The Best Hot Glue Gun – Complete Buying Guide & Reviews

Glue guns are one of the most popular household appliances on the market. Having the best hot glue gun in your arsenal can make for an indispensable tool.

Hot glue guns are used for a variety of household projects, mainly as an adhesive for woodworking, household appliances, or just general patching up around the house. Their usage is highly common and frequent and having the best hot glue gun at your disposal should be a high priority.

Here’s our overview of the best hot glue gun options currently on the market. After reading this, you should have a better idea of what option is best for you.

Cobiz Dual Power Glue Gun

We introduce to you a full-size and the best hot glue gun overall that accommodates a glue stick size of 7/16”. It gives a consistent performance plus adjustable temperature settings.

You can use it on both delicate materials where low temperatures are needed and rugged tasks that require more heat. You can choose between 100W and 60W power settings. Thanks to its LED light, you can tell when it is on hence reduce the chances of getting burnt.

Another thing you will love about the glue gun is the balanced feel on the hand. This is a favorable feature when it comes to completing projects accurately. You can count on it for fast heating times which is between 1 and 3 minutes. It comes in handy if you need a hold of the glue but don’t want to wait for the long warm-up time.

Things We Like:

  • Variance in power settings
  • Extremely durable product
  • Fast warm-up time
  • Adjustable temperature settings

Things We Don’t Like:

  • Not the most versatile for stick sizes

Surebonder PRO2-100

​This is a heavy duty industrial hot glue gun that works with any glue stick size. It can be used in packaging and manufacturing processes. Its application is quite straightforward. All you need is to plug in the cord and pull the trigger.

You don’t need to be a professional artisan to do that. The ergonomic design of the Surebonder pro2-100 ensures that everything fits properly in your hands whether you are right-handed or a leftie.  It is one of the hot glue guns we recommend for DIYers. The 100W power and the lightweight design (1.1 pounds) mean that you can perform your duties flawlessly.

Whether you are working on rough projects, outdoors, the corded glue gun is the way to go. But if you need more freedom for your packaging and woodwork, you can use the cordless Surebonder pro2-60. The cordless design is especially helpful during outdoor activities because it works independently upon charging.

If you need a high-power glue gun on a budget, choose the Surebonder with dual temperature settings. It allows you to choose between low-temperature setting (250⁰F) and higher temperatures (380⁰C). But it doesn’t come with an on/off button meaning that you can control the flow of the glue by unplugging it from a power source.

Generally, online buyers are happy with the capabilities of the Surebonder models for basic household projects. The extra heating ability and the big size are the main reasons it’s rated high on Amazon.

Things We like:

  • Easy to use design
  • Extremely ergonomic
  • Variable temperature with extra heating
  • Good for common household projects

Things We Don’t Like:

  • Not for professional/industrial use
  • No on/off button


​This 100W glue gun is designed for heavy-duty industrial works. Even though its nozzle is not the biggest in the market, it can melt different types of polymers to give good adhesion power for heavy tasks.

While the gun is meant for industrial purposes, it is still fine for standard crafts and sensitive materials. However, the big size of the gun makes things awkward when working on smaller projects. 

The glue sticks which are provided by the manufacturer may not meet your needs so you might want to buy stronger adhesives for larger surfaces. The features we love the most about the Blusmat hot glue gun is the interchangeable nozzle, the on/off switch, and quick heating time (3 to 5 minutes).

Things We Like:

  • Relatively quick heating time
  • Built for strong adhesive use
  • Polymer melting abilities

Things We Don’t Like:

  • Not as practical for household use

Attican Black Iron

Attican Black Iron is a mini glue gun you can have on a low budget. a glue sick size of 5/16” is what the gun supports. It delivers a steady stream of hot glue and it is a better option for those who don’t like drips.

While it has a low power capability (20W), consumers love its ability to heat up fast and deliver a consistent flow not to mention the simplicity of its trigger. 

Given its low price range, it doesn’t have an on/off switch but you’ll enjoy the stability of the glue gun. When you need a smaller glue gun for quality and drip-free performance, look no further because Attican Black Iron has got you covered.

Things We Like:

  • Fast heat up
  • Extremely simple and easy to use design
  • Trigger is easy to use
  • Extremely affordable

Things We Don’t Like:

  • Low power capability
  • No on/off switch


​Do you have a serious task that requires temperature adjustments? We recommend the BSTPOWER glue gun with multiple temperature settings and non-drip interchangeable nozzle.

However, you have to buy the nozzles separately. It uses positive temperature coefficient technology so you don’t have to worry about the glue overheating.

It is the versatility of BSTPOWER that makes it better than most glue guns with a similar price range. It will match your desires perfectly if all you want is a glue gun with better temperature control and the flexibility of changing nozzles for particular artworks.

Furthermore, its lightweight design makes things easier when working for longer hours. However, you should have an extension cord because its cord is not long enough.

Things We Like:

  • Lightweight design
  • Plenty of variable temperature adjustment
  • Doesn’t overheat easily
  • Ability to change nozzles

Things We Don’t Like:

  • Have to buy nozzles seperately
  • May need an extension chord

CCbetter Mini Hot Glue Gun

​A mini glue gun with an on/off switch is the perfect device for smaller tasks with tiny pieces like buttons, rhinestones, and electronics.

The compact glue gun allows you to work intermittently by simply flipping the switch while the unit remains plugged on to the power source. You can then turn it on to access the glue quickly. It is an exceptional mini glue gun since not so many similar models offer this functionality. 

It also features an LED light so you can tell when it is on in addition to a factory-built stand which is fairly stable. It provides a 20W power and works with glue sticks of size 5/16”.

Things We Like:

  • Very precise for smaller tasks
  • Comes with an LED light
  • Very small, portable, and easy to fit in tight spaces
  • Has an on/off switch

Things We Don’t Like:

  • Not ideal for larger projects
  • Less power than other models

Things to Consider 

Glue guns are some of the most popular and useful household tools. Hot glue guns are devices for melting polymer stick into pliable liquid glue.

When the glue dries up, it produces a strong adhesive which can be used to repair household items. If you are a home improvement technician, a DIYer, or a crafting machine, you know better than anyone the essence of a good glue gun.

It’s also important to understand what kind of project you’ll be undertaking. In some cases, a standard wood glue will work just fine. PVA glue is also an option for paper oriented gluing.

Types of Glue Guns

The liquid glue’s adhesion power emanates from a tiny nozzle to any kind of surface. Some devices are full-sized and come with high power heaters while others are in mini sizes and ideal for detail-oriented work. You will also find cordless hot glue guns featuring adjustable temperature settings and interchangeable tips.

In a nutshell, glue guns function the same way. All you need to do is put a glue stick in a hole located at the back of the machine so it can get heated in the barrel.

Once the glue melts, it comes out of the nozzle easily when you pull the trigger. Some devices have to be switched on or off while others produce the glue non-stop once they are connected to power. 

There are three features you must consider when buying a glue gun namely the nozzle size, temperature range, and the overall size of the gun.

Size and Nozzle

The sizes of the gun and its nozzle determine the type of project you can carry out. Smaller guns with smaller nozzles are most useful when working with miniature pieces like toys and electronics.

Bigger glue guns are perfect for craft works that need a lot of adhesives at a go. If you are looking for a gun to use in packaging and woodwork, a big size would be a great choice. 

Sometimes, you need a versatile machine in which case a medium-sized glue gun would do perfectly as you can apply it to just any type of project.

Smaller glue guns are perfect for smaller scale projects such as applying glue to rhinestones, buttons, or any smaller repair.

The best hot glue gun for you is going to be versatile and have the capacity to take care of the job you need it for most. A lot of that is dependent upon size and nozzle.

Temperature Range 

A standard glue gun has a temperature range between 350°F and 390°F. When you want to create stronger bonds, look for a glue gun with a higher temperature range. Lower temperature ranges are ideal for sensitive materials like ribbons, Styrofoam, and foils.

You might also want to buy a product with a UL (Underwriters Laboratories) certification to verify the equipment’s safety.


Finding a hot glue gun that fulfills the requirements of your current project is a tricky, task given that they all function in a similar way. However, the important things to consider are the size and temperature range of the gun. 

As for the size, make sure it’s going to be large enough to fulfill any heavy-duty tasks and apply the proper amount of adhesion using the right amount of heat and power. If you’re not going to be using it for anything too big, a mini hot glue gun may be your best option.

The best hot glue gun for you is also going to have the right temperature settings to get the job done. Make sure to pay attention to the heat that a potential gun can produce before making a final decision.

Our personal choice for the best hot glue gun has got to be the Cobiz Dual Power Glue Gun for it’s size, temperature, and efficiency at an affordable price.

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