Husqvarna 450 18-inch 50.2cc 2-Cycle Gas Chainsaw Review

When it comes to a quality chainsaw, sometimes your projects require extra power and a more professional quality power tool.

Lightweight, small chainsaws are great for small jobs, but what about when you need to tackle something larger, or you just need the power? A chainsaw that combines professional quality, an affordable price, and ease of use is my ultimate chainsaw.

Quick Summary


Plenty of power for homeowners with land to care for. Very easy to start for a gas chainsaw, and won't vibrate like crazy - so can be used by people of all ages. It's a bit pricey, but the general consensus is that it's worth it.  

Things to consider before buying a gas-powered chainsaw

Gas-powered chainsaws tend to provide more power and torque than comparable electric chainsaws. It is hard to duplicate the power of a durable, powerful engine that has tons of added features that can easily compete with electric models.

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This is another great gas-powered option that might be a good choice for someone who doesn't need quite the level of power or cutting radius as the Husqvarna we reviewed.

At about half the price, this saw also has an easy-start function that makes it easier to start than traditional pull cords. The engine is not as powerful and the cutting radius is not as wide as the Husqvarna, but it is known for being lightweight with enough power for most basic yard and cutting jobs.

Surpass 20" Gas Chainsaw

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This is another high-quality gas powered option that has a smaller price tag than the Husqvarna we reviewed earlier in this piece.

This saw has a more powerful engine and a wider cutting radius than the other saws we have reviewed here. It has a powerful engine that has technology that keeps the engine cool and running optimally. O

ne of the biggest differences between this model and the Husqvarna is that it does not come with nearly the number of special features that make the tool easier to wield.


The best kind of chainsaw, in my humble opinion, is one that wonderfully blends power, performance, and ease of use. There are features of the 450 that make this one of my favorite chainsaws.

The X-Torq technology reduces vibrations, emissions, and fuel consumption. The LowVib technology makes the saw easier to wield and manage. The heavy-duty motor and all metal aspects make it durable and long-lasting.

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