DIY TV Stand – 11 Doable Plans

In this post, we are going to focus on doable DIY TV stand plans. The stands we’re about to cover are great because not only will you have a place to store your TV, you will also be able to store your entertainment and media. Creating a TV stand instead of buying one will save you money and allow you to get the perfect stand for you. Keep reading DIY TV stand – 11 doable plans to find the perfect tv stand plan for you!  

1. Farmhouse TV Stand and Media Center


This TV stand is more on the larger side. It’s a farmhouse style tv stand and media cabinet with shelving and storage. The doors on this are glass which allows you to display different pieces. The accents on this piece are black to add some character but you can change that up if you like. While the farmhouse style looks great if you like this plan but aren’t really into the farmhouse style, you can change it up to whatever style you like with the hardware. 

2. TV Stand with Sliding Doors


This DIY TV stand is another one on the smaller side. It has a very simplistic look but it is still a great piece to add to your space. It has sliding barn doors that allow you to change up the look. One day you can have closed shelving and another you can have open shelving. This piece is very customizable so feel free to get as creative as you like! 

3. Simple Farmhouse TV Stand


This DIY TV stand is another one of the more simplistic ones on this list. It has a very simplistic look but it is still a great piece to add to your space. This stand has open shelving that allows you to store your media and entertainment easily and allows you to access things easily. The stand has x-frames on the side to add some detail and it goes a really long way. 

4. Rustic TV Stand


This DIY TV stand is more on the compact size, which makes it great for smaller spaces. It’s a rustic style TV stand that includes open shelving, closed shelving, and storage. You can add little baskets if you like to keep everything more organized. As you can see from the picture it is very rustic looking. You can change things up if you want! If you don’t want it to look quite as worn you can just distress it less. You can achieve a sleeker look if you don’t distress it at all. 

5. Corner TV Stand 


Are you looking for a way to maximize space when creating a DIY TV stand? This corner TV stand will help you do just that. It is stylish and it has two long open shelves that allow you to store a variety of things. It also has decorative x’s on the sides to add some details. You can change the style of this with the finish. You can make it look rustic, contemporary, modern, etc.

6. Easy Beginner TV Stand


Are you a beginner woodworker? If so, this is a great project for a beginner to start with because it’s a simple stand that is easy to make. It looks great and you will be able to incorporate into any room, like a living room, rec room, or bedroom. It has a small area for storage and it has a simple X design on the sides. 

7. Small and Simplistic TV Stand 


This DIY TV stand is very compact and simple, which makes it great for smaller spaces like a dorm room. It’s a style that is a mix between rustic and modern, and it includes open shelving and storage. You have just enough space to store the necessary media and entertainment. You can change some things up if you want! If you want more color feel free to color the pipe legs or the wood itself.  

8. Tall TV Stand


Are you looking for a statement TV stand? This tall TV stand is just that. It is stylish and it has both opened and closed storage. Since this TV stand is tall you will be able to store things that you wouldn’t be able to in most TV stands like pillows, blankets, etc. It is very customizable, you can add intricate detailing or hardware, change the color, and more. This DIY TV stand is great for a room that’s awkwardly sized or shaped, this is because it takes away from the room. 

9. Basic TV Stand


Are you looking for a basic TV stand? If so, this DIY TV stand is a good choice. It has both open and closed storage that gives you the option to store movies, gaming consoles, gaming accessories, etc. This stand is a little hard to make due to shaping and having to build some drawers.

10. Pallett TV Stand


Are you looking for a stylish and budget-friendly TV stand? This TV stand is just that! It is very easy to make, all you need is a pallet, stain, and hairpin legs. This TV stand can fit in small spaces. There are two open storage spots that allow you to store the most necessary media and entertainment. 

11. Modern TV Stand


This simple TV stand has a lot of storage space underneath it for things like media, entertainment, and other accessories. This TV stand is on the larger side and is a great eye-catching piece. 

There is DIY TV stand- 11 doable plans! We hope that you were able to find a DIY TV stand plan that you can incorporate into your home. You saw a variety of styles like farmhouse, rustic, modern, etc. The great thing about this is you can create almost anything. Do you have a favorite from this list? We would love to hear your thoughts, please feel free to leave a comment.

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