How to Build a Bar Out of Pallets – Simple DIY Project Tutorial

Talk about a cool conversation piece!

The Recycler YouTube channel has an amazing tutorial that teaches how to build a bar out of pallets, which you can watch below and then check out the step by step and tips we've compiled below to complete the project:

Build the Frame

  • Cut four pieces of pallet timber and make them 64" tall. Use a chop saw to do this.
  • Cut four pieces of timber into 39" pieces using a chop saw.
  • Build the front part of the frame first- drill a small hole into the ends and hammer in a 6-inch nail. Do this on all four corners.​
  • Put in a center piece to add stability to the frame.

You're going to build the back part of the frame the exact same way, but do not put in the center piece of wood.

Cut four sections into 18-inch pieces and nail them to the front frame corners.

Flip it over and nail the back onto the frame.

Place the lats

​Measure from the front to the back of the bar and cut the lats. Screw these into place.

Cover the Frame with MDF Board

Use thin MDF board, cut it to size, and nail it to the front and the sides of the bar frame (not the back).​

Enhance the Bar Top

Cut some thin lats by running them through a table saw, and nail them around the top of the bar.​

Edge the Top and Bottom

Use long pallet lats and screw them into the top and bottom of the bar.​ Make the top edging raised about one inch. The bottom edging should be flush to the floor. Be sure to fill the screw holes with wood filler. 

Edge the Sides and Center Strip

You will screw these in and follow the same procedure-fill in the screw holes with wood filler.

Sand and Paint

You can use Chap fence paint to do the painting. ​

Optional: Add a shelf in the back by measuring the inside and screwing in two pieces of thick pallet lats in the center. Then, you screw a piece of plywood to that and put an edge on the front-sort of a lip.

Adding this shelf will allow you to store your bottles and extra glasses for your guests. You can serve drinks right up from the back of your new, DIY pallet bar.

This bar is easy to build and looks extremely nice for hosting parties and more. 

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