Best Hammer Drill

What is a Hammer Drill and Which One is Best?

A greenhorn DIY’er is strolling about his or her local hardware store, checking out some cool new products, toying with the idea of adding another tool or two to the growing arsenal that’s accumulating in the garage back home. Quick Look: Our Top Rated Hammer Drills​ Hammer Drill Name Quality Price Our Rating DeWalt DCD985B

what is pva glue

What is PVA Glue and When Should You Use it?

First things first. What in the world does PVA stand for? A little reading will tell you that it stands for polyvinyl acetate. These two big words simply mean that it’s a colorless, odorless material used in adhesives. Ok, so now we have the hard stuff out of the way, let’s get the rest of

how to fix a pocket door

How to Fix a Pocket Door – Diagnose and Repair Pocket Door Issues

An ill-functioning pocket door can cause a headache every time you go to open or close it. Fortunately, there aren’t a million things that can possibly go wrong in this system; if something’s not working properly, either the rollers are seized up, they’ve fallen off the track, or some of the hardware has become broken or

how to repair plaster walls

How To Repair Plaster Walls – Patching Walls in Old Houses

Although drywall has become the choice material over the last several decades for interior wall construction, many older homes (built prior to 1950 or so) will have plaster walls throughout. A plaster mixture (usually gypsum, lime, or cement) is wet when first mixed, allowing it to be spread out as a putty over wall framework (usually

Drywall Size and Thickness

Complete Guide to Drywall Sizes and Thickness

A typical residential home may have several different types of drywall throughout it depending on location (bathroom, garage, etc.), and varying in size and thickness. This article is designed to help you select the appropriate size, thickness, and type of drywall or cement board that you’ll need, whatever your specific project may be.Drywall Size/thicknessDrywall typically

How To Fix a Leaking Toilet

How to Repair a Leaky Toilet Base – Simple Fixes for the DIY’er

Water pooled up on the bathroom floor around the base of a toilet probably spells disaster for most any homeowner. However, before you start thinking about catastrophic flood damage and nightmarishly expensive repair bills, consider that toilets are quite simple and reliable instruments, and there are only a handful of components that can fail or

How to spackle a wall

How to Spackle a Wall – Fixing Drywall Holes of All Sizes

Knicks, dings, chips, gashes, and holes in the drywall are an inevitable part of home-owning. Fortunately, repairing these holes and imperfections is a breeze with a decent putty knife and a quality spackle. Whether it’s a massive hole or a tiny chip in the paint the size of a pencil eraser, size will be the one

how to fix a ceiling fan

How To Fix A Ceiling Fan – Troubleshoot 5 Common Problems

Problems with a ceiling fan? Don’t sweat. (Pun intended). These everyday household appliances operate on simple induction motors, and there are only a handful of things that can go wrong with them. For the DIY’er, this makes diagnosing and repairing problems a relative breeze (again, pun intended). In this article, we’ll walk you through several

hot water heater not working

Hot Water Heater Not Working? Here’s What You Need to Know

Like any household appliance, water heaters are instruments that are prone to the effects of age and wear-and-tear. Fortunately for the DIY’er, they’re not overly-complicated instruments, and troubleshooting, diagnosing, and repairing them is often times quite easy.First Things First: Gas v. ElectricGas and electric water heaters both operate on the same basic principle that heat