The Best Ratchet Set – Complete Buying Guide & Reviews

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Anyone that’s working on DIY projects around their home or working on construction or even automotive projects knows that they need the right tools. For many, however, the right tools include the best ratchet set. You want something that can help you with a range of different tasks and that means doing a little bit of research, right?

Well, you’re actually not going to have to do a whole lot of research after all. That’s because we’ve done the research for you. We’ve looked for everything we can find about ratchets and different sets so you can just go through our list of the top 6 options and find out what’s going to work out best for you and your next project.

Because there are so many different options out there it can be difficult to figure out which sizes you’re going to need most or which style you’re going to want. By taking a look at our list and our features you’re definitely going to have no problem finding the right set. Once you do you’re going to have no problem getting that next project completed.

 Whether you’re looking for something with a lower price or price is no object, something with small drive sizes or large drive sizes, something with a high tooth count or a low tooth count or even something with a socket release you’ll be able to take a look at different options from what we’ve found.

Best Ratchet Set

KISENG Flexible Pivoting Head Ratchet Combination Spanner Wrench Garage Metric Tool 6pcs a Set 6mm-12mm
  • Wrench Set Material: the use of high-quality chrome vanadium steel forging, the whole product heat treatment, high hardness, torque,...
  • Gear Wrench Set : new swivel design, flexible rotation within 180 degrees, convenient for small space operation.
  • Extremely Strong Ratchet Wrench Set: 72-tooth ratchet gears need only a 5-degree working swing arc.Full-drive box ends deliver reliable...

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This 6 piece ratchet set gives you a range of different ratchet sizes as well as giving you a set of wrenches. The pieces are made with chromium-vanadium alloy steel forging, which means that they are durable and strong as well as increasing their torque and versatility.

They have a flexible rotation that lets them get a full rotation in just 180 degrees, making them great for those who need to work in smaller spaces. They also have 72 teeth and can get a good amount of tightening down with just a 5-degree swing arc. The full drive box ends mean that you get plenty of torque but you don’t need to worry about rounding out the bolts you’re working with.

The wrenches are also coated with heat treatment and a mirror chrome plated finish so that they won’t rust, no matter what you do. The wrenches come in sizes from 6-12 mm and at a moderate price they’re definitely a great investment for any needs.

Facts and Features

  • Wrenches and ratchets all in one
  • 6mm-12mm in size
  • 180-degree full rotation
  • 5-degree swing arc
  • Chromium-vanadium alloy steel forging
  • 72 teeth in a full, 360-degree swing of the ratchet
  • GearWrench 81230F 4 Piece Full Polish Flex Handle Ratchet Set
    • Designed to provide added leverage with patented low profile and performance head
    • Features 6 flexible head positions for extreme access and 84 tooth gear system for improved strength
    • Comprises tear shaped head for better access

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    This ratchet set is a bit more on the expensive side but you’re definitely getting high quality in this 4 piece set. These ratchets are designed to provide you with excellent leverage while keeping a low profile and actually provide you with 6 different flexible positions for the head as you work with them.

    There are 84 teeth to each ratchet, which means that you’re going to have a small arc needed in order to get a good rotation. With these ratchets, you get a teardrop shaped head, which means that it's easier to get into smaller places than a standard round style. It's a low profile and they're lightweight.

    Not only that but they come in a small box that makes them easy to transport whenever or wherever you need. You’ll get several different sizes in this set including a ½”, ¼”, and 2 3/8” (one full and one stubby) so you’re ready for absolutely anything you might need to do. They also have long handles that make it easy to reach into difficult places.

    Facts and Features

  • ¼”, ½” & 2 3/8” included in set
  • Teardrop shaped head for low profile
  • 4 pieces included in the set
  • 6 flexible head positions
  • 84 teeth to the ratchet
  • Short working arc required
  • Sale
    DEWALT DWMT81534 205Pc Mechanics Tool Set
    • ACCESS: The 72 tooth ratchet allows for a 5 degree arc swing allowing for greater access in tight spaces.
    • DURABILITY: The set comes in a durable blow mold case, keeping your tools safe in your house or garage.
    • COMFORT: The anti-slip screwdriver provides maximum comfort during use.

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    We thought it would be a good idea to include at least one full size set in here so you can make sure you’re getting everything you need. This set actually has 205 pieces and comes in at a great price for everything you get. Included are not only 3 ratchets but also over 100 sockets, 10 wrenches, several extension bars, adaptors, nut bits, hex keys and a whole lot more.

    If you don’t have a set of mechanics tools yet then this will definitely get you ready to go. The ratchets come in 3 different sizes, ¼", 3/8" and ½" and are each teardrop-shaped (or pear-shaped according to Dewalt).

    This means they can get into smaller spaces even easier and you definitely won't have a problem getting a good arc to tighten down any of your nuts and bolts. The 72 teeth on the ratchets mean that they are going to get moving for you much faster and the fact that everything has a lifetime warranty means that you can trust them to continue working for you for a long time to come.

    Facts and Features

  • Lifetime warranty
  • ¼”, 3/8” and ½” ratchets
  • 72 teeth to each ratchet
  • Pear-shaped head
  • Over 100 sockets included
  • Full size set with plenty of tools
  • Sale
    TEKTON 91804 Quick-Release 1/4, 3/8 and 1/2-Inch Drive Swivel Head Ratchet Set, 3-Piece
    • Round heads swivel 270-degree to any drive angle
    • 72-tooth round head ratchets need only 5-degree swing arc
    • Lock-on, push-button, quick-release drive tangs prevent dropped sockets

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    With this ratchet set, you'll have 3 different tools that help you get just about any project you want to be done. You'll have a ¼", 3/8" and ½" drive with swivel heads that can rotate up to 270 degrees, which means you can get in anywhere. You'll also have 72 teeth to each ratchet, which provides you with a 5-degree swing arc that works great in smaller spaces, allowing you more versatility and capability with your ratchets.

    The lock-on, quick-release feature means that once you put a socket on this ratchet you won’t need to worry about it slipping and when you want it to come off you won’t need to worry about that either. The forged and heat treated steel, chrome vanadium to be precise, is corrosion resistant and fully polished, making sure you won’t have any trouble with rust. The handles are even molded and coated with non-slip grips to make sure you can enjoy your use.

    Facts and Features

  • 72 teeth to each ratchet
  • ¼”, 3/8” and ½” ratchets
  • 3 ratchets included
  • 5-degree swing arc
  • Chrome vanadium steel
  • Quick-release and lock-on features
  • 270-degree swivel head
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    This moderately priced ratchet set comes with 3 tools that get you the most common standards of ratchet sizes, ¼”, 3/8” and ½”. That means you’ll be able to take care of just about any type of project you want to work on. The ratchets are a little heavier than some of the standard versions but they do have 75 teeth that allow for a shorter swing arc of only 4.8 degrees and make sure that you can easily tighten down anything in any space.

     The ratchets have an easy to grip handle and are made with heavy duty materials to make sure that they last. Craftsman tools also come with a full warranty, which means that you can trust them to do exactly what you need them to do for as long as you need them. These ratchets are designed to last and to take any kind of abuse that you might put them through, which means you’re getting what you pay for.

    Facts and Features

  • ¼”, 3/8” and ½” ratchets included
  • 3 ratchets in set
  • 75 teeth per ratchet
  • 4.8-degree swing arc
  • Full warranty on all products
  • Sale
    Titan Tools 18025 3-Piece Quick-Release Offset Ratchet Set
    • 72 fine-tooth ratchet design for fast performance
    • Chrome vanadium steel
    • Quick-release feature holds sockets when you want-lets go when you don't

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    Finally, we come to another inexpensive option that offers 3 ratchets in the most common sizes of ½", ¼" and 3/8". Each one is made out of chrome-vanadium steel and has 72 teeth to make sure you get a shorter swing arc. They have a quick release as well that allows you to swap out sockets quickly and easily without the hassle you find with many other styles of ratchets.

    There's a cushion grip handle that's contoured to make it easier for you to hold for extended periods and an offset design that lets you get into hard to reach places. These lightweight ratchets have a 5-degree swing arc and a limited lifetime warranty, which means you can trust them to last as long as you need them. Just pull them out for any project you might need and you’ll definitely be impressed with the overall quality and speed that they can get the job done.

    Facts and Features

  • ¼”, 3/8” and ½” ratchets included
  • 3 ratchets in set
  • 72 teeth per ratchet
  • 5-degree swing arc
  • Full warranty on all products
  • Features That Matter

    Drive Sizes

    There are several different size options when it comes to any ratchet. You’ll find these measured in inches and most commonly you’ll find them in one of three sizes, ¼”, 3/8”, and ½”.

    Of course, you can find a number of different sizes for more particular purposes or needs but you will find that these sizes are the ones you’re most likely to find in just about any type of ratchet set. Smaller ratchets are good for precision type work while the larger ones are generally good for things like nuts on a car. You can still find sizes even larger than ½” as well.

    Tooth Count

    The number of teeth on a ratchet is going to affect how fast you’ll be able to tighten down a nut. When you spin the ratchet you’ll hear a series of clicks. Those clicks are each tooth on the ratchet connecting. If there are more teeth it means that you can spin the ratchet a shorter distance and get more capability out of it.

    So if the ratchet has 32 teeth it’s going to take a longer time to get the nut tightened down all the way than if you’re working with a ratchet that has 75 teeth. The more teeth the faster you’re going to get the job done, which is definitely something to pay attention to.

    Socket Release

    Not every ratchet has a socket release but it’s something you may want to take a look at. When you put the ratchet on a socket it’s going to want to hold firm. That’s important because that’s how you’re going to tighten down the nut. But when you’re done with a specific socket you want to be able to get it off so you can move on to the next stage of your project.

    DEWALT DWMT81534 205Pc Mechanics Tool Set

    If there’s a socket release on your ratchet you’re going to have an easier time of that because you can push a simple button and push the socket right off. On the other hand, if you don’t have that you could have a hassle getting the socket off if it gets stuck.

    Final Thoughts

    When it all comes down to it you're going to want to look at the different features of the ratchets available and make a choice that really works for your needs. It might take a bit of effort to find something that is ideal for your needs but makes sure that you at least consider your personal needs before you decide to just jump right in and buy the first ratchet set that catches your eye. There's a lot to consider. What we do know is that you’re going to be on the right track no matter which way you decide to go with these.

    When you’ve looked at each of the features that we’ve mentioned and you start looking at the great ratchet sets that we’ve recommended you’re definitely going to be more than happy with what you come up with. Any of these sets of ratchets can serve you well. It’s all about your personal preference and the way that you’re going to use them for yourself. Who knows, your DIY needs might turn into something even more.