Husky vs Kobalt: Which Brand Offers the Most Bang for Your Buck?

Husky and Kobalt have quickly become two of the most successful manufacturers of hand tools on the market. Both companies offer a comparable array of tools, and each has plenty of fans that rely on their tools every day.

But, with such similar products, it’s difficult to evaluate which one is better for your needs. Today, we’ll cover a bit of info on these two popular brands and pit them against each other head to head in our Husky vs Kobalt showdown.

Backstory: History of the Brands

Both Husky and Kobalt are private label brands that are manufactured for Home Depot (Husky) and Lowe’s (Kobalt) respectively. Both companies launched private label tool brands in response to the wildly popular Craftsman line, which was produced by Sears up until very recently.

The Husky brand was founded in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in 1924, initially as a manufacturer of wrenches. The brand was sold several times and is now owned by Stanley Black & Decker, who began selling Husky tools exclusively to Home Depot beginning in 1992.

Today, Husky manufactures a full line of hand tools, like sockets, screwdrivers, and ratchets as well as some pneumatic tools and tool storage solutions.

The Kobalt brand was created much more recently. The company was incorporated by Lowe’s in 1998 and began producing hand tools to be sold exclusively in Lowe’s stores. In 2011, the line grew significantly, and they now manufacture a full line of lithium-ion battery-powered tools in addition to their popular hand tools.

Today, Kobalt manufactures a full line of popular hand and mechanics tools, as well as pneumatic tools, power tools, and outdoor tools as well.

Who Are These Tools Best For?

Both Husky and Kobalt produce a reasonably broad range of different tools, and they’re both aimed at the same type of consumer.

Both brands offer an economical alternative to more expensive national brands without skimping on quality. Much like how Craftsman became the preferred brand of professionals and DIY homeowners alike thanks to their bulletproof warranty and great quality and value, both Husky and Kobalt provide the same for today’s customers.

Who Should Avoid These Tools?

While both brands offer impressive performance at a budget-friendly price, experienced professionals who are looking for the absolute best tools on the market will probably find that Husky and Kobalt don’t quite meet their high demands for performance and durability.

Benefits of Husky and Kobalt Tools

Both tool brands have tons of benefits that make them a smart choice whether you’re in the market for your first tool set or looking to expand upon your growing collection.

Great Warranty

When it comes to hand tools, both Husky and Kobalt offer impressive lifetime warranties. Just return the tool to any Home Depot or Lowe’s store for a no questions asked replacement.

For other tools, such as pneumatic tools, power tools or storage, both brands warranties vary. You may wish to check the Husky warranty page and Kobalt warranty page to look up specific products to see who has the better warranty on a tool-for-tool basis.


Both brands offer exceptional value, and their tools are usually priced cheaper than comparable tools made by national brands. You’ll notice that both brands offer tool sets at identical price points, but Husky tends to provide a few extras that are missing from the Kobalt kits.


There’s a reason why both brands tools have such great warranties: it’s rare that you’ll need to take advantage of the warranty. Both brands have strong reputations for making tools that are built to last.

Image Product Price
Kobalt 227-Piece Standard/Metric Mechanics Tool Set with Case 85183Kobalt 227-Piece Mechanics Tool Kit
  • $235.89
Husky Mechanics Tool Set (268-piece)Husky 268-Piece Mechanics Tool Set
  • $376.00

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Both Husky and Kobalt make a full range of different products, but they’re both most well known for their mechanic’s tool sets.

Kobalt 227-Piece Mechanics Tool Kit

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This impressive kit from Kobalt includes virtually every hand tool you’ll ever need, except for niche specialty tools.

Included in the kit is a total of 117 different six- and twelve-point sockets, three ratchets, four extensions, thirty combination wrenches and an assortment of popular Allan keys, insert bits, and nut drivers.

Plus, they also throw in a deluxe blow-molded toolbox with metal latches for storing your new collection. The toolbox is smartly sized, with an additional storage drawer so that you have room for your collection to expand without having to buy a new toolbox.

As with all Kobalt hand tools, these are backed by a no questions asked lifetime warranty. If something ever goes wrong with one of your Kobalt tools, bring it back to any Lowe’s store and get an exchange, no receipt required.

What We Like

  • Impressive selection of popular hand tools
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Includes a toolbox
  • 90-tooth ratchets

What Could Be Better

  • Doesn’t offer as broad an assortment as Husky

Husky 268-Piece Mechanics Tool Set

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This robust kit from Husky provides you with every popular mechanic’s tool you’ll need – and then some.

This kit includes an impressive array of 129 standard sockets and 39 deep sockets in six, eight- and twelve-point configurations. Also, you’ll find three ratchets, four extension bars, 30 combination wrenches, 40 Allan keys in short and long arm varieties, and a selection of insert bits and nut drivers. Altogether, this kit includes 41 pieces more than the comparable Kobalt kit.

This kit also includes a blow-molded tool case that’s specially fitted to house all 268 pieces of this kit. While it may not be quite as nice as the toolbox that Kobalt provides, it’s good to see that it does include storage.

Plus, if you’re a tool hound like I am, chances are you’re removing all the tools from their original box and adding them to your rolling tool chests.

Like Kobalt, every product in the kit is backed by Husky’s lifetime warranty. All you need to do is bring the broken tool back to any Home Depot for a replacement, no questions asked.

What We Like

  • More tools than Kobalt for the same price
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Stamped markings inside tool case indicate which piece goes where

What Could Be Better

  • Ratchets are slightly lower quality than Kobalt

Final Word

One thing you’ll notice as you evaluate Husky and Kobalt is that both brands are strikingly similar. While Kobalt appears to have the slightest edge in overall quality, Husky makes up for it by including a few extras in each of their kits.

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With each brand being so similar, picking our favorite isn’t easy. But there can only be one winner in the battle of Husky vs Kobalt. For my money, I prefer the sets from Husky as they include a few extra tools in each kit that the Kobalt kits don’t have.

Either way, both manufacturers make great, affordable tools that would make a perfect addition to your tool collection. When it comes to Husky vs Kobalt, which brand will you choose? Let us know in the comments.

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