The Ultimate List Of 31 DIY Christmas Ideas

It's the most wonderful time of the year! 

If you're one of those people who goes straight from Halloween to Christmas, then I think you'll really enjoy this list. 

We're putting together the ultimate list of DIY Christmas ideas.

I suppose some of these could function as gifts, but many are perfect for adding a little holiday cheer to your house (without spending a ton of money)

1. Rustic DIY Christmas Card Holder

This idea comes from and involves a couple 1x2's and some chicken wire, but the end result is spectacular. 

DIY Christmas Card Holder

2. DIY Burlap Christmas Bow

This bow is from and makes for a simple bow you can add to your front door and still get a fairly rustic feel, given the burlap fabric you'll use. ​

Christmas bow

3. DIY Pallet Christmas Tree

Jamie Roubinek provides the tutorial and inspiration for this tree shown below. ​ Anyway you slice it, a pallet Christmas tree is one of our favorite porch decorations for the holidays and it is very cheap to build

DIY pallet christmas tree

4. DIY Snowman Themed Front Door 

How cool is this? Could be used inside or outside... the inspiration and photo come from the creative stamper spot.​

Snowman Door DIY

5. DIY Lighted Christmas Garland

Like the bow earlier, this garland is also primarily made of burlap. Image and idea comes from​

christmas garland

6. Lighted Christmas Canvas Sign

Anytime I hear "Believe" around Christmas time, I think of Josh Groban and the Polar Express song... but maybe that's just me.

This lighted sign idea and tutorial can be found at​

Believe Sign

7. DIY Chalkboard Wrapping Paper

This is brilliant.

Looking for wrapping paper that doesn't need name tags and that stands out from the rest?

You've got to see this DIY from​

DIY Chalkboard Wrapping Paper

8. DIY Ugly (and disgusting) Christmas Sweater

Originally submitted by a Reddit user, I found this on the Mashable website and must say ​Rudolph throwing up candy canes on your sweater just might win you a contest for the worst sweater of all! 

DIY Ugly Christmas Sweater

9. DIY Birdseed Ornament

This tutorial comes from eHow and though it's cool and inexpensive, where I come from the birds are much further south by the time Christmas rolls around.

Nevertheless - if you have birds around your house in December, this could be a cool way to get them in on the holiday spirit! ​

DIY Birdseed Ornament

10. DIY Advent Calendar

Makoodle gets the credit for this very eye catching, DIY Advent calendar made out of 2 inch favor tins. Check out the tutorial here. ​

Advent Calendar DIY

11. Christmas Tree Made From A Paperback Book

This is an amazing looking table-top Christmas tree idea from Kayla Aimee. ​She gives a fantastic step by step tutorial as well. 

This will certainly have your guests talking. ​

Paper tree

12. DIY Stocking Holder From Reclaimed Wood

There are plenty of ways to do a DIY stocking holder, but we like this one from Beyond the Picket Fence. ​

It's easy to build, and still looks very cool. ​

DIY Reclaimed Wood Stocking Holder

13. DIY Christmas Mason Jar Crafts

These make for great party favors, or even just decorations to have on your mantle or pretty much anywhere else they fit.

Click here to see specifics on the elf version of this mason jar shown below from

DIY Mason Jar Christmas

14. DIY Wood Slice Ornaments is the source of the photo below, but these wood slice ​ornaments can be made with your own designs, or simply grab a circular saw and take a slice of previous years' Christmas trees and then turn them into ornaments with the year written on them. 

DIY wood slice ornament

15. DIY Cotton Ball Santa Beard

Here's a great little Christmas craft for the kids to join in on...

Everybody loves dressing up like Santa!

Check out for the full tutorial.​

DIY Santa Beard

16. Book Lover Christmas Tree

Don't feel like buying a tree?

How about stacking a bunch of your books in the shape of a tree?

That's exactly what The Family Sponge thought of. ​

Book Christmas Tree DIY

17. DIY Mason Jar Snow Globe

Heather from has an excellent tutorial on these Anthropologie inspired snow globes. ​

Christmas DIY Snow Globe

18. Tea Bag Tabletop Christmas Tree

This is one of those Christmas decorations that is technically functional for the tea lover, but nobody will want to pull that first tea bag off and mess up the perfect look...

Bonnie at is to thank for this clever idea.​

Tea Tree

19. DIY Christmas Air Freshener

The holidays have a particular smell, and pine is one of those "Christmas scents" that we all look forward to.

This recipe comes from Make Haus.​

Pine Scent

20. DIY Santa Claus Gift Tags

This actually aren't too difficult to do, and look amazing.

Via DIYReady​

Santa Gift Tags

21. DIY Pallet Snowman

Linda from Flea Market Gardening has several designs for this, including scarecrows and more fall-themed designs.

However, as you can see below, simply changing the paint colors and accents can turn this project into a snowman for your porch.

Click here to read the details.​

DIY Pallet Snowman

22. Pallet Christmas Presents

This is a pretty cool, versatile Christmas decoration from the Lou Lou Girls. ​

Click here to see the full tutorial, but I love the simplicity of using ribbon and different painting patterns to make something so stylish. 

DIY Christmas Presents

23. DIY Christmas Signs

These are simple and open for creativity, and come from the Wood Connection Blog.

Pallet Christmas Signs

24. Lighted Rustic Christmas Sign

The Kim Six Fix came up with this amazing addition to any Christmas-themed mantle. It's not too tough to do, and lets you open up your artistic side. ​

LIghted Christmas sign

25. Stenciled DIY Christmas Rug

Very cool way to Christmas-ize your boring welcome mat on your porch. Full tutorial on Twenty Something blog. ​

Christmas Rug

26. Reclaimed Wood Advent Calendar

Dear Lillie basically takes a pallet tree design and then turns it into a real conversation piece - a beautiful Advent calendar. ​

Click here to see the step by step. ​

Advent Calendar

27. Paper Christmas Light Garland

This is a really clever way to hang "lights" that don't need electricity. You get the festive effect by using colored paper and hanging it around the house.

Check out Stubbornly Crafty for the tutorial.

DIY Christmas Lights

28. DIY $5 Christmas Star

Little Bit Funky has the tutorial for this, and says you can do it in about 20 minutes! ​

Christmas Star

29. DIY Christmas Joy Sign

Spoonful of Imagination is the source of this tutorial. Since you are using sticks, it's a fantastic way to involve your kids in the project

DIY Christmas Sign

30. Gift Wrapped Door For Christmas

​Liz on Call has the tutorial for this Christmas door wrapping project. While this design is cool - you can definitely use some creativity with different ribbons and wrapping paper styles to match your house. 

Front Door Wrapped

31. DIY Christmas Hallway Lights

The kids will love this one - adding some Christmas lighting to set the mood in your hallway or other rooms throughout the house. Source: Nest of Posies​

Christmas Lights
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