107 Deck Design and Railing Ideas

If you have the luxury of having a large outdoor space or even a smaller one, chances are you’ll want to take full advantage of it. One way to do that is by installing or redoing your deck and railing.

With some thought and work, your deck could easily become your new favorite “room” of the house, especially when the weather is nice.


A deck is broadly classified as any flat outdoor surface capable of supporting weight. They are typically raised and are constructed using treated lumber, composite lumber, composite material, or aluminum.


Decks are differentiated from other outdoor spaces in that they are wood-based structures, as opposed to stone based like patios. Here are some of the more common construction materials:

  • Western red cedar
  • Ipê
  • Teak
  • Mahogany
  • Other hardwoods (generally sourced from tropical forests)
  • Recycled planks
  • Wood-plastic composites

As long as your material can hold weight and handle your weather, you should be good to go. However, it is usually best to seek advice from professionals before starting a project of this scale.

Some homeowners who don’t like the look of just stained wood, opt to paint their deck area to suit their desired aesthetic. So, don’t be afraid to experiment to achieve the look you want.

Also, keep in mind that you don’t have to install your flooring in the traditional, straight plank manner. You can employ a number of lay-styles including basket weave, herringbone, and pinwheel.


There are a number of difference deck design choices you can take advantage of depending on the size of your space and the shape of your home.

Some people create a wrap around deck to give their square footage a serious boost. Others with more limited space might use a deck in conjunction with a patio space to create levels to make their smaller backyard seem more spacious.

You can also use the levels idea to create intrigue and focal points for larger spaces by creating a lower area for something like a fire pit, dining area, or even a pool.

Additionally, you can build a deck onto the second floor of your home as well. If you have a garage, you may extend your second floor space by building a deck above it.


As far a decorating, the possibilities are endless. You can go for a staycation look with lots of drought resistant plant and bright colors. Or, you could opt for something more modern with unique flooring (like grey ipe wood) and cool neutrals. You could even go for something more mid-century modern or a country chic with the right pieces.

Remember to purchase decor items that are suitable for outdoor use. There are materials for rugs and furniture that are designed to resist fading and inclement weather, so keep an eye out for those and pass on some of the more delicate offerings.


Once you’ve constructed (or paid someone else to construct) your dream deck, the next step for many is to add deck railing. This can help give your deck a more complete look or simply make the space safer for children and pets, especially if it’s over very uneven ground, overlooking a body of water, or is on the second story of your home.


The main consideration when it comes to deck railing is selecting the material you’ll use to construct it. Many people make the erroneous assumption that the railing must match the decking. However, having contrasting materials often produces a much better result.

Wrought-iron paired with a classic looking wooden deck can improve both the aesthetic appeal of and visibility from your deck. For those going for a more sleek, modern look, you can opt for a glass or plastic railing that can either be framed or unframed. Unframed glass railing pairs great with stunning but slightly dangerous views such as lakes or mountains.

If you are really attached to the idea of a more traditional look, there’s nothing wrong with that! You can still add flair and keep things interesting by adding post caps, paint, latticework, or even lanterns to your wooden posts.

Below, we’ve included a set of 107 incredible deck design and railing idea pictures to inspire your decking overhaul.

multi level wood deck
metal chairs and railing
basket weave tiling
painted and stained wood deck
wood deck and dining
light wood with darker railing
grey wood bench
solid half wall and dining
double wood deck
extended wood deck white railing
light wood deck
open dark wood railing
inset deck pool
dark wood white umbrellas
medium wood varied railing
sliding deck classic raiing
small stone deck tarp cover
open deck bench railing
privacy wall deck table chairs
window railing and wood deck
raised deck bar stools bench
half deck half yard benches
inset pool dark wood white details
grey monochrome deck
deck pool grey wood
tight railing white dining
over water deck
deck around tree with pool
area rug and brown wicker
light wood white details
medium wood raised with plants
lounge chairs inset deck
white wood deck inset pool
black wood deck
small dark wood deck
deck sectional
balcony deck wood railing
split deck
side tables lounge chairs cement
raised wood deck metal chairs
open floorplan deck
wood deck metal rail
polisjed raised deck
gazebo and red umbrella
side deck with steps
dark wood deck furniture
rustic medium stain
dark deck white details
continuous plank open deck
layered deck orange hue
grey wood and sectional
multi level grey wood deck
covered modern and rustic deck
monochrome simple deck decor
corner privacy screen
double layered deck
double layered deck with stones
raised deck with wrapped benches
framed deck planks
open cover firepit deck
light and dark contrast deck
long navy sectional white details
half covered deck
polished dark wood blue grey
grey brick wall white furniture
white and wood deck furniture
polished dark wood open floorplan
inset pool simple furnishings
wood railing with steps
overhang ad wrapped bench
multi step medium wood
light stone gazebo and umbrella
wood loveseat and barrel pots
red bench white railing
metal cloth glass wood
bamboo wall
open railing with view
natural wood railing
white open railing and deck
beachfront grid railing
white railing thick posts
low railing white chiars
shallow deck red posts
classic american flag white railing
farmhouse color scheme dining
half diagonal grid railing
round inset pool wood rialing
wood and iron combination railing
yellow umbrella red chairs
western style x railing
white and natural stain railing
waterfront tile and wood
raised deck vertical railing
curved corner bench
blue railing red walls
minimal white open railing
corner potted plant over lake
long polished wood deck
partially covered white wood contrast
simple red wood deck
deck stairs and landing
spacious stone deck orange loveseats
stone firepit
raised deck and eating area
wicker chairs and umbrella
wood railing area rug
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