The Best Garage Floor Coating – Complete Buying Guide & Reviews

Garages are sometimes perceived as the “catch-all” spot in your home. Many people view them as simply a storage space. But some homeowners know the value of having an enclosed garage.

If you have decided to paint your garage floor, it is possible that you’re stuck wondering what are the right next steps. Maybe you’ve tried painting the floor in your garage before with no luck. Whatever your situation, you have come to the right place.

Worry no more about what type of garage floor paint/epoxy coating is best for your needs! We have gathered the top 5 best garage floor coating paints all in one spot. This will give you a better idea of what exactly you need and which product will best work for you.

Quick Overview: Our Best Garage Floor Coating Choices

Why should you paint/cover your garage floor?

Many people view the garage as a place that doesn’t require much attention. However, there are others out there who know the value of having an enclosed garage. If you enjoy taking care of your equipment, cars, or tools, you may spend quite a bit of time in your garage. Parking your car in your garage can actually dirty your garage up faster than you realize.

So why do people decide to paint/cover their garage floor? Great questions!

1. It keeps your car cleaner.

If you park your car inside of your garage, you may have found that your undercarriage or tires ore dirty more often. Why is this? Because when you drive your car into your garage, you are tracking every spec of dirt and dust from outside into your garage. You may notice oil or other liquids on the floor where your car is parked. painting/covering your garage floor will ensure that your car stays cleaner longer by allowing the dirt and liquids to slide right off with simple cleaning.

2. It makes your garage brighter.

Do you spend a lot of time in your garage? Is your garage the spot to be while your kids play in the driveway on a sunny afternoon? You may have noticed that, even with the door up, your garage seems dark and dingy. This is because the sunlight is absorbed by concrete (typical material for garage floors). When you paint your floor surface with an epoxy, you are allowing the light to be reflected off the floor rather than absorbed by the floor. This can help make your garage appear brighter.

3. It can protect your garage floor.

Of course, most garages are used for work such as car repairs or woodworking, but that doesn’t mean your garage floor has to be unprotected from damage. When you choose to paint/cover your garage floor with an epoxy, you give the floor better protection from wear and tear over the years.

4. It helps you keep your home clean.

This thought might not have crossed your mind, but hear us out. When you work in the garage or park your car in there,  you track in the dirt from the garage floor. Concrete is great for keeping dust and dirt stuck in the crevices of the material. But, if you painted your garage floor with an epoxy coating, you would keep the dirt outside better than without it. That means less cleaning floors inside for everyone!

Now that you’re convinced painting your garage floor is the best idea, let’s take a look at the top 5 best garage floor coating paints. These will give you an idea of the best epoxy coatings for your specific needs.

Questions to Ask Yourself First

Before you purchase your first epoxy coating paint, consider these questions:

What color do I want my floor to be?  

Many epoxy paints come in grey, tan, or clear coloring. The choice is yours for what color you want your garage floor to be. Keep in mind that larger surface areas will need more paint. This can potentially cause issues with matching the colors exactly.

How much time do you have to work on this project?

There are quite a few companies who make great epoxy coating products. However, many products also take hours to dry between applications. This could mean tying yourself down to an entire day of painting and waiting. However, there are certain epoxy coatings that do not take hours for drying and painting. Consider the time you have to devote to working on this project, and then read the instructions carefully before purchasing!

What kind of clean up/maintenance does the floor coating require?

You are most likely painting your garage floor for easy clean ups and low maintenance purposes. Therefore, purchasing an epoxy coating that requires extensive cleanups or frequent maintenance may not be the right product for you. It is likely that you want a product that can be cleaned with soap and water on a periodic basis. Many of these products below will meet that requirement for you.

How much surface level do you need to cover?

Finding the best garage floor coating can become overwhelming when you realize how much surface level you must cover. If you think you may need more than one can/kit, purchase multiple at the same time. This way, you can mix them at the same time and ensure the paint color is the same.

​Rust-Oleum 251966 Garage Floor Kit, Tan Gloss

Rust-Oleum is one of the most trusted paint brands on the market. This garage floor epoxy shield will give you a tan floor with excellent protection. One of the best things you will like about this product is its resistance to chemicals and hot tires. If you work on your car or park your car in the garage frequently, this would be a great choice. Upon application, there is a very low odor. This will keep your application time down by allowing you to work longer in the garage to get it painted. And you will be really pleased with the soap and water only clean up method! You can get your garage floor painted with one of the best garage floor coating products that require no primer or acid etching. You will have a “showroom quality surface” in no time with Rust-Oleum’s Epoxy Shield Garage Floor Coating.


  • Easy soap and water only clean up method
  • No primer or acid etching required
  • Beautiful tan coloring with decorative chips


  • Application time can cause issues with tackiness
  • Matching the colors between the different batches is difficult

​Rust-Oleum 261845 EpoxyShield Garage Floor Coating, 2-Gal. Gray

Another great Rust-Oleum product – the Epoxy Shield Kit. This is a 2-part formula that works well on interior concrete surfaces. You can use this product on your garage floor, workshop floor, or basement floor. Give your concrete a semi-gloss finish that will also give you protection. We know you will like this product for its quick drying time. After only 24 hours, you can walk on the freshly painted concrete. And after only 72 hours, you can drive on it! This will cut down your inconvenience time of needing to be out of the garage. This epoxy coating is also resistant to hot tire pick-up and will protect your concrete from gas, oil, and other car chemicals. The maintenance of this coating is minimal as it will not crack or peel easily! Cover up to 500 square feet with this super adhesive coating. Take your garage floor to a whole new level with Rust-Oleum’s Epoxy Shield Garage Coating Kit.


  • Covers up to 500 square feet
  • 24-hour walk-on ready time and 72-hour drive-on ready time
  • Hot tire pick-up resistant
  • Protectant against chemicals such as gas and/or oil


  • Durable under foot traffic, but not super durable under tire traffic
  • Different boxes produce different colors

​Valspar (81052) Premium Clear Epoxy Kit – 1 Gallon

Valspar is one of the most well-known paint companies on the market, and for good reason. Their Premium Clear Coating helps take this paint company to a whole new level. With its glossy finish and anti-peeling protection, you will get great value from this epoxy coating. This water-based product will give you a “2X stronger coating” for your concrete. Valspar has created a product with a uniquely advanced bonding technology that will give you adhesion and durability that you’ve never seen from a garage floor coating before. Protective and aesthetically pleasing – the Valspar Premium Clear Coating will have your garage floor looking top-notch in no time.


  • Advanced bonding technology for high adhesion and durability
  • Clear coating can preserve your pristine concrete coloring if desired
  • Anti-peeling protection


  • Coverage left thin spots of paint on the floor
  • Times for application process in the instructions are not accurate according to customer reviews

​KILZ L377711 1-Part Epoxy Acrylic Interior/Exterior Concrete & Garage Floor Paint, Satin, Slate Gray, 1 gallon

​Kilz Concrete & Garage Floor Paint is one of the best garage floor coating paints you can use. This paint is extremely durable and will not scuff or crack like many coatings will. It is also resistant to hot tire pick-up and other rough exposure. You will also not have to worry about staining or damage from chemicals to your garage floor with this coating! Working in the garage on cars or other home projects can help many rough materials and chemicals find their way to the floor. But with Kilz Concrete & Garage Floor Paint, you will not have to worry about much. This satin finish coating will have your floors looking even and pristine in no time. Your application time runs from 4-6 hours and has a dry time of 2 hours for touch only. This one gallon of KILZ Concrete & Garage Floor Paint can easily cover 400-500 square feet of smooth surfaces and 300-400 feet on rougher surfaces. You will be very pleased with this product!


  • Covers up to 400-500 square feet of smooth surfaces
  • Resistant to chemicals and other harsh materials
  • Resistant to hot tire pick-up


  • Peeling under tire traffic may occur quickly after application
  • Not resistant to staining

​Quikrete Garage Floor 2-Part Epoxy Gray Kit

Is your garage a place where you escape and relax? Do you like showing off your hard work to others in your garage? You will need the best garage floor coating possible to keep it showroom ready. Consider that done with Quikrete Garage Floor Coating – a 2-part epoxy kit designed to give you top-notch protection and quality! This coating is hot tire pick-up resistant which will keep your floor looking better longer. After you mix the ingredients, you can use the product immediately. This is ideal for cutting down application time. The kit comes with a 2.5-gallon bucket, which can cover up to 250 square feet. If you have a 2-car garage, it is recommended to order two kits! Create a showstopping floor with this garage floor coating that comes equipped with decorative specs that will add a pop to your paint! Quikrete has created a product that you will love from start to finish.


  • Covers up to 250 square feet
  • Great for protecting against hot tire pick-up
  • Able to use the product immediately after mixing


  • Product amount not enough to cover garage floor entirely


Protecting your garage floor is one of the best investments you can make for your home. With the everyday wear and tear your garage sees, it is important to keep the floor protected. These 5 best garage floor coating products will leave you with the best protection and highest quality. Stop letting your garage floor get the second-rate treatment! Give it the TLC it deserves with the best garage floor coating you can find!

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