After The Wine Is Gone… 15 Clever DIY Wine Cork Projects

People love wine.....

People drink a lot of wine......

But once the wine is gone, what could you do to reuse and recycle the corks that come with the wine?

There are so many cool project ideas for recycling and reusing wine corks on the interwebs. We've put together a list of our favorite DIY wine cork projects, as well as linked to the source so you can go check out the tutorial if you'd like. 

Enjoy the list!

#1 Wine Cork Candles

Pallet Dog Bed

Wine Cork Candles

This project may go down in history as the easiest way to use a wine cork. According to Victoria, from "A Subtle Revery", there are only two steps to making cork candles. What a neat idea for a candlelight dinner with that special someone!

#2 Wine Cork Wall Art

Suitcase DIY dog bed

Wall Art

Molly, at finds that using the purple end of the cork adds a nice touch.

She recommends that you use big wall art so that corks don't overwhelm the art. Have fun ​with this project.

#3 Wine Cork Bath Mat

DIY dog bed in a tire

Bath Mat

Crafty Nest gets all the credit for this cool bath mat. Using only 3 materials, this is sure to be a winner. 

This bath mat was inspired by a bamboo bath mat, but why purchase one when you can repurpose the wine corks you have been saving for a project such as this?

#4 Wine Cork Cheese Knife Handles

DIY Wooden Crate Dog Bed

Cheese Handles

Since most people normally throw away wine corks, this is a brilliant way to repurpose them. Yarni Gras decided to try this himself, and found that it was easy cheesy to make these cute handles for his cheese knives. 

#5 Wine Cork Key Chains

dog bed before


At "Do It Yourself Ideas", this easy project would make a great gift for a friend or loved one. Try it out and see what you think. You could always add beads and other enhancements.

#6 Wine Cork Place Holders

DIY Dog Bed Pillow

Place Holders

Whether for a formal wedding or a casual party at the house, this project is sure to get some comments. What a cute idea!

Jennifer Juniper, at Hope Studios shows you how to make these adorable place​ holders for your next event. 

#7 Wine Cork Christmas Wreath

Dog Bed from console tv

Christmas Wreath

If you start during the holidays, around Christmas, collecting wine corks, by next Christmas you may just have enough to make this adorable wreath as a gift for someone or to hang on your front door as a "Welcome."

According to the Minimalist, this is easy to make and makes for a great decoration at Christmas time.​ Check out step-by-step instructions here.

#8 DIY Wine Cork Coasters

Wine cork coaster

Girls' Night out, anyone? Mason Belle shows you with only 3 materials how to make this great wine coaster! 

You can find step-by-step instructions here.​

#9 DIY Wine Glass Charms

Camilla Fabbri and her friend decided that they would take a "necessary evil" - wine charms, and make something cute and very inexpensive. These DIY wine charms made out of recycled corks, are sure to be a hit at your next party. See how to make them here.

wine glass charm

#10 Wine Cork Tacks

wine cork tacks

The Wooden Bee has tons of cool craft ideas with upcycled materials, one of which is this idea to upcycle wine corks and make them into tacks. Check out how to make a variety of different wine-cork tacks by seeing how to do it here.

#11 Wine Cork Dresser


before cork dresser


dresser wine cork

Ashley blogs about how obsessed she is with crafting. She locates bargain deals from Craigslist and anywhere else she can. One of her recent finds scored big into turning this red and blue dresser into the wine-cork covered dresser you see here. Check out how she did it here.

#12 Wine Cork Sculpture

wine cork sculpture

Ashley Hackshaw, AKA Lil Blue Boo, is pretty much a creative genius. She is seriously talented. She has taken some newspaper, wire coat hangers and all of her used wine corks and created this spectacular sculpture. Check out how she did this!

#13 Wine Cork Stamps

cork stamps

Lil Blue Boo (Ashley Hackshaw) also shows us how she uses her wine corks to make tiny stamps for crafting and scrapbooking. Check out the tutorial.

#14 Wine Cork Jewelry Organizer

jewelry cork

Ann Ross from Ohio is all about displaying her gorgeous jewelry in a way that doubles as a conversation piece as well as an organizational tool. See this cool idea and the tutorial here.

#15 Wine Cork Bulletin Board

cork bulletin board

Terry Grant has this cool idea for displaying notes, children's artwork, reminders, etc. Check out this unframed wine-cork bulletin board and how she made it here.

Alright, so now you have no reason to throw your old wine corks away, as you have plenty of creative, practical, cheap ideas for how to reuse them rather than having them take up landfill space. Go for it! 

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