The Best Drywall Anchors – Complete Buying Guide & Reviews

The icing on the cake of any comfortable home are the wall decorations. Without the best drywall anchors, you put these important additions at risk.

Are you looking for a safe and easy way to hang decorations in your home? Do you worry that you will mess up your walls with your heavy wall mirrors or large pictures? 

When you think of hanging pictures, you typically think of a nail in the wall. However, your job may actually require more one simple nail. Many homes are constructed with sheet rock. This particular wall material can limit the way you hang certain pieces. In order to hang things on sheet rock, there are specific ways you must do it for safety reasons.

One way to hang heavy pieces of decorations such as mirrors or pictures is to use anchors made specifically for drywall.

No need to fear. Here we have a list of our top choices for the best drywall anchors money can buy.

The Best Drywall Anchors – Reviewed

​TOGGLER – SnapSkru

This plastic drywall anchor is great for giving you strong holding spots for all of your hanging needs. This USA made products is crafted with your home improvement needs in mind. You will not destroy your drywall with this anchor. In fact, you can remove the screw and leave the anchor inside of the wall for reuse later.

Your installation will also be easy and require no drill. One of the best features is the fact that you can use this anchor in double thickness drywall. It is recommended to test out the anchor in an inconspicuous spot to test it out. The TOGGLER SnapSkru is a great plastic drywall anchor option for your needs.

As with anything plastic, you may find that one or two of these anchors are damaged upon arriving at your house (and also dependent on your mail carrier). This is common and should not cause concern.

Things We Like: 

  • ​No drill needed
  • ​Can leave on the wall for reuse
  • ​Can be used in double thickness walls

Things We Don’t Like:

  • Albeit rare, the plastics have the chance of breaking during shipping

​Molly Bolt Standard

The Molly Bolt is perfect for your drywall anchor needs. With its side flairs, the anchor will securely be fastened into the wall to give your object the safest hanging possible.

The metal structure is also great for putting in the anchor and screw and also removing the screw easily. You will find this product to be exactly what you need to hang your heavy objects around your home. The Molly Bolt is not recommended to be used on thick drywall.

Customers reported that this anchor did not work on their thick sheet rock. That doesn’t mean it can’t for you! Just try it out in an inconspicuous spot.

Things We Like:

  • ​Sides flare out to fully anchor the product in the wall
  • ​Sturdy metal structure
  • Easy screw removal for convenience

​Things We Don’t Like: 

  • Not ideal for thicker sheet rock

​WallClaw Anchors PCK-WC50-YS Hammer-In Drywall Anchors and Screws

This unique drywall anchor is one that you will be thankful you have on hand at all times. The WallClaw Anchor is perfect for giving you the easy installation and strong base for all of your decorations.

With a large weight limit range up to 90 lbs, this anchor is great for giving you a secure hold. You can hang clocks, mirrors, pictures, etc… with this plastic anchor. Remove this anchor if needed without leaving your wall with a huge hole in it.

As with some tools and products, read the instructions to give you a clear vision of how to use to the anchor properly.

​Things We Like: 

  • ​Easy to remove if needed
  • ​No drilling required
  • ​Sturdy plastic construction

​Things We Don’t Like: 

  • Some customers report difficult use

​Zinc Self-Drilling Toggle Anchors

Self-drilling anchors are highly sought after for many reasons. With a self-drilling anchor, your installation will be a breeze. The one-piece construction gives you the peace of mind that no pieces will be lost in the wall during installation.

They are also very durable. You can hang up to 85 pounds with ease, as well. These Zinc anchors are great for many different uses including hanging pictures, wall mirrors, etc… This toggle anchor will give you exactly what you are looking for with little mess.

Things We Like:

  • ​Holds up to 85 pounds
  • ​One piece construction is ideal for getting deep into the wall
  • Extremely durable construction – heavy duty performance

Things We Don’t Like: 

  • ​Installation is not as easy as some

​ITW Brands 25350 #50 Plastic Dry Anchor

ITW Brands Plastic Dry Anchor are self-drilling and perfect for versatile uses. These plastic anchors come in various styles and sizes to give you a wide range of uses. The ITW Brands Plastic Dry Anchor is voted one of the best drywall anchors because it can support 30 to 90 lbs.

You can easily install these drywall anchors without having to predrill anything. These plastic drywall anchors drill directly into the drywall with no problems.

Things We Like:

  • ​Weight capacity ranges from 30 – 90 pounds
  • ​Great for removal and reuse
  • Can withstand extremely heavy loads

Things We Don’t Like: 

  • ​Customers report the product breaks fairly easily in the wall

Features to Consider

When you start looking for the best drywall anchors for your home, you need to consider a few key features first.

Consider Your Project

Does your hanging project require heavy lifting, or is the piece lightweight? Determining the weight of your decoration piece will give you a much better idea of which drywall anchor you need.

It may also be worth your while to use a stud finder to better help with finding niches in your wall to place your anchors. This will maintain the durability of your wall and the objects you hang on it.


It is not likely to find an anchor that works on certain materials like brick, cinder block, or other solid materials. The anchors need to have a space to butt up against to hold it in place. This is why drywall is the perfect option for hanging your pieces on.

Weight Limitations

Many drywall anchors aren’t equipped to hold heavy pieces of decorations (such as wall mirrors or large pictures). However, there are anchors made specifically for heavy pieces. Read the instructions to determine the best anchor for your weight limit needs.

Types of Drywall Anchors

There are two main types of drywall anchors and they are not all created equally. In fact, the different types of anchors are made with specific projects in mind. Depending on which anchor you choose, you may need to use two or more anchors to do the job.

Plastic vs. Metal Anchors

Plastic anchors are great for lighter weight pieces, but they may not be the best idea for heavier objects. They may also break more easily when attempting to install them.

This does not mean that plastic drywall anchors are not good to use at all. But, metal drywall anchors are often times better options all around. They are sturdy, easy to install, great for hanging heavy objects.

Metal anchors will be more durable and break less while having a higher weight capacity.

However, metal anchors will often cost you a little more. If you don’t need to hang anything that’s too heavy, we recommend plastic instead just to save you that extra buck.

How It Works

You may know what anchors do for boats, but do you know what anchors do for hanging things in your home? Drywall anchors do similar things as boat anchors. They keep your picture in one spot without tearing up your wall.

When you try to hang a picture or heavier piece of decoration, you may cause severe damage to your wall. Sheetrock is not durable enough to hold 30 to 90 lbs without extra support. It will simply shred the drywall in the process.

But, with the best drywall anchors for your needs, you can save your drywall from being ruined. They will also give you the extra safety and peace of mind that you want around your family.


Before putting your drywall anchors to work, it’s important that you know how to install them.

Be sure to read your drywall anchor’s instruction manual carefully before installing. This will ensure a safe and clean installation with minimal hassles.

When Do You Need Them?

For hanging smaller picture frames and lightweight decorations, you do not need to use a drywall anchor. These smaller pieces typically only require nail in the sheet rock. You could use an anchor for added security, but it is not necessary.

It is highly recommended to use an anchor when hanging larger and heavier pieces like wall mirrors, large pictures, or wooden pieces. Without these anchors, your drywall will be ripped, shredded, or left with a gaping hole.

Wrap Up

Hanging decorations around your home should be enjoyable, not stressful. But without the right tools, such as drywall anchors, you are sure to find yourself caught up in some major problems. Now, you have the best drywall anchors to choose from.

There are many different types of drywall anchors at your fingertips. However, finding the best drywall anchors for your needs will leave you in the best possible position.

Consider the weight of the decorations you are hanging. This will lead to considering either plastic or metal. For heavier decorations, metal is the way to go. If they’re medium weight or less heavy than say a TV or heavy mirror, plastic may be your best buy for the price.

For all around usage, we highly recommend the Toggler – SnapSkru. We believe it to be the best of the best drywall anchors you can buy for it’s ease of installation and maximum durability for both medium weight and heavy materials.

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