The Best Knee Pads for Flooring – Buying Guide & Reviews

best knee pads for flooring

If you’re going to be working on flooring you’re definitely going to want some way to do it more comfortably. No one wants to kneel on the floor all day, whether it’s a hard surface or a softer one. You want a way that you can easily get the job done but without hurting your knees in the process. What’s best about this is that there’s a simple solution, knee pads.

Knee pads come in a range of different types and styles but you’ll definitely be able to accomplish a great deal when it comes to flooring with any of the ones we’ve found. That’s because we’ve actually looked at all the different features you should take note of when you’re looking for knee pads and then tried to find some of the best options that fit those needs.

Whether you’re going to be heading out just once to put down some flooring for yourself or a friend, or you’re looking for a way to keep yourself more comfortable while you’re using knee pads for extended purposes or even your job you’re definitely going to find something here. We have a range of different options and price ranges as well as different features that you can consider when it comes to picking out the right knee pads.

Keep in mind, however, that it's all going to come down to your own personal preference when you're looking for knee pads overall. You'll need something that can help you stay more comfortable but still get the job done and that's definitely going to mean combing through a lot of information unless you take this guide into consideration for yourself.

Best Knee Pads for Flooring

Image Product Price
ToughBuilt - Gelfit Thigh Support Stabilization Knee Pads - Heavy Duty, Comfortable...TOP RATEDToughBuilt GelFit Fanatic
  • $54.99
Premium Knee Pads For Work (Thigh Support Anti-Slip Band) Comfortable Cushioned...Minor Miracle Home Solutions Knee Pads
  • Price not available
NoCry Professional Knee Pads with Heavy Duty Foam Padding and Comfortable Gel...NoCry Knee Pads
  • $24.99
Custom Leathercraft DEWALT DG5224 Heavy-duty Flooring Kneepads BlackBEST BUDGET PICKDewalt DG5224 Knee Pads
  • $24.99
THUNDERBOLT Knee Pads for Work, Construction, Flooring, Gardening, Cleaning, with...Thunderbolt Knee Pads
  • $26.99

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If you're looking for something strong and durable that's really going to help you stay comfortable then these are a great choice. They're moderately priced and actually provide not just knee protection and support but also support up through your thighs as well. They are made with abrasion-resistant fabric that's designed to last as long as you need and they have pro-EVA elastic for the leg straps that make them stick comfortably but keeps them from cutting off your circulation at the same time.

Even better, they help to distribute pressure more evenly to keep you ready to go. There are gel cushions and foam throughout the front pad of the brace and they're lightweight and flexible enough that you'll be able to easily move around as you need.

Made with 1.2" of foam and plenty of side to side mobility, these knee pads are puncture resistant and stable for extended periods. Not only that but they use Velcro and buckles to keep them right where you need and help to take the pressure off your ankles as well, even when you're standing they provide plenty of support.

Facts and Features

  • 1.2” foam thickness
  • Thigh support and full knee wrap
  • EVA foam and PE plastic
  • Closes with Velcro and buckles
  • Moderate pricing​​​​
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    Great for just about anything, these knee pads are feature a gel core and EVA foam padding that helps to provide the cushion that you need whether you’re on hard or softer surfaces. They are great even for pulling weeds in your garden. The straps are easy to adjust and they help keep the pads right where you want them to be at all times.

    You won’t need to worry about your knees getting hurt while you’re using these and you don’t need to worry about your floors either. These non-abrasive knee pads don't slip and they come with a money back guarantee. If you're not happy you can get in touch and get a full refund. Lightweight, the straps attach with buckle clips that make them easy to adjust and easy to wear.

    They're also designed to work for hours at a time and you can move around easily with them on your knees, or stand up and walk without them falling off. There is no need to worry about taking them off and putting them back on again while you work, just leave them on for as long as you need them. You'll love that they're lightweight and easy to wear.

    Facts and Features

  • Gel core and EVA foam padding
  • Great for soft and hard surfaces
  • Straps with buckle attachments
  • Non-abrasive and non-slip pads
  • Money back guarantee
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    These knee pads feature an ergonomic design that keeps them right where you need them all day. They have neoprene straps that are flexible and easy to adjust so you can have a very tight and secure fit, plus they have quick release buckles that make it easier to take them off or put them back on.

    The soft gel core and the EVA foam padding make sure that your knees are comfortable even more extended periods and protect you against cuts or other injuries while they’re at it. Great for home use or commercial use as well as hard or softer surfaces, these knee pads can withstand just about any kind of use.

    They’re made with heavy-weight nylon thread that helps to keep them long lasting and durable, plus they feature a 600D polyester mesh that can help them breathe all day long. There’s also guaranteed to be no problems with these because if you find a problem you can just contact the company for a replacement or your money back, just like that.

    Facts and Features

  • Complete money back guarantee
  • 600D polyester mesh and nylon thread
  • Good for soft or harder surfaces
  • Flexible and ergonomic design
  • EVA foam and gel core
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    These knee pads may not look like much but they definitely can provide you with some great features. They’re made with a neoprene fabric liner that helps your knees stay more comfortable and they have a high density closed cell foam pad through the center which helps to keep the pressure off your knees. The dual layer poly fabric is heavy duty and the PVC outer shell makes them even more durable when it comes to hard surfaces or any kind of abrasive materials. You just buckle them on and you’re ready to go.

     Because the outer shell is made with PVC it’s actually non-abrasive as well, keeping it from hurting your knees or anything else while you work. If you’re on hard or soft surfaces you’re going to be able to move around with no problem and you’ll be able to continue using them as long as you need. The adjustable straps make sure they fit just the way you need them to and the ergonomic design of the pad itself means you won’t have a problem wearing them even during the time that you don’t actually need them for the job.

    Facts and Features

  • Ergonomic pad design
  • PVC outer shell
  • Neoprene fabric liner
  • High density closed cell foam pad
  • Non-abrasive surface
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    Last but not the least option we have are these knee pads that actually provide support all the way around the knee. They even support the quadriceps tendon and the patellar tendon with a high-quality soft gel core. The non-slip shield helps to protect your knees and protects your clothes as well, plus keeps the pads themselves from hurting your hard surface flooring.

    All you need to do is slip them on and tighten down the Velcro straps and you'll be able to start getting right to work. They even have 7" extension straps so they can easily fit you, no matter what you need them for. Made with reinforced stitching to keep them durable, these knee pads also feature ballistic nylon, breathable neoprene and PVC material that all enhance their quality.

    There's no reason for you to sacrifice when it comes to these. They definitely fit just the way you want and because they strap above the knee you don't need to worry about them getting too loose while you're wearing them and trying to move around. You just keep going. They're also moderately priced, which makes them a great investment for just about anyone who needs a high-quality pair of knee pads.

    Facts and Features

  • 7” extension straps included
  • Made of nylon, neoprene, and PVC
  • Gel core for comfort
  • Support quadriceps and patellar tendons
  • Velcro straps for increased fit
  • Reinforced stitching
  • Features That Matter


    There are actually several different types of knee pads that you should consider when it comes to flooring. You want to consider things like the material that you’re going to be on and how much you’re going to use them. You also want to consider what type of movements you’re going to need to make and just how you’re going to get around on those knee pads (or how you’re going to walk with them on.

    Hard-Cap Knee Pads

    For those who need to work on softer surfaces like carpet or even grass these knee pads are going to be a great choice. They can help you slide around more and swivel, but if you’re on hard surfaces this might not be the most comfortable way to go. In fact, they tend to slide a little too much for most people when it comes to hard surfaces.

    Curved Soft Caps

    With these knee pads you’re going to have a rubber cap that will help you move from side to side but doesn’t keep you moving around too much. They’re good for hard or soft surfaces and they’re actually one of the more popular versions when it comes to flooring. They work best for those who are going to be stationary most of the time when they are working.

    NEW! Professional Knee Pads

    Flat-Cap Knee Pads  

    These are the final and most common version of knee pads that you’re going to find. They have contact across the entire surface of the pad and that means they’re great for more stationary purposes. You’ll be able to kneel on hard surfaces or soft surfaces for extended periods without feeling like you’re in pain or like you’re definitely going to have a difficult time later on.

    Adjustable Straps

    The straps that are used to attach the knee pads to your knees are one of the most important features as well. You’ll be able to tighten them down to fit tight and you should also be able to comfortably wear them for an extended period. You want two straps that are going to go above and below the knee to make sure that you are comfortable.

    You can also choose between Velcro or buckles to hold the straps on or even simple elastic that tightens down easily. Just keep in mind that Velcro can be a bit rough and elastic can easily stretch out, which means the buckles are the ones more designed to last.

    Final Thoughts

    No matter what you’re thinking of doing with your knee pads, whether you’re looking for something that’s single use or something that’s going to work for an extended period you’re definitely going to want to look at the options we’ve found here. You’ll want to give it a shot and see if they feel comfortable to you because that’s really the only way that you’re going to be sure that they’re the right choice.

    If you’re going to be going into business doing flooring it’s even more important that you find something you can feel comfortable in and that’s going to last. Make sure you’re looking at all of the options and that you’re paying attention to just how they fit over your knee and how they strap on.

    All of the different features are going to affect whether you’re really comfortable with your knee pads or whether you need to keep looking for something else. If you’re going to be wearing them just once you may be able to suffer through being uncomfortable (though there’s no reason for it) but if you’re wearing them more frequently you definitely aren’t going to want that.

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