you need, two different batteries, and a charger that gives you quick charging capabilities. In fact, you’re able to get back to work in just 40 minutes with this charger. On top of that, you’re getting a lifetime warranty, which not a lot of companies actually offer and a bag to carry everything with you when you travel.

Bosch Combo Kit

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​The Bosch kit comes with a driver drill, impact driver, charger, and two batteries, plus a carrying case. If you have to travel anywhere and still need to work on any projects you’ll be able to do it easily. The warranty is short, at only one year, but you are going to get some great features to the tools themselves, including an 18-volt system that gives you a bit more power and capability overall.

Head to Head: Features and Benefits of Each Tool

Okay, we’ve figured out a little more about each of the tools, but what is it that’s really going to set them apart from one another? How do you know which one to go for?


You’re going to get a good amount of power with the Hitachi at 12 volts, but it’s not quite as strong or powerful as the Bosch we’ll get to in a minute. It gives you an impact driver with up to 955 in. lbs. of torque as well as a driver drill with 21 different torque settings.

It’s going to be a good amount of power and, for most purposes, that’s definitely going to be what you need.

The Bosch set actually provides you with 18 volts of power as well as an impact driver with up to 1,500 in. lbs. of torque and a driver drill with 600 in. lbs. of torque.

That means you’re definitely getting more power and you’re going to have absolutely no problem with just about anything you want to do.


You may actually be surprised at the pricing for either one of these tools because they’re both pretty great for that aspect.

They’re really close to the same price overall and they definitely come in toward the lower end of the price range for most tool sets like this. You’ll have plenty of quality for the price no matter which way you go as well.

Tool Options

Okay, so with the Hitachi set you’re getting three different tools, which are the impact driver, the driver drill, and the flashlight.

These three things are going to give you the versatility that you need for a number of different purposes and just about any kind of project.

You’ll also get the batteries you need to operate two of them at the same time (or get one charging while you use the other).

With the Bosch set, you’re going to have two tools, the impact driver, and the driver drill, but you’re not going to get a flashlight. It’s still going to give you a pretty great amount of versatility and flashlights aren’t that big of a deal to pick up somewhere else.

You’re still getting the two batteries, so you can use both of these tools at the same time or start the charging process right now and be ready when you need to swap out the battery.


With the Bosch system, different parts of the tools are warrantied a little differently. The tools themselves are actually backed by a 3-year warranty, which is enough that you know you’re getting decent quality and features.

You’re also going to get a 2-year battery warranty, which means the battery is also going to stick around for you with no problem at all. You’ll be able to call and get replacements or repairs within those warranty periods.

With Hitachi, you’re getting something even better. You’re actually going to get a lifetime warranty on the entire system, which means you know you’re getting something that you can rely on.

Not just any company will give you such an extensive warranty, so you know they have to be doing something right if they feel confident backing their products forever.

Wrap Up

All right, so where does that leave us? We believe that Hitachi is definitely delivering something superior with this system. They’re going to give you three tools instead of one.

They’re also giving you a lifetime warranty, which is rare for a lot of tool brands. Plus, you’re getting a decent amount of power (though not quite as much as the Bosch and you’re getting a slightly lower price.

If the power is important to you, though, you’re not going to pay much more to get that Bosch system.

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