How To Build A Bed Frame From Pallets – Video Tutorial

If you're looking for a cheap DIY bed, then consider making your own bed out of pallets. Wood pallet tutorials are everywhere, and they are highly versatile and come with naturally rustic wood which has a very weathered and textured look. 

Today's tutorial comes from the YouTube video posted by Observer Media Group.​

Now, regular, old pallets may be something that you've never thought of to use as a bed frame but they are great for the cost, they are durable, and you can add your own special touch to them to match your bedroom or color scheme of your bedsheets.

Step 1 - Get Measurements​

Get the measurements of the mattress that will be added over the pallet. Sometimes you may be able to call it by eye meaning that for instance, if you are setting up a child's bed the mattress may be twin size and that may require just one pallet.

Depending on the child's height you may be able to put one pallet on top of the other if you wanted to get the bed off of the floor a little more.

If you are using a regular sized bed like queen, full, or king you should get measurements together and then go pick out the pallet sizes. It is a good idea to get two pallets for your bed frame.

Step 2 - Pick Your Pallets​

Pick out the wooden pallets that are a good fit or match the measurements of your mattress.

If you have no clue where to find wooden pallets then check out this article with 10 places you can find them for free or very cheap.

One thing to keep in mind when purchasing pallets is to choose wisely. Always look for pallets that are in the best shape meaning they look good , new and have not been exposed to rain or humidity.

Also be on the look out for smells and stenches coming from the pallets because it might be due to mold or mildew. If in some circumstances if you choose a pallet that has an odor to it you can always choose a bleach solution or a mild soap and dry them and they should be just as good to use.

Step 3 - Add Your Personal Touch​

Once your pallets are picked out and chosen you want your pallets to be smooth as possible.

After all, bed frames are generally smooth and not sharp as the pallet wood is.

In this case, you would want to use a wooden sander to buff the wood and smooth not only the ridges but the whole pallet to reduce splinters when handling it and so the sharpness will not damage or rip your mattress.

After you have used a sander, it is now time to add your own personal touch to the mix. Get some paint and a brush and add color to your pallets so they will not look like regular pallets but will blend in with the room and bed.

Painting the pallets

In some cases you can use spray paint but base coat paint makes your pallets look so much better even though it can be time consuming. After painting and drying make sure to spray some polyurethane to protect its color and helps the color last longer.

Step 4 - Connect The Pallets​

Attach the pallet bed

This step requires a drill bit and some screw drivers to attach the pallet layers to each other especially if you have two pallets that are side by side but if you are putting two pallets on top of each other you still need to add screws and attach the layers.

Time saving note: Use the electric drill to drill holes into the pallets before you insert the screws to prevent splitting the wood.

Now you have your bed frame and can now add your mattress(es) and apply it to your new bed frame. The best thing about your new bed frame is not only that you made it but now if you ever plan to move or relocate or even if you want to redecorate your house or room again you have a bed that will be pretty easy to move and pick up.

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  1. Hi, My daughter loves the look of a pallet platform so I offered to build her one. What I did not consider is how extremely heavy the pallets are. Did you have to make provisions (beef up the floor support maybe) to accommodate for the weight of the bed?


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