5 Cheap DIY Gifts – Dremel Maker Kit

If you're anything like me, you're likely always on a tight budget.  Well, hopefully you're also like me and enjoy making things because i'm about to show you 5 cheap DIY gifts perfect for any gift giving occasion.  

In this video I am featuring the Dremel Maker Kit, which is an awesome starter kit for anyone looking to start creating.  ​The Dremel Kit includes a Rotary Tool, Engraver Tool, and Butane Soldering Torch that is also capable of wood burning (pyrography) as well.  I was able to obtain this kit for free, but for less than $100, you definitely get your money's worth.  ​

Let's get right to it.  In this video you will learn how to make 5 cheap DIY gifts:

Primitive ring holders from scrap wood.​  

Cheap DIY Gifts

Wood coasters from a Birch Tree branch.

Cheap DIY Gifts

A keychain made from stone or rock (same thing).  Note, I purchased the chain & clasp from a hobby store for about $1.00.

Cheap DIY Gifts

A necklace made from scrap wood and a piece of turquoise stone I purchased from ebay for about $5.00.

Cheap DIY Gifts

And finally, a bracelet made with copper and leather strap I purchased at a hobby store for about $5.00.

Cheap DIY Gifts

Just in case you're wondering I am not affiliated with Dremel in any way and everything you read and hear is based on my own personal opinion.  I simply believe the Dremel Maker Kit is a great asset for any maker, and if you find yourself interested, click the picture below for more info.  

Dremel Maker Kit

Ready, set, make something!

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