75 Front Porch Ideas

The front porch is usually the first thing you and your guests see when they arrive at your home. Just like any first impression, it is important that your porch gives a positive hint as to what’s to come (that’s your home!)

Before you Begin…

First things first, you need to first make sure your porch is clean to get an idea of what you’re really working with. If necessary, power wash the side of your home, so if you decide to paint, you’ll be ready to go.

Once everything is clean, decide what aesthetic you’re going for and what budget you’re working with BEFORE you start your project. While sometimes a little decorative dissonance can add intrigue, you don’t want your new and improved porch to look like grandma’s overcrowded trinket case.


Simple decorations are an easy way to change up your space with a season change or just whenever you tire of your current look.


If you’re looking for a bit of greenery, you can opt for a variety of shapes and sizes to add to your space. Remember you can use both tall and squat plants or even hanging ones to add levels to your decor and pull the eye to your front entryway.

You also get the freedom to choose between simple green plants and more colorful flowers, which are great if you’re looking to attract hummingbirds or butterflies.

If you have a shady area, try going for some ferns or begonias. If your porch enjoys a lot of sunlight, consider some tropical plants.


The most popular furniture items for front porches include benches, bench swings, and rocking chairs. You can try any of these to create a simple seating area.

Additionally, you can try getting a small side table to put in between a couple of larger sitting chairs. If you have a larger area to work with, you may even enjoy having a larger table with chairs for morning or afternoon chats and snacks.

Odds and Ends

There are countless other decorative choices you can make. Here are just a few things you might want to pick up, depending on your space and vision:

  • Wreaths
  • Lanterns
  • Squashes
  • Pillows
  • Area Rug

…just to name a few. Just remember that usually, less is more. Make sure not to overwhelm your space with too much decor.


Paint is one of the other surprisingly easy and affordable ways to update your porch space. You can open up your possibilities with a neutral white, grey, or brown, or you can spice it up with something more daring with a more blue or yellow hue.

We recommend not doing anything too vibrant or loud, as you may get complaints from neighbors, and you will likely tire of the jarring color scheme pretty quickly.

If you don’t feel up for painting the whole outside, you can always opt to change the door or trim color. Plus you can do something more adventurous with these smaller details.

Floors and Ceilings

Some of the oft-forgotten elements of a porch space are the flooring and ceilings. There are a number of outdoor-specific flooring options for you to consider from wood to vinyl to stain to tile. And because porches tend to be much smaller than entire room, this update can prove relatively affordable.

Some diy-ers really shoot high and choose to change the ceilings of their covered porches as well. You can paint the underneath of the roof or even add wood details to add a novel element to your space.


This category can also get a little bit pricey. So make sure you talk to a professional before you jump in and bite off more than your wallet can chew.


While you can DIY this, it is best to at least speak to a contractor or architect to make sure the columns you select are appropriate and safe when it comes to weight bearing and ventilation. When done right, replacing or adding columns can add a real sense of grandeur to the front of your home.


Railing is a little bit easier to DIY than columns. Whether you just repaint or stain posts you already have or change things up entirely with new materials, the railing can help you bring a specific aesthetic vision together.

Door and Windows

Arguably the easiest elements to change in this section, switching out your doors and windows can completely change the look of your facade. Going from a door to one with a window pane or from an intricately decorated door to a simple, minimalist one can make your space look brand new.

Now, here are 75 porches to help you solidify your own vision and get started!

wicker porch swing porch swing country wrap around porch open rails tall stairs and small landscaping arch inset door potted plant Gothic white detailing wood details and white walls stone and woodwork with plants white with pops of color blue door with wreath black details and bright flowers stonework and greenery white chair colorful pots stairs flowers autumn pumpkins blue siding porch swing flag small porch bench with window homey wicker and wood porch white and black minimalist porch bushes landscaping porch columns flags railing and grey blue navy paint and white chairs white rocking chair and side table hanging and potted plants wicker solid wood door frame windows dark wicker rocking chairs red maroon porch details wood flooring yellow siding rocking chiar autumn pumpkin decorations blue door cream siding orange door grey blue siding brickwork and stairs hedges bushes cement wood ceiling green rocking chairs

red cushions white porch furniture

Front porch with a rocking chair and a porch swing

porch chairs white railing yellow landscaping pumpkins autumn wide stairs black door blue romantic red and white porch lantern large columns dark door wood bench under window wood detail benches green plants minimalist porch white black wood wood details blue door flower troughs autumn wreath porch dining area landscaping plants bench blue details and furniture green facade white benches yellow detailing fall pumpkins plants blue facade rustic white railing plants wood enclosed porch couch plants white wood rocking chairs railing windows red chairs cement wood door columns cement wood chairs windows brick column wood door furniture turquoise pink white bench flowers brickwork castle black door mat potted plants wreath porch furniture white wicker cinder block wood modern vintage red black porch grey paint wood door columns yellow door flowers columns knocker metal chairs flowers porch simple porch chairs neutral porch swing red door bay window woodwork porch blue porch swing pillows pink black rocking chairs porch grey pink wreath flowers plants porch stairs brickwork landscaping plants porch plant rug wood railing wood roof brick detail porch wood door porch chair porch stairs white and red windows door wreath grey white porch


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