27 Fun DIY Easter Decorations To Dress Up Your Home For The Holiday

Decorating for Easter can be a lot of fun. It’s even more fun when you make the decorations yourself. See some really fun Easter decorating ideas below.

1. Beautiful DIY Easter Centerpiece

Beautiful DIY Easter Centerpiece


Southern Living wanted to try a different centerpiece instead of the traditional style. This Easter centerpiece turned out so beautiful! See how they did it.

2. Easter Bunny Canvas

Easter Bunny Canvas

Amanda at Domestically Creative made an adorable Easter decoration with moss and canvas! This is a perfect DIY project for beginners. Give it a try.

3. DIY Wooden Block Bunnies

DIY Wooden Block Bunnies

Lisa at Food Fun Family was so excited for spring to come, so she made these DIY wooden bunnies. They turned out fantastic! See how she made them.

4. DIY Easter Mason Jars

DIY Easter Mason Jars

I Heart Naptime decorated some really cute DIY Easter themed mason jars. I love the pastel colors, It just screams spring! Full tutorial here.

5. Fun DIY Egg Poppers

Fun DIY Egg Poppers

Studio DIY got really creative and made some egg poppers similar to what they had as kids. This is so fun and I think kids of all ages would love this. Try it yourself.

6. Easy Rustic Easter Pallet

Easy Rustic Easter Pallet

Holly at Ribbons & Glue shares how she made a fantastic rustic Easter pallet. It has an adorable carrot that is perfect for spring! Make your own Easter pallet.


7. DIY Carrot Yard Ornaments

DIY Carrot Yard Ornaments

Instructables gives a great tutorial on how to make these really fun yard ornaments that look like carrots. They are easy to make and look fantastic! How they did it.


8. Make Your Own Simple Easter Baskets

Make Your Own Simple Easter Baskets

Hostess With The Mostess wanted to make Easter baskets that were both cute and easy. She came up with these baskets using terracotta pots. Try it out.


9. DIY Bunny Planter

DIY Bunny Planter

Craft-O-Maniac got inspiration to make this bunny planter from purple bunny treats she had. This planter is awesome and everyone will be impressed with your handy work! Check it out.


10. Spring Easter Wreath

Spring Easter Wreath

Dazzle While Frazzled made a unique Easter wreath out of terracotta pots. I love the look of the wreath with the succulents too. See tutorial here.


11. Burlap Table Runner

Burlap Table Runner

Kelly Elko made an awesome Easter table runner with adorable bunnies. This is a fantastic beginner DIY project. Give it a try!


12. Gorgeous DIY Easter Basket

Gorgeous DIY Easter Basket

Build-Basic shares how they took paint sticks and transformed them into a beautiful Easter basket. They added flowers to create a rustic look. See how they did it.

13. DIY Easter Egg Lights

DIY Easter Egg Lights

Creative Ramblings made some awesome string lights with some plastic eggs. They will add a festive touch to any space you hang them in. Full tutorial here.


14. Bunny Made With Reclaimed Wood

Bunny Made With Reclaimed Wood

My Recipe Confessions used reclaimed wood to make an adorable Easter bunny decoration. The wood is gorgeous and it turned out beautifully. See how to make your own.


15. Colorful DIY Easter Wreath

Colorful DIY Easter Wreath

Vanessa at Tried & True made a colorful rainbow with Easter marshmallow treats. It turned out awesome! The bright colors make it pop. Check out how she did it.

16. DIY Easter Themed Mason Jars

DIY Easter Themed Mason Jars

Linda at Mason Jar Crafts updated some mason jars with beautiful Easter pastel colors. They are a perfect spring decoration. Make your own.

17. Easy Bunny Sign

Easy Bunny Sign

Confessions of a Serial Do It Yourselfer created this rustic bunny crossing sign. They did a great job and it turned out so awesome! Do It Yourself. 

18. Simple Rustic Wood Bunnies

Simple Rustic Wood Bunnies

Kris at Creative Me Inspired You was excited to complete her very first wood project. These adorable bunnies turned out fantastic. They are cute and rustic. See how she did it. 

19. Stylish Easter Candle Holders

Stylish Easter Candle Holders

Two Sisters were inspired to make candle holders out of decorated plastic Easter eggs. This is a perfect beginner project. They are stylish and look great. Make some yourself. 

20. Framed DIY Easter Art

Framed DIY Easter Art

Crafts Unleashed share how they made this vibrant Easter framed artwork. I love the bright colors and the overall style. Try your hand at DIY. 

21. Awesome Easter Egg Heads

Awesome Easter Egg Heads

Bianca at A Little Delightful shares how she created these adorable egg shell faces that have plants for hair. These egg heads are so fun and a great decoration for Easter. See how she did it. 

22. DIY Easter Tree

DIY Easter Tree

Sand & Sisal was excited for spring and wanted to make something DIY for Easter that was light and beautiful. She nailed it with this Easter tree. Check it out. 

23. Make Your Own Decorative Egg

Make Your Own Decorative Egg

Simply Designing got inspired to make this fantastic giant egg decoration. This decorative egg will transform any space. Try making your own decorative egg. 

24. Easy Decorative Bunny Bread Board

Easy Decorative Bunny Bread Board

Tried & True made this adorable Easter bunny bread bored with a few simple supplies. The best part is it can totally be customized to fit your needs. Full tutorial here. 

25. Simple Rabbit Wreath

Simple Rabbit Wreath

Cheryl’s Blog shares how she transformed some grapevine wreaths into an adorable rabbit wreath. I love the look and you can change the colors depending on what you like. Give it a try. 

26. Simple DIY Easter Chalkboard

Simple DIY Easter Chalkboard

How To Nest For Less added some awesome Easter decorations to her foyer. She made this easy Easter chalkboard and it looks so fantastic! How she did it.  

27. DIY Decorated Birdhouse

DIY Decorated Birdhouse

Tonya at Love of Family and Home wanted to spruce up her mantle with some Easter decorations. She found a great deal on the pre-made birdhouses, so she decorated them. Find out how she did it here. 



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